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  1. I am sorry for leaving ARU 2x but I am going to find a department that I am not used too and try something new because I knew ARU is a good department But I want to try something new and just try to try new thing I want to give a special thanks to everyone in ARU they were a big help for me and good people to hang out with I will always have a spot in my heart for them And love and my hugs go out you guys Love: Mr. Medic Joe.
  2. I know i am leaving the good department but i feel like i am taking a spot that someone needs more and I just have been getting bullied so i had it This was the best department i was ever in and the best experience i ever had I would like to thank the people that deserve to be called out Bandit: Thank you for the times you helped me and you were a good friend Greg: You were very funny and always there for me when i needed someone to talk to Tigger: You Minge you made my day's in ss and you made me happy Strufdot: You were Cool and helped me lern from my mistakes and made me a better ss member. Jack Hi: You were on every day and you derve command and you just made my day a bit happier I will miss you all see you in the future or Later Your dear French Boy: Mr Medic Joe ?
  3. Hello sorry to say this but i cant handle ems much longer and i am moving to main SS now this department was fun while i was in it I hope you all have a good future
  4. Your In-game: Mr Medic Joe Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:146471657 The admin's name in-game: Rick Sanchezz, Sm Nimo The admin's steam name (If you know it): I don't know Them What warning did you receive: Player Dis, Camera Spam Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: It is an old warning from 2 years ago and I was very new and did not know a lot of rules and I was getting bullied and I just said bad things to a person that was being mean to me and I just want these old and I think it was not false it was my fault and I just want them removed. I did not know to take a picture of a printer a bit of time and got warned for camera spam and I think i understand Any extra information: N/A
  5. I am sorry for leaving the Good department but I feel like I was not welcome by some members and I am getting bullied in this department it was a fun department and I loved my time in ARU I will miss the department i will miss you all good people but i think i should leave this before i get Very sad
  6. Name: Mr Medic Joe Rank: ASAIC Status on Roster(Active, Semi-Active): Active Why do you want to stay in the department: I want to stay in the department because I am an FTO and i like to train new people to become SS and SS is just a good department to be in I made so many friends and I would like to stay in ss What do you think of the new map?: It is cool and huge i like it