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  1. 1.What Is Your In-game Name: Anonymous 2.What are You Applying For: USMC CPT 3.How Much time Do You Have On The Server (7 Days Minimum): 3 days 4.Why Do You Want To Be Captain (50 Words Minimum): The main reason I want to be captain to help keep USMC numbers up and to be an official officer when no ones here. I'm typically a friendly person so new recruits can stick around and not be turned off by their leaders But the only reason why I will not be a nice person if the recruits are mingy or show no effort to be in the military. 5.Who Would Like To See You As A Captain? (Two USMC Officers Minimum): Trever and jack. 6.Why Should We Trust You With Captain? (This Is A High Rank In The USMC. 100 Words Minimum): The reason why you should trust is because I am a dependable person and with my leadership skills. I Know what I am doing I've been captain on other server, I Just got back from basic training for the marines and I am currently hoping I can get back in to this community and redeem myself from be away for the time being, My other roles is a DI and MP, I am still learning/ getting back into the servers if I make a mistake I will take credit for it and shall be punished or warned/ striked for it. Thank you for reading this and giving me a chance. 7. What Is Your Time zone?: Pacific 8. What Is Your USMC Rank?(1LT+): 1LT 9. How Often Can You Be On?: mainly on weekends and Wednesday. I do get off work at 3:30 pm. 10: Are you willing to do what it takes to lead your troops into battle? Even if that means leading them straight into enemy hellfire?: Yes I will but only if we have a good angle on their weakness the only time I will not let them in a enemy hellfire if there is multiple enemy's tanks.
  2. 1:30 pacific standard btw
  3. Hello I am sorry if I haven't been on that much lately I am currently dealing with stuff that Involves therapy. I will try to get on when I can. Anonymous sorry if this looks chopped or sloppy im sorry I was doing it on my phone.
  4. -Active -Good soldier -Knows what he's doing -Follows orders -Good app -Overall fit for the role
  5. +Support +good solider -effort -Not on the new Roster. ~ 1LT MARSOC Anonymous
  6. What so I cant say what I think about it Brandon also I cant say the text is hard to read.
  7. Please change the color its hard to read. +Support Active - Good solider -Deserves it
  8. Name: Anonymous Rank:1LT Roster Status: active.