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  1. BEST OF LUCK BROTHER HOPE YOU HAVE FUN Oh and please come back one time ?
  2. A bit late But hope you have fun with the rest of your life buddy. It was hell of time when you were on and I got a lot of good moments from us Best of luck -CBA
  3. -Ex Vice Commander CBA. I always wanted shock to replace 5th Fleet not gonna lie.
  4. +Support Thank god you are gone. It's about to be a great server now. NAH JK It's Gonna be sad when you can't beat me anymore.
  5. I'M ONLY RESIGNING FROM VICE COMMANDER Reason: I am resigning because it has gotten really boring to point where I am being very inactive from 5th fleet and I just don't like that. I'm on the commander job the least in my opinion an I can't be doing that. I think I need a restart as a clone life to build my way back up. As a Commander there wasn't really anything to look forward to suck as promotions, becoming better as a trooper, an just having a fun time. I really love the 5th fleet and will continue to. I would like to thank all the people for the memories I had as the Vice Commander of the 5th Fleet. This has been a long time coming. For the last time as a Vice Commander -5th Fleet VCMDR CBA out
  6. +Support -Seen him lead -Knows how to get the job done -Really good with Rp -Great Guy
  7. HUGE +Support - Super Nice and Active Guy. -Good Rper. -Great Leader. -Respectful -Been Arc for a while.
  8. +Support -Not a minge -Great leader -Good at RP -Active -Mature -Good person Good Luck!!!
  9. +Support - I think he deserves a second chance and has learn from his mistakes
  10. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : 5th Fleet CPT CBA 1989. 2. Why do you want to be a BXO of this branch? I want to become BXO of the 5th Fleet because I feel as if the 5th Fleet need a BXO. They have been without a BXO for a month now and I think we need one. Also I want to help the 5th Fleet grow even more then what it is now. I really want to be a roll model out there as well and get my name out there. I really want to start taking a bigger roll in the 5th fleet as well and maybe one day become commander of the battalion. But that's besides the point I will keep people in the battalion by holding fun training sessions and if they need discipline then I will make them do pt as well. When it's all said and done I just really want to grow out the 5th Fleet as much as possible. 3. What is the Main Purpose of a BXO for a branch? The main purpose of the BXO for 5th fleet is to help the commander out. If it's helping making decisions, Tryouts, Training, Or just helping out the other troopers as well as my own. The BXO is suppose to role model for other troopers as well it could be ct's to my own troopers I want to be a role model to other troopers and help them out. Also I really want to help out the 5th fleet in general and really get them popping. I want the the 5th to really grow and have 5th Fleet RP. If anyone minges I well as well put them in there place as I will have the opportunity to do that. Anyways this is what I think the main purpose of the BXO is. 4. Why should we trust you to be a BXO? : You trust me as I am a loyal guy and I don't minge very often (only with low player count). I'm also very well known around my battalion and they trust me with there life. I also don't have any strikes so that votes well. Also I like to have fun but if gets to out a hand then I will control my troopers and myself. I got very many compliments as well for being a trustworthy soldier. Also if the commander or anyone else needs me to step up then I will. 5. How often can you be Online? : From 4:30 to 10 on weekdays, Weekends 2 to 12. 6. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I have 0 warnings and plan on having none ever. Thanks for your Time <3