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  1. +support -can add more diversity to VC by adding engineering officers or making 104th more lore friendly by making them engineers - desirable battalion -lore friendly
  2. we have made a new SOP please read it and undertsand it
  3. +support -haven’t really talked so him but from what I’ve heard from older members he was a great commander and has a lot of experience
  4. Name:Mortar steam ID: STEAM_1:0:428036269
  5. -support -admits to killing a Jedi which is FailRP -if nothing is happening that doesn’t give you an excuse to kill people
  6. What do you want to see? - 104th field surgeon with Bacta nades Why should we add it? - all the other medics have it so why can’t 104th What are the advantages of having this? -all medics are equip with the same equipment Who is it mainly for? -104th Field surgeon Links to any content - none