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  1. Logging in.... Welcome : Research Administrator : W Loading Automatic test grading program.... Automatic test grading program loaded Scanning Document.... Scanning Complete Loading grade sheet.... Grade sheet loaded Score: 100/100 Grade: A+ Lore: 20/20 The lore of this SCP is correct as much as I can see. Creativity: 20/20 This test is very creative in its presentation and in its writing. Nice use of SCP-662 and since you didn't use SCP-662 for testing purposes but to gather diagrams it will not count towards a cross test. Presentation: 20/20 Ok so le.....did the picture of SCP-035 just change on the document? huh. Well the presentation looks amazing as each section has a bolded underlined opener. All sections are spaced out as a way to find them easily. Lastly each of your pictures help the reader/grader visualize the test. Writing: 40/40 I don't see any spelling errors so good. Each section as an outstanding amount of quality put into each part. Every part is detailed and descriptive. Fantastic. Test Tier: Fame Quality (:Note: This test was an amazing study on SCP-035. If you could, I'd like you to do an interview with SCP-035 to see how he would know about pressure points Shinchu, Jujiro, Ryumon, Matsukaz, and the Murasame as a way to try to find SCP-035s origin. This test will be recommended for the Research Hall of fame. Remember S.ecure C.ontain P.rotect.) Posting Grade sheet.... Grade sheet posted Logging off....
  2. Logging in.... Welcome : Research Administrator : W Loading Automatic test grading program.... Automatic test grading program loaded Scanning Document.... Scanning Complete Loading grade sheet.... Grade sheet loaded Score: 98/100 Grade: A Lore: 20/20 Lore is good at a stand point. It seems you might have copied and pasted some parts, but I think you also added your own words at points, and since I don't care about plagiarism that much idc. Creativity: 20/20 Color coding was a good add on as it helped me find certain parts, the added spacing parts also let me see which part ends and which parts start, the testing idea is a very uncommon testing idea which is amazing. Your hypothesis makes sense as SCP-096 is known to attack other SCPs in lore who look at his face. Presentation: 18/20 Again the colors you have chosen are an eye grabber, the pictures you have taken are very expertly taken as they all don't show the face of SCP-096. I don't know why you were in the cell with SCP-096 as that is a breaching hazard, along with a giant risk of you dyeing. Writing: 40/40 I don't see any spelling errors, a lot of effort and detail was added to the conclusion, Your observation also seems quite wordy and detailed in a good way. All-in-all it seems good to me. Test Tier: Quality (:Note: Your conclusion adds a small concern and big testing idea to the containment of SCP-096, first if SCP-096 doesn't respond to nonhumans in a hostile manner than the group known as Serpents hand has a higher chance of breaching and capturing the SCP. Second if you were to have a D class take a piece of SCP-049's clothes/skin and then analyze it, will you be able to make a suit or headset that can work the same way SCP-049 did with SCP-096. Remember S.ecure C.ontain P.rotect.) Posting Grade sheet.... Grade sheet posted Logging off....
  3. Logging in.... Welcome : Research Administrator : W Loading Automatic test grading program.... Automatic test grading program loaded Scanning Document.... Scanning Complete Loading grade sheet.... Grade sheet loaded Score: 82/100 Grade: B Lore: 19/20 Everything was good, except that in SCP-3108s file their is only one dart/SCP-3108-1 specified. It would make sense if you had POI-6897 make another instance of SCP-3108-1, but I don't believe you did that as it is not stated anywhere in this document. Since that is the only lore not followed you will only lose 1 point. Creativity: 7/20 You could have made the document a little bit more colorful or interesting by adding color coding or extra eye grabbers. There is some improvement that could made here. Presentation: 18/20 Your "Question/Idea" is kina funny and makes sense with SCP-3108. Since you were unable to get pictures due to (REDACTED) MTF Personnel you will not be redacted points for that. Writing: 38/40 I see no spelling errors. All sections within this document seem to have all the details they need but to me they seem a little low in extreme details but I won't hold that against you just remember, you can add as much detail you can,the better. Test Tier: Standard (:Note: remember S.ecure C.ontain P.rotect.) Posting Grade sheet.... Grade sheet posted Logging off....
