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  1. +support This guy knows his shit and would be an awesome leader.
  2. Name (which you most commonly use): Fire Star First rank/character choice: Ki Adi Mundi Second rank/character choice: Plo Koon Do you have any command experience? If so please explain: I have around 2,000 hours dedicated to JvS command. I was mainly grand master on most of the servers I have joined. I have sat there and proven myself plenty of times that I have what it takes to lead jedi. How active can you be? I can be on everyday and if I work probably every other. Are you familiar with the Star wars universe and have played other Star wars related servers? If so please explain: I have around 6k hours dedicated to Jedi vs Sith. Mainly played Hammer fall gaming, Reborn, Criptik, and plenty of more its been a while. Why do you want to become command? The reason I would like to be command is because I have plenty of experience on command on Jedi vs Sith servers. I also am dedicated to become active on the server and dedicate a lot of my time on it. I have most of my experience within the Guardians role of the Jedi. I believe I can bring them an awesome time while being on the server and train them to be the best Jedi. I know how to lead people in combat and take control of a situation when needed. I love Jedi vs Sith when I heard it was coming out I was like yes! I want to become a command another reason is my passion towards it I would be excited everyday to get on the server and lead the Jedi and help the new players each day. Another reason that I should become command is that I know how to roleplay as a Jedi with each era whatever the era would be on the server. I will adapt to the RP environment of the server and lead with the best of my abilities as these positions are given to me which can be taken away at any point. I would like to start out as below the main command within the Guardians so I could maybe one day earn the full rank of it. To get myself familiar with the server and attempt to learn the most while I can while being Ki Adi Mundi. I also have plenty experience leading the Sentinel path within Jedi vs Sith servers as well . That is why my second option would be the Sentinel's I understand how they function and what they do as a whole. I am trying to being the best roleplay to the server I can provide. What qualities can you bring to the position? The main qualities as stated before would mainly be my Leadership: My leadership would be fantastic and I would also learn from my mistakes and see how I can fix them. I am awesome at leading people into battle. I would have to prove it in person rather than words. Attitude: My attitude is very chill and laid back and prone to listen to everyone. If there is someone that has a problem with one of the Jedi I would be willing to help them and talk to them about it. I am an awesome person to talk to when it comes to mainly things I like and I am still respectful to people even if I may not like what they are talking about. Experience: My experience within the game I have played a lot of Jedi vs Sith servers. I have around 6k hours dedicated to Jedi vs Sith probably more because all I do is play star wars roleplay it is the best and the only reason I play this game. I know lore within the Jedi and willing to learn more everyday to be up to date with the position that I would be receiving. Why should we pick you over your competitors? The reason you should pick me over the competitors is because I would bring the most energy towards it and willing to play everyday to make things better. Another reason would be is my experience I would think the competitors lack the experience that I would bring to the Jedi. I would bring an awesome roleplay experience within the Jedi if I become the leader of the Guardians because they are in my opinion the best sub faction within the Jedi.