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  1. +/- Support -Leader -Good Teamwork Skills -Amazing DI -A lot of respect & discipline -Inactive -Not a lot of effort in the application -Not engaging in branch -Gets into fights with Bob a lot -Doesn't participate in war too much ~Vice Commander Orange
  2. Update- Denied! Due to feed back from Scheffer and other staff, you will no become no higher than a 1LT. Speak to me if you have concerns. Till then you are not becoming an Officer+.
  3. Accepted! Speak to a COL+ For Captain Training P.S if you have a problem about this decision please PM me on Discord....
  4. Jack isn’t an officer anymore. She is BLACKLISTED from GL. Find another. But other than that.
  5. Good For you man! Keep it up!!
  6. #Orange+Core=Mega Super Active Man #JoinArmy
  7. I’m pretty sure it’s for VCMDR plus but we will let your higher ups decide that.
  8. Damn, mans be out here with the training guides. ~Vice Commander Orange