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  1. Doing events with you were great thank you for making good events and teaching me the hologram ima miss you -Boomer
  2. +support although I guess you advertised on the server, and that will most likey be a automatic denied. but if it doesn't -Active -Responsible -Nice/kind -Is a great gm I hope you get tmod so you can help out the community more -Boomer
  3. Saying that he has done nothing as bxo is so incorrect its laughable. Waxer has been BXO for about 3 months, in this time him and Cody, and the officers of the 212th have worked their ass off everyday to get people in to the 212th. As of right now 212th is not dead and is far from being called an inactive unit. 212th is one of the most active battalions on the server getting about 4-5 people on everyday and sometimes getting more or getting less. Yea we might not be the most serious battalion on the server but if you come on a gmod star wars rp server just to rp like its the military go to ARMA 3 SWRP, its the most serious rp there is. GL is a serious rp server and we do serious rp, but there is a difference between serious fun rp and serious make your want to leave the server rp. And the GM's do a great job of making it fun Serious RP. Waxer might not get on the server everyday but he has shit to do in real life and he doesn't no life a video game like some people. He goes to college and he has to make sure he doesn't fuck up so he can do good in life. Remember GMOD is a video game and life becomes a video game. And waxer making fun of your age is just because your younger and he is older. Yes he shouldn't do it but he does but he should stop making fun of you for future reference. If you disagree with me on any of these topic's then please let me know. -Boomer
  4. Name and Numbers: Boomer 1987 Rank: 1LT Activity: Active
  5. +Support -Active -Nice -Can RP -Is a good Leader -Great BXO of 212th I hope you get it and I hope you don't to stay in 212th
  6. Hey if you could remove my Gamemaster tags on the fourms that would be great thank you
  7. Good Bye my friend you will be missed by everyone. I hope you come back another time -Boomer