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  1. Hey there guys! It's me, Cameron T, from all the departments!! I know that some people are confused as to why my activity has gone from 50% to absolutely 0%... its that I have gotten with my life as a Sophmore Student with C's in almost every class but somehow an A+ in my JROTC . I wanted to inform everyone that I'm NOT DEAD as people have said I died (as a joke). I want to inform to all departments of FBI, EMS, FR, State, SS, and CERT that I will be resigning from here on sadly... I will be returning to join back into the departments as soon as possible next summer if my girlfriend doesn't have plans to take me out of state... again. So in my best regards, I'm sorry if you have been wondering or wanted to know that if I ever will continue. for EMS I want to ask Alex if he would gladly try to bring me back into EMS in 2020 Summer (6/8/2020) as a Lead-Paramedic (below LT). And in FR as an AEFR in Reserves due to inactivity without notice. if you can do that Alex I will greatly appreciate that . For FBI, Jimmy James, as you might not remember me I am one of your SAIC from awhile back. you have promoted me to this rank for my good commandment and teamwork in the training. As here on I want to be reserved for SAIC or be re-put back into position in 2020 Summer (6/8/2020) as a SAIC to keep that commanding lead over the other SA's and PO's. if that is allowed I will thank you with all of my heart . For State/CERT, Yobo (or whoever is in command) I know I was only a CPL in both CERT and state so if I could in my return be put as a PVT without having to apply. if that is allowed I will kiss your shoes . (I'm joking, I will thank you though). For SS, I won't ask for a rank to be put back as... but thank you for your service alongside me . That is all i have to say for the departments . thank you all for your friendship and service that you have brought me to help the working force!! if you need to message me for questions and concerns for Reserves or to be a friend my info is below. Discord: CT#3473 Snapchat: Zombieboss237 Gmail: [email protected] Instagram: 1978_Pontiac_Firebird
  2. As most of you don't know I have to leave... my life has hit a curb that caused me to loop in circles causing more pain to me and friends/family. This trip has been the ride of my life starting 2017 August and ending 2019 November. I will miss all of you generous people as you cause memories and wishes to come true in gaminglight. Due to this, I will Retire from US Drill Instructors as a Drill Instructor Co-Commander (DICC) and a US Military Police Assistant Cheif (AChief). for United States AirForce I will be put on Reserve SCOL till the Summer of 2020 (Most likely June 7). Once I'm back I will make an amazing party for all of the old USAF members possibly Zach too. This is sad for me to do as I started as a USAF Aiman Basic and worked 1 year up to a USAF Vice Commander proudly holding responsibility for my young Officers and Junior Officers... Best regards to all of my 1LT and 2LT's to the Future, strive further on advancements of USAF for me and Zachary. I want my entire USAF to watch Lawrence as he will be alone on this trip from now on. I will hop in the server time to time to see how everyone is and to see if USAF is doing there Advancements to war in the helicopters we have supplied for 20 years lol. Once My 24 Hours is up from this post I will be muting the US/RU Discords and if you need to contact me you can at CT#3473 or my official discord at and you will find me there plus all of the other members from old generations from MRP. As from now on, I Claim the role of AF1 on the Roster and if I see someone have it I will eat them out like noodles (no I won't lol). I hope you all don't mourn for my wipe of existence and life from GL. I will hop in the meetings yelling at ppl saying you all are annoyingly cute human beings and tell you COL+ to get the branch reports in due on time for Mr. Brandon and Hudson. Now, this is the time where I say my condolences and leave. I love you all USAF, US, USMC, USMP, and not last USDI. Air Force 1 is out. GOA North - As I was with you since you were a MAJ I knew you would strive further in life and school and it is nice that you went further than planned. Also MSG me to play CS: GO! GOA Richard - As I'm leaving staff I will always jump in your channel just to annoy the living fuck out of you because of it funny to hear you yell at me saying I'm the worst staff ever lol. (Nah you're the best manager than Snar and Fame) Keep the US stable for all of us... please. Brandon/Danny - As you hate me because I never follow COC, its because I trust you more than I do with the other generals and that's the trust I wanted to show you for 1 full year now my favorite USAF CMDR Tumz/Androntel/Tempest - As you, all hate me because I annoy the living shit out of you with arguing I still love the fuck out of you all. and I never want you to feel like I want to stab you in your back and make you feel like a horrible general(s). tank you all for the training in all of the branches you controlled. Hudson/Quinn - As I leave I will miss you both as 1944RP was a fun fucking ride also because you have talked to me when I needed support with my LOA's or in-game issues and I will never forget you at all <3. Furno/Shadow/Archan/Sam/Warwinner - Oh my I'm going to miss you all... you all have been there for about 70% of the ride to hell and I will never forget it as it was the finest ride in hell I have ever had. I want you all to remember that in your hearts. also, do your jobs on the damn branch reports and duties as a VCMDR/CMDR!!! Zach/Lawrence/Brandon/Tumz/North - The USAF VCMDR/CMDR gang is here... I will miss you all while I'm went. I hope that these 5 units will teach the new VCMDR the rules and guidelines of the future USAF. Oh the USAF missions and memories are hitting hard. Jess/Jrandom/ArmyKid/Theman/Tyler/Charlie/Jumper/Lawrence/Zach - All the close friends and buddies. I will miss you all as you all are planning on leaving sometime in the future (or already did) just remember this trip wasn't just a waste of life and was for the experience and friendships, even the fights and arguments. hold in there you little brats! Zach/Smith/Ace/War/Brandon/Tumz/Androntel/Lawrence/Chicken - The last ones. If you never knew. You are the forge of the steel that held in my memories and made my dreams. you have created memories that you will never understand that is held in a vault in my head. as I remember every mission, TS, or discord talk I will hold it in my heart till you all retire or resign. you all are my top 10 favorites and let that be known. If I didn't add you I'm sorry, just know you all important to me. unless your name is beepteebops. screw off you! This is the United States Air Force Vice Commander, USMP Assistant Cheif, USDI Drill Instructor Co-Commander Cameron Taylor (CT) Signing out till Summer. Love you all... *Puts Rank and rewards Down on the table and walks off into a Truck*
  3. Camaron T SenMod/Wardogg Date: Today till 11-8 Reason: School and Life issues.
  4. Name: CT Rank: USDI DICC Time: today till 11/3 Reason: semi - personal / school grades are at C- and I need to focus more.
  5. Name: CT Rank: USMP AChief Time: today till 11/3 Reason: semi - personal / school grades are at C- and I need to focus more.
  6. Cameron T

    CT's LOA

    Name: CT Rank: USAF VCMDR Time: today till 11/3 Reason: semi - personal / school grades are at C- and I need to focus more. Theman will update me for USAF
  7. Attention all USMP and USDI there is a meeting on 10/19/19!! Yes this is a late message but spread it around discord and ingame! this meeting will start at 6:00PM EST
  8. Attention all USMP and USDI there is a meeting on 10/19/19!! Yes this is a late message but spead it around discord and ingame! this meeting will start at 6:00PM EST
  9. Name: Cameron T Rank: DEFR How Active: Semi - Active Why should I remain: I believe I should remain because I am DEFR od FR and im making sure that Zage is all righty :3 Some changes: Cars
  10. Name: LPA/DEFR Cameron T LPA7/EFR2 Rank: Lead Paramedic Activity: Semi-Active/LOA Why should you stay?: Because im your FRHC and im trying to branch forward in EMS LC to hold responsibilities and pressure to hold us in.