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  1. War you dont know what we are talking about
  2. Wow did I hurt your feelings grow up tumz
  3. There are only two marine officers I did recommend it so you are allowed to use my name before I resigned.~USMC MARSOC/FORECON MAJ Anonymous
  4. No wonder why you got black listed fron staff
  5. Hey guys it been a good 8 years with you guys I've been really busy with MCRD and yelling at recruits. I'm not on that much anymore. I'm sorry everyone i feel bad for leaving you guys but I love you all.~ USMC MARSOC MAJ Anonymous
  6. No clue probably after Christmas
  7. Hey guys and gals you might be wondering why I'm not playing with the server ive been doing work and trying to do stuff with my family. These 3 months are the worst months of every year, when people are trying to go home to their family's for the holidays.~USMC MARSOC MAJ Anonymous.
  8. Wnet to to Us came back when furno was cmdr then furno was removed now your going back to Us. Suspicious
  9. +support knows what hes doing - Still kinda Unknown to me. Not sure if hes a good soldier. But all fair his request is well written.~USMC MARSOC MAJ Anonymous
  10. Hmmm hes active, takes orders, sometimes fucks up, but overall a good soldier but will not make the cut for low command unless if I see improvement ~ USMC MARSOC MAJ Anonymous
  11. Well furno we had some great times together your my fucking brother man I will always be there for you man me and my "family" love ya. ~Anonymous