  4. Logging in.... Welcome : Research Administrator : W Loading Automatic test grading program.... Automatic test grading program loaded Scanning Document.... Scanning Complete Loading grade sheet.... Grade sheet loaded Score: 92/100 Grade: A Lore: 18/20 Perfect description in the Background information along with the rest of the lore spots. But I do see one thing and only one thing that you forgot to add, SCP-049 does and operation on the "Infected" person/creature. The operation is mostly a surgery with SCP-049 injecting the deceased person with a type of chemical. But since that is the only thing missing I won't take off many points. Creativity: 17/20 You could have continued the experiment by making not one, but three vaccines/cures to the Doctors 'Cure". Doing so would have given you more to write and you might have had a better experiment. But non the less this experiment ,although is an uncommon testing idea. You were able to come up with a full fledge plan and action for this test. For that I say, bravo. Presentation: 20/20 Better than outstanding on this part. You were able to get Visual Stimuli which helped show mw how your experiment went. Little confused at why SCP-912 is there as he cannot escort since he is an SCP. You color coded your each of your sections which helped me see which part I was reading/grading, this is over exemplary. Writing: 37/40 No spelling errors that I can see, you could have added a little bit more detail to increase your Observation, and that is pretty much it. Test Tier: Quality (:Note: This experiment is a reusable one so don't be afraid to try again on the vaccine/Cure. On the other hand, this test has given me an Idea for a test, is their a way to make a Vaccine/Cure/Suit that can allow someone to withstand touching SCP-049 without losing Bodley functions? Any way, good job and remember S.ecure C.ontain P.rotect.) Posting Grade sheet.... Grade sheet posted Logging off....
  5. Name: Shock MSG M 1300 What do you want to see? - I want to see cameras in each cell in brig with the TV's they are connected to in the spot that says "Arrest History" since that spot has literally nothing in it and has no use. Why should we add it? - This will allow shock and command pick out cells for event characters to enter, It will allow VCMDR+ find troopers easily without the need to open every cell in brig to find them. What are the advantages of having this? - It would allow us to find prisoners easily, along with let us see how they are glitching/exploiting out of their cells, what they are doing in those cells, and see which cells are occupied and unoccupied for when we need to put event characters in brig for questioning/Interrogation. Who is it mainly for? - Shock, Naval, and any VCMDR+ who wants one of their troops freed from brig. Links to any content - In the SCP:RP GMs and Mods are able to spawn these TV's that aren't linked to any cameras. You could try to ask Igneous for the Content pack for those TVs as I know this server already has cameras. (Arson has been using them to spy on brig which is where I got this idea from)
  6. Logging in.... Welcome : Research Administrator : W Loading Automatic test grading program.... Automatic test grading program loaded Scanning Document.... Scanning Complete Loading grade sheet.... Grade sheet loaded Score: 50/100 Grade: F Lore: 20/20 You at got the lore of SCP-1162 correct. Good job doing your research on the SCP. Creativity: 5/20 The test idea is very unoriginal, as in it is actually done on the SCP wiki and many other researchers have done it. In the future try to think of tests that have been done very few times or that you think have never been done before. Presentation: 5/20 The test has no visual stimuli which may not be needed but can help you in getting points in grading. The format has grabber, you can edit the format a bit to make it look better or more appealing to others. You may also add extra details to the test. (Not everything written down here has to be what happened in-game, you can add a little bit of details that you think would help make these documents more appealing) Writing: 20/40 You have no spelling mistakes I can see so good work. But as for Detail, you test is lacking in almost all the details of the proceeded test. Details and Descriptions are what we like to see in test logs, the more of these you have the higher tier test you log becomes. Test Tier: Below Average (:Note: All in all I believe you can do better, seeing as you actually made a test log it shows you are interested in going up in research, and to us in command it shows us that you are willing to learn and evolve within this Division. Who knows, some day you may become command yourself. The more Quality tests made, the more respect you gain within this division. If you see any problems with this grading please alert me. Good luck in the future Junior, remember S.ecure C.ontain P.rotect. ) Posting Grade sheet.... Grade sheet posted Logging off....
