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  1. (not arguing just saying) yes, in the beginning, I did not know because it was about 1 1/2 hours ago then when you sent me the screenshot you even said: "yeah that thing" after I said: "oh this...". and north I have personalities and I'm the type of person who learns from my mistakes, i'm a person that isn't use to 1 day bans because I never receive them and the reason why I want to be on the server because its an amazing and fun server! I'm not lying I think all of the users that are on who enjoy RP and being with me. please just take this into consideration, im learning from my mistakes is what I can prove to you.
  2. Steam Name: Arthur Morgan CT Ingame Name: 101st SGT Cameron T SteamID: STEAM_0:1:419732872 Ban Length: 24 Hours/1 Day The admin that Banned you: SA North Reason for Ban: Anti-semitism / Racism | Text: "GERMANS LOOK OUT FOR A JEWISH BOY!! HE IS BLACK AND DISABLED! THE PERFECT MIX!" Dispute: (READ EVERYTHING PLEASE) Ok, from that text I know notice that the message is a horrific sight, there is no if, and, or but's because its the most horrific sight a person could see and I wish I have seen this when I was typing this in advert chat in the 1944RP sever... I'm happy to say I'm so glad that US CPL Mark has shown staff this because if he didn't I know that I would have said more worst in the Future, From this, I have learned my mistake and I know that I will never be doing this type of text in my life in this server ever again and like what north said right when he was banning me "If we see this again you will be banned for a much longer time" and I accept that as a punishment if it happens again. I wish that I was thinking smarter when I was typing this as from me and you can tell that we both know that I was in the right place. now the reason why I text it was because I was a CIV and was wanting some RP to happen soi was sitting in the closet of the bar in Waterfront texting that message in chat hoping that a German or US would come to me in RP. I know that this shouldn't happen in that server and believe me, I'm truly sorry to everyone who saw that! I was talking to my friends in TS after I got banned they say they didn't see it but still thought it was horrific. if there was anyone that was hurt by this please let me apologize to you because I want to make thing right and say that I wish I didn't do that and I know that I will never, ever do that again. I will take a 1HR ban just to show my guilt. please just let me make this right by any means other than permaban/ban longer than 1 day or threats (Because I received them before). thank you for listening to this and I hope that you understand that I'm truly sorry.
  3. + support You show your leadership skills ingame and our game as you teach me all about 101st and lead me into great battles. I think you should become a officer for our branch for your kindness in leadership
  4. US 101st Airborne Officer Application Form before I say anything I want to say I'm going to be coming back into gaming light after the 5 months I left so I can see my fellow allies once again. now to the forum! In-game name: Auther Morgan CT Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:419732872 Recommendations (If any): (IDK if North really cared if i joined... ik Lawrence might tho) How many active warns do you have: I had I think 3 from MRP What position are you applying for(2nd Lt. - Maj.) CPT Are you capable of fitting within the standards of 101st considering it's a special force: Yes, I was part of MAJCOM, AFSOC and was an MP on MRP. I can handle this Are you okay with staying out of the action and commanding your troops nearby: Yes Are you capable of following orders: Yes, sir Why do you want this position in 101st (65 words or more): After I left MRP I was in a mood because this community made me felt welcome as Brandon and north was by my side when the higher-ups were attacking or making fun of me they would be by my side, plus they were super helpful teaching me all about USAF and I thank Lawrence for 75% of the knowledge! I only know about aviation and that's all as I'm looking forward to my life to be in the airforce as an officer. I know that this is a based 1944 era were war were present and airforce was only part of the army so I will take my knowledge from USAF and knowledge from 1944 and work my hardest to be the best and useful I can be. Why should we trust you with this position (70 words or more): When I was CPT on USAF (MRP) I liked the job as I could use my commanding skills to teach my fellow squad mates to war and teach them the rules of the game, it was a bridge for a gap in my heart for me when I became CPT, I was able to be my own squad and leader for the USAF and it was groundbreaking for me. after I left it hurt my heart because I threw away my gaming carrier and memories down trash that was hard to receive, that's why I want to start as CPT and stay as CPT till I'm fully ready and trainable for MAJ or any other. How many strikes do you have (If any you will be immediately denied): No On a scale of 1 to 10 how familiar are you with the history of WWII: 3 Time Zone: PST How often can you get on the server: about 4 times a week and mostly on the weekends
  5. thanks! I will take that tip as it has been a bit stressful I will take it to heart! nice to be in this war with you Ace ?
