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  1. Name: Boomer Numbers: 1987 Rank: LTC Activity: Inactive
  2. Fat +Support -Active -Best medic -Takes care of the battalion -Committed to 212th -Deserves it more than anyone in the battalion. Only thing I would have a problem with is that you gotta doing the paper work.
  3. So I haven't been active at all lately and I am probably going to just get removed from vice commander anyway so I just am going to resign so that a new trooper can take my spot and help with the battalion of 212th. Its been a fun ride but it's kinda boring and just gets old after a while and it can be hard to go to the commander meetings. Cody(Dylan): Your the best cody and keep the battalion strong Boil(Cream): Your a better vice commander then me and I hope you keep the battalion strong. 212th Will always be my home and i'm not leaving the battalion but just vice commander.
  4. BoomerxDD

    Recon Drone

    -Support -Not needed -Why use drones when you can just send arc and arf out for recon instead, of using drones.
  5. + Support Lowk looks the same as the model we use now but i'm fine with the model change.
  6. I'm still going to beat the crap out of you <3
  7. Battalion: 212th In-game Name: Waxer Rank: Vice Commander
  8. +Support -Could get more players in the future -187th is one of my favorite battalions cause of the color xd -I think it would be a nice feature. -Boomer/Waxer