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  1. Name: Cameron T | or known as | CT Rank: Lieutenant Colonel Current Branch: United States Air Force Branch You Are Looking To Join: Russain Air Force All Branch's You Have Been In Previously: United States: Military Police | Drill Instructor (I also have been in USAF MAJCOM and AFSOC) Why would you like to switch branches: The reason why I want to switch branches is for Activity to increase in the Russain force as more people try joining the USA instead of the RU. if I switch over, I can load into seeing a US force that I want to battle against to keep wars going. I also want to deal with more people and make new friends inside of the RU to make good times. i have other reasons but i would rather not say. but that is my main reasons why i want to switch from the USAF to the RUAF. Have you considered staying in your current branch, those who stay may be promoted: I don't get what this question is getting at but here is my idea of it: I 50% considered staying but I will rather be on the RUAF because of the experience.
  2. Ok I deleted the helicopter question I just want the class now
  3. Its completed sir models/mw2guy/afgan/afgan_soldier2.mdl
  4. What is your in-game name: Cameron T What rank are you in CERT(CERT not State): PFC Are you active? Yes/No why: LOA Why should you stay in CERT: the reason why I should be in is because one you guys need more players and 2. I will be much more active in to police RP as if military RP keeps dying like this and that is not server disrespect What Specialties do you currently hold? (Breacher | Medic | Rifleman): medic Should we add a training date separate to state? Yes/No why: Yes, so it's not mixed
  5. Man... this really sucks a lot of people are leaving, my own favorite people are leaving. While I'm staying here for a while and seeing this my only true friend it's actually leaving, but it's reasonable you have life and you should be focusing more on to that and that's a good thing that you would say that. From the time that you Lawrence Ace and Brandon have brung me into USAF I never thought I was going to get to a high level I was now into the person I am on gaminglight. I'm going to miss you as a friend maybe even more as you were my most favorite friend in gaminglight but no knowing that you're gone it's going to suck. Police RP was a blast with you you bring me into cert, State Police, and stuff but that's on Military p. I remember moments on police RP where we got the mobile command center and the Raptors we drive around the Rockford and we're just flooring it using the Raptors Sirens like AIDS and people would always complain and wonder why we had our sirens on it was super fun me you Kai Bailey whole bunch of other people. I have to say thank you for giving me this opportunity and this idea and option to become staff on gaming lights military RP server, thank you for the idea you will always be one of my closest friends on gaming light and online since the beginning of 2018 to the middle of 2019 Long Live my friend. All I have to say, have fun on the road my friend and don't let anybody else pause you for the actions you want to happen. (p.s. I will keep an eye out on USAF if Zach leaves with the best I can well me and pentagon.) I'm gonna miss you Cameron Taylor USAF, Former LTC
  6. I'm on loa for August 10-15 I'm on vacation with my family down south Sorry for late msg and this is my excuse for missing the meeting
  7. Cameron T LTC I'm I'm going on a trip with my family to Santa Cruz. I'm going to be gone from today until the 15th. plus I'm also taking this as a break from all USAF and gaming light as I need to cool down. You may only DM me if you have something serious or if needed me. So not bother me! This goes to MP
  8. Ingame Name: USAF COL CT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:419732872 What date did you start playing the community: about august 2018 i think When did you create your forums account: 11/1/2018 What is your current ULX rank on the server: Moderator / Champion How many warns do you have on the server: 2 from MRP | 1 from PRP What timezone do you live in: PST How often can you be on: Everyday (im not joking) Why do you want to join the Event Team: Because I like making something fun for people as it makes them enjoy the server more and has some time to waste time for me and them. i also want to make events to make the server poping as i love this server in Gaminglight and to see it die again kinda isn't fun. I would do events every day to make people enjoy and have fun every day to keep the server popping What is an example of an RP event you would host: Capture your GOA from Russians. there is a lot more I could make. I have events that are just to mess around but my most favorite is Tun into Bunker and kill all the NPC's and capture the battery and GEN+ and bring them back.
  9. +Support Knowing how the server runs this will help alot due to how people play with the rules of basing
  10. Everyone welcome zach today for coming back from California!