  7. Logging in . . . . Welcome: Foundation Doctor: [Data Expunged] W [Data Expunged] [Warning] You are about to fill out a Resignation [Warning] Continue | Go back Loading Format . . . . Format Loaded Hey guys, how are you all? Good? Good. I just wanted to say that.....I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I must go. You all have been a family to me. One big family I never want to leave.....but it is time. I feel as if I can't help the Research Division anymore. I can't even think straight right now, or for the past few days. I also haven't been truthful with you all. I'm...….sick. Sick in ways some of you might not understand. Sometimes I feel as if my insides are burning badly, other times I feel as if I'm drowning, others.....I just grab the knife in my room and look at my scars on my hand that reach up to my elbow. I just don't want to hurt this Family with a high ranking command being gone for long periods of time and one who is having a hard time keeping the dollar tree sharpened knife away from their wrist every time they come home. Weiss, You were always a mystery to me. I never knew your goal until the day I was told. I hope someday you make it to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Kuma, I remember when you put SCP 096 on a treadmill and somehow made energy. I hope you make it to DOURS someday or even higher. I hope the best to Kev P. You have worked hard to get to where you are. Illager, Breen, Keep up the amazing work. Geeman, You are going to make it places man. Original, Although you have gotten me in trouble you stick to your words and have always told me the truth, this is why you are trusted by both Research and my self. James Dark, The first friend I made in Research. Although you ultimately FUCKED me in training trainees, and did some things I will not say back when you were the EU Manager, You were and still are my friend. Vindertech, I used to baby you so much, I gave you so many warnings and you always learned from them. I'm sorry I demoted you from Lead to Researcher. Someday you won't just make it to Lead again. But you will make it to Command, I have faith. Slurmp, You have grown so much since I last saw you. Growth is what we need within this Division, and you are one of the greatest role models for that I have seen yet. Lastly Dr. Light, My best friend, I know one day you will make it Foundation Doctor just like me. I know you will keep Development alive and that you successor will do the same. I know you are scared you might never get promoted to Research Administrator but someday you will, just give it time and yes I know you have waited more than a month for it. But I'm sure the HOR has plans for you. I know this is short notice, I won't be on site. I will be on comms (Team Speak) for the 2 days until my Resignation is finalized. Truthfully I wish my own family was as nice, caring, fun, and special to me as you guys are. This is Dr. W also known as Anthony Wolf Frigate Signing off. [Warning] You are about to post a Resignation, once posted you will not be able to Decline it [Warning] Continue | Go back Posting Resignation . . . . Resignation Posted Signing off . . . .
  8. Signing in . . . . Welcome: Foundation Doctor: [Data Expunged] W [Data Expunged] Loading Grading Format . . . . Grading Format loaded Score: 87/100 Grade: B (Standard) Lore: 14/20 Good job on following the SCPs lore. It surprisingly made sense for SCP 999s "Happy area of effect" to help someone reach R.E.M. sleep if they have a disability preventing them from reaching that state. If the D class indeed had Insomnia, I'm sure they would have woken up when you opened their eyes during #1. Or they would have at least woken up at some random point within the #1 hours of sleep. Creativity: 16/20 I have not yet read anything between SCP 999 and R.E.M. Sleep before so hats off to you guys for doing the unexpected. But you didn't really find out any information that could be useful as people with Insomnia can still reach R.E.M. sleep but very rarely as they would have a problem sleeping. It would have been nicer if you guys asked can SCP 999 affect the way you are in R.E.M. sleep seeing as how you start to have movement during R.E.M. sleep like feet kicking, Rapid eye movement, etc. Presentation: 20/20 You did it. You both did something that not all Researchers know they can do. You edited the Format to make it look amazing while not breaking the Format. Thumbs up to both of you. I hope to see these types of Creative formats from both of you guys for future tests. Writing: 37/40 I don't see any problems in your writing other than your conclusion being a little to short but that is the only problem I see in writing. Remember you can add more detail to help the reader visualize what you are talking about. Note: Next time you work together and decide to write down the Document together, please write down somewhere that the Document was written by both People present as to not confuse command. Posting Grade . . . . Grade Posted Signing off . . . .
