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  1. I will always miss you spike. You did what I thought no man could do, you turned the CTs into one of the best battalions we have. Your drive to accomplish anything inspired me and how well you could RP. I hope to see you back one day friend. But for now, goodbye -Connor
  2. -support -that's messed up, you shouldn't even appeal this tbh -your pretty mingey anyways I hope you learn you lesson. Don't joke about kids dying
  3. Please do as the current luminara it is annoying having to strip and revive everything when I die
  4. Also a - for you are sometimes very immature
  5. -Support, most people now try to get a dual bladed because it’s overpowered and it looks cool thy could care less about its lore significance
  6. ACCEPTED On Gree's Behalf due to his power outage CONGRATULATIONS
  7. +SUPPORT +Long term member +Mature +Great leader +Very Respected -Connor
  8. +Suppot + I have seen him on every day on VC + He is a great leader + Good at RP +Experienced