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  1. No they are sapphire parts and they are soooo fucking expensive
  2. Information

    My new loa

    Yeah about me not being online since last month is well my CPU fans gave up on me I am still currently waiting for my replacements and they said next month or 2 to 3 weeks so yeah
  3. Sigh I dont want to do this but I was dared.... if this gets let's say uhm 100 comments then I'll post a picture of my self... how embarrassing.
  4. I'll rate that sexy face with a 10 out of 10
  6. In-game name: Anonymous Rank: CPT What is the strike: Disrespect Why was the strike given: Quote and Quote "Disrespect to 1LT on Forums / Repeated Offense of Disrespect" Who initiated the strike: Androntel Punishment for the strike: Unknown Why should the strike be removed (50 words or more) : In my case I did not even disrespected my 1LT I just said You can do it your self And I dint know that you can not remove it in the forums and Androntel Quoted me saying "No, actually he can’t." Then striked me for it giving me no time to explain why I said that And I thought He had Edits because he is a new captain that and I didn't know he was talking about the roaster I thought he was talking about in the forums Also I didn't mean that in a hostel way I meant it in a thought you can do it way.
  7. Information

    Atom's LOA

    Oh I didn't know lol Thought he ment the fourm post
  8. Information

    Atom's LOA

    you can do it yourself
  9. What is your in game name: Anonymous What is your rank: Sister Fister aka vice commander Any concerns?: YES about Racs heath.
  10. BTW I am changing my vote to Yes
  11. No I am not Disrespecting anyone Im just saying its suspicious about it because we all know that you hate Jay for fuck sakes I hate his gut but I believe he deserves it.