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Scp 1162 Test #1

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Name: AJ Kook

Rank: Junior Researcher

Clearance Level: 2

List of Personnel involved in testing: D class 3245 (Ben Carson)(Given Amnestic's), D Class 1134 (Dragon of Domination) (Terminated), Sec CPL USMC Hugo Stiglitz

Amount of D class involved: 2

SCP: 1162

Errors and/or safety hazards: The D class could've retrieved  a weapon from the hole. especially since one of the d class felt a sharp rock which could've been used as a deadly weapon. 

Question: Do different people from different backgrounds feel the same experience while having their hand(s) in SCP 1162's hole? 

Background Research: SCP-1162 is an SCP that we believe returns lost items in exchange for an item the person has and is willing to give it .

Hypothesis: People of different backgrounds will have similar experiences yet with small discrepancies differing between them.

Analysis and Conclusion: D class 3245 oddly felt a squishy yet firm object while having his hands in the hole. The subject described it as if he was holding on to tofu with a rock in the middle. The d class reported that the temperature was oddly warm and humid while the object was cool to the touch. D class 3245 described as feeling strangely aroused, as if he was given an aphrodisiac. D class 1134 reported feeling a sharp rock like object  and that it was unbearably cold inside the hole. The d class started screaming and as he pulled his hand out, we could see that his hands looked like as if they were dipped in nitrogen. The d class was rapidly consumed by the "cold" from his hands and froze when it fully consumed him. He was pronounced dead later by the med bay and even SCP-500 wasn't able to cure him which we found odd ( more testing is required due to  SCP-500 being ineffective). D-3245 was given amnsetics and taken back to his cell. No outward signs of the effect of SCP-1162 was shown and was later allowed to rejoin with the rest of the D class.

Do your results align with your hypothesis?: Yes but further testing is required to draw a more concrete conclusion.



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Development Supervisor W

Nice test I haven't seen a 1162 test in a while. Your question is good for the SCP your testing on, and the outcome is creative. If possible you should try testing on the nitrogen like substance that killed D 1134. lastly your test is a little short if you are able to add a more detailed observation it could help with visualizing your test. Other than those keep up the good work, and I hope to read more tests of yours this creative.


+ Thumbs up 👍

Edited by friendlywolf

Assistant Research Manager W

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