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  1. +Support -Could get more players in the future -187th is one of my favorite battalions cause of the color xd -I think it would be a nice feature. -Boomer/Waxer
  2. Cody and the 212th Executive can't whitelist to the 2nd Airborne Job. I would like to get this problem fixed please so that 212th can get 2nd airborne up and running. -Waxer/Boomer <3
  3. +Support -100 armor should be put to 50 unless its like that for other pilot classes -you don't need both dc-15a and dc-15s you just would need one in my opinion.
  4. His warns are 3 months old that's not new. His inactivity has his reasons like alot of people on this server has been inactive. As a BXO of 212th and ARCL of 212th I think Kowalski could be a good hammer. +support