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  1. Not honestly sure who else spawns with this weapon, it came from an old Donato package that was changed. No idea which one gives me the Mosin, or if anyone else has it. It was changed around a lot because it used to be the Air Force sniper, but now noone gets it, so it shouldn't be a big deal to revert it. But, I want to see it returned to its original state. Currently, it has a 5 round magazine, it should be one round. Its scope has been removed, but i honestly don't have an issue with that, its more of a challenge trying to hit something without a scope. However, with the magazine being limited to one round again, it would need to have its old damage back. So, in summary, this weapon; ma85_wf_sr41; needs a one round magazine, and its old damage restored.
  2. 1. What is your In-game Name: Midget 2. What side are you applying for: RU 3. What Branch are you currently in: Spetsnaz 4. What is your Rank: Master Gunnery Sergeant 5. Who would like to see you as a 104th Operator: RU COL LTA MPT Red, SZ KGB 104th 1LT Hanz 6. Why should we trust you with being a 104th Operator: I have a good sense for situational awareness, I'm a good Marksman, and I have a decent mind for battle tactics. 7. Why do you want to be a 104th Operator: As I said above, I have good situational awareness, and a mind for battle tactics. Joining the 104th will give me access to better weapons and the authority I need to organize the russian forces. 8. What is your Timezone: MST 9. How Often can you be on: Most likely every day, for an hour or two at most, but much longer on weekends. 10. Do you have any extenseive Experience with Google Sheets: Not extensive, but I know how to use it. 11. How many warns to you have: I have two warns on the MilRP server from 4+ years ago. 12. Do you have any Strikes: No. 13. Are you capable of leading DB when noone else can, and do you believe you are able to keep troops in check when they get out of line: Yes, I've reached O-3 or higher in every branch of the RU and O-2 in two US Branches.
  3. Because most of the time they just get straight up shot, they don't get the chance to RP it. Anymore, they have to rush to throw the person in jail before someone manages to free them or kill the cop because of "Family Abilities" and what-not. I'm sure that if given the chance for more RP, you'd see more of it happening.
  4. You know that isn't what I meant. Either way, let's not have a conversation in Comments.
  5. That's horrible reasoning. With that kind of thinking, why is it even called PoliceRP? That defeats the ENTIRE PURPOSE of the server.
  6. Sorry, what? I've never once seen that happen... And if you're being pulled over by "Corrupt PD" then you should call a staff, not shoot them. Or, here's an Idea for those that do it, maybe try to RP it out?
  7. That's because they don't get trained to do that. It's not their fault, it's the fact that they are not expected to do anything more than traffic stops, and they're unprepared because they never do traffic stops anymore, it's always a gunfight. This has got a +1 from me
  8. What you want to see? - I want to see the old rule, that forced criminals to RP rather than simply shoot cops, reinstated. There is a link at the bottom that shows EXACTLY what the problem is. Watch it before continuing to read this. I will describe the problem. PoliceRP is a dying server, and it's because the criminals of the server are being extremely selfish, and only doing the RP that they enjoy. This is almost exclusively limited to Shooting the Police or getting into Police chases, and then getting out and killing them all after they finally crash. They do it for even the simplest of Police situations. The video below depicts them turning a simple stop into a massive police chase, and while it does not show it in the video, they did eventually end it with a shooting. Also depicted in the video, was myself describing why the Police overreacted to a simple stop, and that is because it is NEVER just a simple stop. It always turns into a gunfight or a police chase that the police will never win. Or, if not all the time (for those of you who will say "I don't do that" or "not everyone does that" I reply with "It happens waaaayyyyy too much") Now, this can and always will be countered with statements like "The PD are just bad" or "If the police tried harder" and crap like that. That isn't the point of this. The point of it is that YOU ARE KILLING THE SERVER. Even the HEAD ADMIN is participating in this! The cops either never get on or flat out left because four custom classes can wipe out the entire police department, FBI, and SWAT team. There are never enough of them to do anything about it, and it turns into this vicious cycle that gets more and more of our government classes to leave or stop trying. I even found myself on FBI and thinking I should turn the other way, simply out of fear of loosing the weapons I had. If you guys are just going to dismiss this idea as BS, or simply think that I am complaining, or that I need to "get good and stop complaining" then I'm just going to leave. I cannot and will not deal with that level blindness. I know you all remember when the server used to have 80 to 90 players EVERY NIGHT. Now, we're lucky if we get 60 on a Friday night. If you can't see it, then it's too late already. Please turn it around, I've put A LOT of time and money into this server (I've got more than 1200 hours in Gaminglight servers, though I cannot prove it, but I can prove that I have spent more than $700 of my Hard earned money, the stuff that I worked my ass off for, and gave to you) ALSO: If this is already in progress of being fixed, it needs to be fixed faster. It's been several months that this has been happening, and it's very nearly too late. Why should we add it? - Because the server is dying, and while this may not be the best idea to solve it, I also haven't seen anyone else trying. What are the advantages of having this? - Obvious. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone. Links to any content - https://youtu.be/Y4t52TaWvDE
  9. As in more than the $50 it takes to make it a government class in the first place? Or still only $50
  10. Can I turn my Criminal Custom Class into a Government Class?
  11. My SteamID: STEAM_1:0:13210829 Player who is being added will leave his SteamID in a comment below, as I had to leave before he got back and I wanted to get this posted. Note, I did not pay for the addition, NBA paid for it.
  12. My SteamID: STEAM_1:0:132108298 Model (Over 4MB) is being changed to this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=758794428&searchtext=US+Army The extra money is already paid for. Note, for this to be RP Friendly (AKA, for it to not technically be a soldier in the Army) the Rank Body Group needs to be set to 8, as this removes all rank patches. The Model also has no Army Patches, and I would also like to point out that the flag on the vest does not make the model a soldier. Also, because there are several models included, I will specify that the correct model is "Army_Male_0" The current Model on the class has been broken for a while, it's all purple and black, so the faster this is changed, the better! Thank you!
  13. I didn't think I was, just saying that while I'm trying, I don't have time. I'm just telling you this so you don't remove me from the roster lol
  14. Uhm, honestly don't think I've played PoliceRP in several months....
  15. Just thought I would throw this out there. I'm not inactive, I'm not going on LOA, nothing like that. It's the fact that the only times I have had time to get on the server, it has been empty... I'm just having an unusual amount of homework right now, so I'm not on as often. Just know that I'm trying to be on, but the server has been empty the last few times I've tried.