  9. First it was SS1, then it was Freeman, then Trevdec, now earl. A list of people who have helped me grow within research. People who have given me advise, courage, determination within the Research Division (Trevdec has given me advise multiple times that has helped me which is why he is part of this list) and have inspired me to grow. Earl even though you are only leaving research please know that you are leaving as one of my hero's within the Research Division. A hero who has helped me, and who has given me the will to continue my growth within this Division. I truly hope you find your calling within the Gaminglight community. From your friend. W
  10. Logging in . . . . Welcome: Research Administrator: [Data Expunged] W [Data Expunged] Loading Grade format . . . . Grade Format made Score: 72/100 Grade: | C- | Lore: 12/20 Although you did use the lore it seems more like you copied and pasted it into the background Information. Also no where in SCP 547s file did I see him have extremely high endurance or regenerative capabilities, in fact SCP 547s only anomalistic ability is the fish head. Along with that Bionicle (SCP 547-B) if he was allergic to fish his body would have still reacted while under the effects of anesthetics, mainly because people can have allergic reactions in their sleep or in an unconscious state. Creativity: 18/20 Truthfully this is one of the most creative test I have seen as it involves the creation of SCPs. But you may have gone a little over board with Axel going crazy with power seconds after he wakes up. Presentation: 5/20 Truthfully I see a lot of problems including you taking your gun out and forcing a D class to get on the Surgery table, not having you escort in the room with you incase the D class attacked you, acting very unprofessional with remarks like "And I’m a sadist. Did we just become friends? ", "Yeah this one a failure, just shoot him, call a janitor and let’s pack up. It’s 8:40pm and I need my sleep. ", "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. YEAH GO CLEF. ", etc. I know this is a test log, but I see some things you have done that have gone against the SOP in here. Writing: 37/40 I don't see many typos or wording mistakes but that doesn't mean their not there. It very much did grab my attention and you did great at making it very interesting. Note: All in all try your best not to go over board with the test logs and try your best to keep them within the right standards. Posting Grade . . . . Grade Posted Logging off . . . .
  11. Logging in . . . . Welcome : Research Administrator : [Data Expunged] W [Data Expunged] *[WARNING]* You are trying to use an unofficial application request Continue | Go back Access Granted Name: Anthony Wolf Frigate Rank: Research Administrator Personnel ID (SteamID): STEAM_0:1:208585518 How Active are you on Research?: I'm on every day and try my best to be on at least 3-7 Hours. When did you join Research?: 7/19/2019 The position being applied for: Foundation Doctor (Dr. W) Why do you want this position?: I want to show how trust worthy I am to the Foundation, I want to show that I am ready for a higher clearance level along with more responsibility. I love research and everything that comes with it. What skills do you have in leadership?: I was in charge of the Development Subdivision within research, I help those who don't know what to do in situations that require immediate action, I am command with in research. What are some tests you have completed in the past?: Accessing Files . . . . [ERROR] Organization has failed Sample Files Loaded SCP-457 sample testing Document 4E Section binder Containment Test on SCP-012 with experimental goggles v2 Containment Test on SCP-012 with experimental goggles v3 Document 35K-i1A Document 49E-i1A Document 912S-1A Knowledge/Samples Test with SCP-912 and its use with guns used by PD and those of the military grade. SCP Cross test-Cross test between SCP-049 and SCP-912 SCP-049 cross test with SCP-1025 Interview~test log 6/23/19 SCP-999 Testing Document 7Y-9P ~ SCP-999 smoke grenade Experiment Threat/Response of SCP-912 to the sound emitted by SCP-1048-A document 7Y-4B Threat/Response of SCP-912 to the sound emitted by SCP-513~ Research 6/22/19 What can you bring to Research Command/Research High Command that others cannot?: I can bring activity, energy, and at most loyalty and hard work as I will try my best to show that I am no longer just a child but a person who others can depend on. I can try my best to push back the child acts as I have been doing to get to the spot I am now. What is something you would change if you were a member of Research Command/Research High Command?: I would try to bring any changes that those around me see as big problems. I would listen to them and try to resolve the problem. If anyone, who would recommend you to be in