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  1. Im deeply sorry for this everyone. Yes i have done this. But i have been drinking...Due life outside of the screen i have apologized and everything. i dont wanna lose everything. I want to be happy...idk whats wrong with me to do such horrible things... I'm deeply sorry i dont wish to have a big punishment... I will stop drinking and learn to face my deeply sorry everyone...I dont wanna lose this like i lost everything else.. I just dont wanna lose everything....Im stupid...
  2. Keshawn12


    You monster ill kill you!!!!!!
  3. DasCalamity who are you? Why are you voting on a mil rp app?
  4. +/- Support -Leader -Good Teamwork Skills -Amazing DI -A lot of respect & discipline -Inactive -Not a lot of effort in the application -Not engaging in branch -Gets into fights with Bob a lot -Doesn't participate in war too much ~Vice Commander Orange
  5. Update- Denied! Due to feed back from Scheffer and other staff, you will no become no higher than a 1LT. Speak to me if you have concerns. Till then you are not becoming an Officer+.
  6. Sounds good. Good Luck In School
  7. Accepted! Speak to a COL+ For Captain Training P.S if you have a problem about this decision please PM me on Discord....
  8. Jack isn’t an officer anymore. She is BLACKLISTED from GL. Find another. But other than that.
  9. #Orange+Core=Mega Super Active Man #JoinArmy
  10. I’m pretty sure it’s for VCMDR plus but we will let your higher ups decide that.