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  1. Also don’t -support cause of the under map thing it doesn’t mention it in the hand book
  2. +support I get annoyed every time I have to sit there and spawn stun ammo while a suspect is tryna run
  3. +support I’m in the same boat as u
  4. -Support What where you thinking in your mind when you thought it would be funny to comment on the deadliest terror attack in AMERICAS HISTORY
  5. Guys this is something I see happen far to often. When I am a cop and go to pull someone over for something just as simple as speeding, far to often they drive off causing a 10-80 and get killed. Frankly it is not proper Roleplay as irl I’m not going to drive off from a speeding ticket. We as government would appreciate if you RPed out the traffic stop. I understand if your wanted though. But please keep this in mind next time you get pulled over -Your Crackhead neighborhood Connor
  6. What you want to see? - Personally I would like to see the addition of another way to make money in PoliceRP. Since the removal of lean making money isn’t as fun as it used to be (I understand the lag though). I would suggest a way where we can make money without lagging but also have more to do like an example being the meth a lot of servers use. Why should we add it? - It would add something new to the server and people would base more. This would lead to some good Roleplay. It would be better than just sitting watching a printer and could be an efficient yet not laggy and fun way to boost the server. What are the advantages of having this? - -More RP -Potential to bring in more ways players -Adds to the server Who is it mainly for? - Mainly for non government jobs
  7. Sup, my name is Connor. I joined gaminglight around November of 2018 and from then until February I play PoliceRP and Star WarsRP. I was a minge and a rule breaker on PRP during that time and accumulated 14 warns. After that I focused on SWRP and became a Gamemaster and then a Moderator during March. The. I had to leave to do my circumstances at the time. Now I returned about 3 weeks ago to PRP and am currently a SGT in PD, a SS in FBI, and a member of the King family. I also sadly gained 3 warns since coming back. I am a happy guy who is mature and friendly to all. Right now I’m focusing on cleaning my act up so I can shoot for Staff again and I am wanting to join other Government branches. I’m always up for a chat if you need to talk or just vent add my discord at Conn0r TL #8522 -Your Crackhead Neighborhood Connor
  8. 16 needs more detail too. -Your crackhead neighborhood Connor