Research Command?: Vindertech, Light, Slurmp, Oddvenom, Earl, Dr Original (name is Dr they are not a Foundation doctor), and Others may be added. Extra Note I am so close to reaching my dream job within Research and I promise to try my best on it. I promise to not let anyone down. This Division is my family and I want to see this family grow. But in order for this family to grow, those within it must grow. I'm contatly trying my best to help those in research while also learning new things myself. I just want to show you all that I have grown within research along with everyone else. *[WARNING]* You are trying to Post an unofficial application request Continue | Go back Posting Application . . . . Application posted Signing off . . . . User Disconnected
  12. Research Administrator W Another amazing test but I see one key factor in lore forgotten in this Document, that is that after a certain amount of fuel is given to SCP 457 it will split into 2 instances of SCP 457. Seeing as how you used 2 human corpses to test on SCP 457 who was intelligent at the time to know that fire extinguishers could hurt it is a possible duplication hazard. Other than that I see nothing wrong. Make sure to read lore closely as to not make possible breach instances. 8.5/10 Grade +Thumbs up
  13. Alert: Clearance Level 3 Required to view : SCP-096-2: THAUMIEL Classification Form Warning: If you are not of Clearance Level to view this document your Higher ups will be alerted and you will face punishment Proceed with Verification | Disconnect Verifying User . . . . Verifying Clearance level . . . . Access Granted Welcome: Research Administrator ██████ W. █████ Opinion on Classification of SCP: Personally I have never seen the instance of 096-2, but after viewing the test logs attached I strongly agree with this classification of SCP 096-2 as THAUMIEL as it has shown no resistance in any of the test logs. But I do see problems with SCP 096-2 along with some agreements. Problem 1: If an outside source like Chaos Insurgency, Serpents hand, Unusual Incidents Unit, ETC. They could use this information and try to breach our site in to capture SCP 096 or SCP 096-2 in order to try and recreate the effects and make super soldiers. The main problem is the Chaos Insurgency as we have found spies inside the Foundation before and with knowledge of how to create SCP 096-2 they could make themselves into instances of SCP 096-2 and have better efforts at taking Facilities. Problem 2: As found in the document below SCP 096-2 was created from a D class personnel. With this knowledge and as stated in the report above, SCP 096-2 may just be playing a long con to plan out an escape or way to breach its fellow SCP 096 and escape together which if happens could cause an XK-class scenario world ending event. Listed Document || Agreement 1: SCP 096-2 could help the Foundation with containment of SCPs like SCP 096, SCP 049-2, ETC. Along with the capture of SCPs that can cause damage to large amounts of tissue due to its regenerative ability as stated in the Document. Agreement 2: SCP 096-2 may also be able to help with research within the foundation due to its high intellect. It may also be able to assist in preventing D class riots with SCP 912, due to its high Durability and regenerative ability. Along with assist in transporting SCPs who cannot have personnel interaction like SCP 049, SCP 096, ETC. This benefit can exponentially help the Research Department along with the Security Department within Site 05 in many ways. Conclusion: I believe that one of the problems I have listed can be tested to see if there is a problem or not. But I must agree with my fellow Researcher Earl that the benefits out way the predicted problems. I hope that this request is granted. Information processing . . . . Information Posted User Disconnecting . . . . (OOC: If you see any problems with this Response please message me directly, please do not leave a reply on this document if you are not of Clearance level.)
  14. Research Administrator W This is pretty much a perfect test log, I don't see any problems within it. Lore is good. Keep up the amazing work. 11/10 Grade + Thumbs up
  15. Research Administrator W For an Associate Researcher you write test Logs like a Senior Researcher, who knows more tests like these and you might make it even further than that. Pictures were amazing (I loved the added descriptions for each picture.). The Formatting doesn't break the Required aspects, very few Researchers know they can be creative with their test logs good job (It looks very good and very organized.). Although the question being asked has been asked before, you added another reason at why this test should be done in the "PREFACE". All in all I believe you are bond for greatness within this division, keep up the amazing work! 9/10 Grade + Two Thumbs up??