  6. Hey there! I know that I have been off for a while and I want to say that I am sorry as I have stuff to deal with as a new Head Of Staff for a server! I will not be saying the name of the server in any way shape or form in this forum but if you want info about the server you may message me on the Discord Server Group @Cameron T and I will tell you! (NOT A ADVERTISEMENT). But back to what I was saying was that you all have been amazing with making my RP experience become alive!! I became a Trainer because of Smith! And I became an Officer because of North and Lawrence!! Thanks to you Three!! I can't forget the amazing 2 Generals that made me laugh when my day was Sh*t that goes to @Scheffer and @Brandon0623!! I have to say that MilitaryRP was a Great concept and it worked fine till it all crashed for no reason... I say thank you all for this as this was a hell of a good trip and I hope I will see you later in time as the server that I'm working for is branching bigger now and I hope you will enjoy if you do join!! At this point, I will be Resignation from a Captain from the Airforce and I hope that I will hop back on someday and see some new Officers that are 2LT, 1LT, CPT, MAJ, LTC or even a COL them self as I trained them! Now a shoutout to all my team members in this RP of a war!! 1. Lawrence 2. North 3. Brandon 4. Scheffer 5. Ace 6. Cain 7. Chicken 8. CHIKEN 9. JRandom 10. Manager John 11. Smith 12. ACheif of Military Police (Forgot name sorry...) 13. All Generals in the US and RU (Forgot names) This is USAF CPT AFSOC MAJCOM ATC Cameron Taylor signing out... thanks for this boy's HOOAH!!
  7. In-Game-Name: USAF ATC AFSOC CPT CT Rank: CPT Team: United States Reason: I need help with loading into the game as I get "connection failure" ( Red text that countdown from 800 seconds when you enter) and I'm never able to join either with the jobs and in-game items. my internet runs 24GB/S as said Ace but I have 8GB or Ram... could my Ram be the issue as I did troubleshoot my internet nothing was wrong... (this goes for both PoliceRP and MilitaryRP as I'm trying to not show inactivity on the weekends.
  8. Can't join... I'm only going to try and be on the weekends... ;( and my ram is 8GB so when I try to join... never works.
  9. IG Name: MINGE WATCH CT Link to Steam Account: STEAM_0:1:419732872 How many warnings do you have: 1 only for "arguing with staff" What departments are you in and what rank: Im in police and Im a SNR (i cant get a promotion) Why do you want to be EMS (150 Words Minimum): the reason why i want to be a EMS is because i think i can do a lot in EMS job and i would like to put people in justice for there crimes cause of the new MOTD rule "were you revive someone and there crime is still put on there record so then then they could still get arrested". i think there is more to EMS that makes it special and i want to see the specialty, and not much people use EMS because its "boring" to some people but i think i will have fun and do my duty as a EMS in the city of rockford. i think this job can be used more by people so i wanna have the experience of a EMS and get along with the EMS crew. Who recruited you? (police = golden, EMS = N/A) the reason its on this instead of the server group is because the group is so inactive...
