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  1. You all good Jet it kinda sounded rude but texts in general get mixed up because your not actually talking to the person
  2. Matter of opinion @Jet they’re actually the same thing but that’s your opinion also this is a goodbye to people I met more than anything so try not to be rude in anyway please
  3. Well as you read the title for whoever decides to read this I’m resigning from all my duties on the server and that means I won’t be around much anymore I gained so many friends but lost many too and well I’m just not active and just have to my problems with people on the server that it felt like a job but I enjoyed my time on the server and I hope you guys keep on doing good. now the part everyone does Nieman- Love you my homie don’t know if you read forums but hopefully I see you again Cope- misss you Bby Cody/Dylan- I’m sorry for kinda doing you dirty but your a great commander keep the 212th strong Boomer- I don’t talk to you much anymore but you taught me everything I know and I’m thankful you kinda took me under your wing Gingie- your pretty neat but you left me you bitchhhh Pacer- Probably could care less but you are great inspiration for me and I thank you for all that you taught me Havoc/Blitz- I’m thankful for being taught many things about leadership and everything from you guys I appreciate it Apple- your my guy to bad you left you bean Nova- I didn’t talk to you much for the longest time but keeper going Myles- even though at times we had our differences I respected you as a leader and a great guy so ya Cooper- you’ll be a great commander once you decide to take that role and I leave stealth in your hands Nemo- I’ll still talk to you and see you around Nuke- same for you buddy Lin- I didn’t talk to you much but your a great leader Wooly/Snake- this guy is the reason I joined the 212th originally Jano- I met you on another CWRP server and kinda funny how you came back to gl Aegis- egg leaves for a couple weeks comes back says oh ya fuck my resignation Life- your pretty cool fellow but want to beat you so much but I’m gonna miss you Armor- not gonna lie didn’t like you in the first time I met you but you were a pretty cool guy when I got to know you And Blizzard- this is a mixed review I met you once I first joined arc and you were a great guy and cool ass friend and you stay the same till MG you acted different and kinda turned me away from you but I still think your a good guy just don’t let other people pull your own strings I know I missed so many people but then I would be here for days and I’m not gonna do that I’ll miss you guys -Kowalski saying his last good bye
  4. Aaray

    Stealth Pilots

    +support We have less then all the other battalions as for classes
  5. + support the model is very nice so ya
  6. The ARC MODEL IS ?? +Support also half of the armor in that pack is phase 2 you could also use the old 212th Armor for the heavy class and trooper class and then it’ll look more uniform
  7. +support -honestly think you guys are clueless but he has a life and has bad hours so if you call him inactive for that then you suck -Great Leader in the past - Great Guy -Done the best he can with a donator battalion -active when he can -Great Rper -Known around clone wars that he’s a good rper -VCMDR Blackout (also no disrespect but he would do great at being a BG you gotta give him the chance)
  8. Aaray

    212th Pilots

    +support -Kowalski
  9. It’s currently me, cooper, willy , Nemo that’s it that’s active at least 3-4 days a week maybe more
  10. What do you want to see? - I want to remove the knight+ donator rank to join stealth and make it where everyone and anyone can join it once passing tryouts but until they donate for knight+ they can’t rank up past CSM so then it keeps it a donator Job but doesn’t make it like a unjoinable battalion for most players Why should we add it? - it will increase activity in stealth by far and would possibly have a actual battalion people want to join. For most people it’s a turn off to be forced to donate for the Job so I think it would do well What are the advantages of having this? - activity for once in stealth instead of a space waster that it is atm Who is it mainly for? - Stealth Links to any content - none -STE AAL VCMDR Blackout BL