  10. +Support great leader good soldier never anger from experience fit for role active
  11. 1. What is your In-Game Name? CAMERON / CT 2. What are you applying for? captain in air force 3. How much time do you have in-game total( 4 days and 6 hours minimum) : 4 days and 19 hours (when this posted) 4. Why do you want to be Captain ( 50 words minimum): the reason why i want to be captain is because i wanna advance in air force and move forward in the GAMINGLIGHT community in militaryRP so i can gain more trust in the community and friends/family, like i want to get closer with staff/gen/GOA /and army as a CAPTAIN. i know that i can just talk to people as a 1LT (or any rank) anytime. i just want to try new things and see how it is to be one of the "big boys" [not the word i want to use] with North, Lawrence, Arron Faustin, and Smith in the air force community. 5. Who would you like to see you as Captain ( Two officers minimum): zurppz, cain, smith 6. Why should we trust you with Captain? ( This is a high rank in USAF. 50 words minimum): because i will do my best to keep the USAF in shape like how the VCMDR's are doing at the moment. also my strength is keeping a strong grudge against minge's and NITRP people, and not taking my anger out on someone at once [and if i do they really have to be a very foul person to the community] , and i will hold mu grudge to punch or slap a person for a long time. i can also try to find out why on reason is happening in a situation like if im a therapist. 7. What is your timezone? pacific standard (California) 8. What is your USAF rank? ( 1LT+): 1LT (when this was posted) 9. How often can you be on? (weekdays 3:00-8:00 PM pacific standard)(weekends 8:00AM-11:00PM pacific standard) 10. Are you willing to do what it takes to lead your troops into battle? Even if that means leading them straight into enemy hellfire?: yes! i will lead my USAF, USMC, AND US to war until we ether take the win or if i have to kill my self doing it! i stand here under my word! "I CAMERON B TAYLOR WILL TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY SOLDIERS IN WAR UNTIL THE END FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!" [if its tooo much... my bad]
  12. Name: Cameron, CT Rank: 1LT Reason: I have school every Friday so i did not attend because i had school to go to. (i have school to go to every week) [time zone: Pacific standard time] (if i do not post this here, were do i? please tell me in the comments.)
  13. Questions Your In-game: yes, i was in the game Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:455831650 The player's name in-game: tiny dancer, and nandy The player's steam ID (required): nandy STEAM_0:0:455831650 What did the player do: prop block, use of alt acc, diss to owner (not too serious) Evidence (REQUIRED): VIDEO BELOW What do you believe should happen to the player: BAN FOR WEEK IF COUGH AGAIN ON ALT ACC ( threatens to use more alts) Any extra information: KEEP LOOK OUT FOR A PERSON NAMED "NANDY" AND HAS A NON COMPLETED STEAM ACC Garry's Mod 11_23_2018 2_11_46 AM_Trim (2).mp4
  14. on 11/20/2018 3 guys by the name OMG HEY MAN = STEAM_0: 0:127747386 0MG HEY MAN = STEAM_0:1:444885559 (smurf acc) Vizz = STEAM_0:0:455409384 Questions Your In-game: yes, i was in the game Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:419732872 The player's name in-game: OMG HEY MAN, OMG HEY MAN (with a zero), Vizz (has multiple smurf acc) The player's steam ID (required): OMG HEY MAN STEAM_0: 0:127747386 , OMG HEY MAN (with a zero) STEAM_0:1:444885559 , Vizz (has multiple smurf acc) STEAM_0:0:455409384 What did the player do: mass rdm x37, prop block, Ltap, racism Evidence (REQUIRED): VIDEO BELOW What do you believe should happen to the player: BAN FOR 2 WEEKS OR MORE ( VISS 3 WEEKS FOR MAKING A SMURF ACC ) Any extra information: talk to people in pic down below on 11/20/2018 3 guys by the name OMG HEY MAN = STEAM_0: 0:127747386 0MG HEY MAN = STEAM_0:1:444885559 (smurf acc) Vizz = STEAM_0:0:455409384 which prop blocked EMS/SPAWN/PD SPAWN/SWAT with fences and killed us over and over until [policeRP] Duv [Mod] hoped on and they left in a flash here is a vid. Garry's Mod 11_20_2018 1_04_38 AM_Trim.mp4
  15. yes i do have to say i am new but i do have 3 days on the game from when there was the bunker map, dessert, and the new map. yes i do say the questions are short but that is the best i can do at the moment and im sorry if that is not to expectation but that is my fault and im sorry and i will take note. ? thank you for the reply!