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  1. Research Administrator W For an Associate Researcher you write test Logs like a Senior Researcher, who knows more tests like these and you might make it even further than that. Pictures were amazing (I loved the added descriptions for each picture.). The Formatting doesn't break the Required aspects, very few Researchers know they can be creative with their test logs good job (It looks very good and very organized.). Although the question being asked has been asked before, you added another reason at why this test should be done in the "PREFACE". All in all I believe you are bond for greatness within this division, keep up the amazing work! 9/10 Grade + Two Thumbs up
  2. Research Administrator W The testing Idea is a good idea since if an outside source some how got a recording of SCP 513 we would not know if they could use it a s a weapon or a fear agent. Just a tip the "Analysis and Conclusion" should come after the "Observation/Visual Stimuli" but that won't effect your grade as all the needed details are there. I don't see any other problems, good job. 8.5/10 Grade +Thumbs up
  3. Research Administrator W Nice test, few grammar errors here and there but not much noticeable. Please next time add the names of your escort to "List of Personnel involved in testing" so we know you had one. (If they are E11 or A1 do -MTF [REDACTED]- so we still know you had an escort.) Please put what you saw or what happened during the test in Observation, "Analysis and Conclusion" should be mostly used to write down what you learned from this experiment, any new ideas you have from this test, and/or any extra comments you want to add about the test. 7.5/10 Grade +Thumbs up
  4. Research Administrator W This test is very well thought, one grammar error but 1 is like non so that will not count to your grade. Next time please put down what you see or what happens during the test in "Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos)". "Analysis and Conclusion" is to mostly write down what you learned from the experiment along with any ideas or extra comments you want to add to it. Other than that good job. 8/10 Grade + Thumbs up
  5. Research Administrator W First nice way of initiating this test but there are some problems in the lore of the test. First Both SCP-131-A and B have the Intellect of a house cat so I don't think it would be able to control the Robotic arm on its own or understand what you say. Second SCP-131-A and B have never closed there eyes, not even to blink, So it would have made sense to add this to the conclusion as a surprise and a major breakthrough in 131 testing. If you are able to please shorten the Background information to what is only relevant about the SCP for the test as to not make it to long. Other than those good job. 8/10 Grade +Thumbs up
  6. Research Administrator W This test is one of my top 10 favorite tests. Only 2 problems I see, first I don't recall being there for the test but that might just be my memory giving up on me. Second problem is that your Background information seems to be half of the test log, If possible next time please try only adding background information that is relevant to the SCP your testing on and Details about the SCP we should know about the SCP for this test. Other than those everything is amazing. (P.S. I love the Picture you added). 9.5/10 Grade + MEGA THUMBS
  7. This test is amazing, I love the amount of research, effort, and lore you put into this. I don't see any mistakes other than you posting it here instead of posting it in SCP, please post any other test logs in the SCP part of SCP_RP Forms. Other command may have other things to say but for me this is amazing. 9/10 Grade + Thumbs up
  8. Research Manager W I will have to agree with Earl. As first tests go, this is good. But there are a few mistakes here and there. A lot grammar mistakes. I would also like to know if you let the D class hit the "Jul" in the Med bay because that is a no smoking area. Secondly if the D class did start physically hitting the "Jul" in the med bay that the Medical Personnel were safe. Lastly for future sake please don't use the word "Vore" you can use the word "Enveloped". When I see someone use those types of words in a test that is not recorded it makes me think they did sexual conduct with the SCP, just a heads up. Also another good test idea is to see if SCP-999 can completely clear a persons system of addictive drugs after immediate use of them. 7.5/10 +Thumbs up
  9. Research Manager W The test is amazing, but buying this furniture may have been a good at the time but seeing as how the "Mother of Tommy" lost her son to this "Object Salesman" it would seem that you might want to head to Security and ask for protection for you and your family. I love the way you formatted this especially "List of personnel involved in testing:" seems the best formatted out of this test with "Observation:" being second. This seems to be built in Lore and has no grammatical errors I see. The only question I have is if the "Mother" was seen at the factory, Does that mean she followed the "Object Salesman" or Knew the Location of the factory? Knowing this is important to finding out more about this mysterious man. If you are able to Identify this "Mother" we could question her and further help the "Talking Table". 9/10 [This is my opinion on what your grade is] +Thumbs up
  10. Research manager W This test was amazing. Even if you lost the Data from the test afterwards it was amazing. The amount of lore and effort put into this is extraordinary! I personally found no grammatic problems, Lore issues, or any issues going against the SOP. This is the best Utilization test I have ever seen. I wish your Data/Memory was never taken because I would love to see how if you made your own SCP-500, would they act like SCP-500 from SCP-038? or act like the Regular SCP-500? All in all this will be my first ever 10/10 rating I hope to see more amazing tests like this. +Thumbs up
  11. Lore Name: W Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:208585518 Rank: Development Supervisor/ Assistant Research Manager Activity Level: Very High
  12. Development Supervisor W Nice test I haven't seen a 1162 test in a while. Your question is good for the SCP your testing on, and the outcome is creative. If possible you should try testing on the nitrogen like substance that killed D 1134. lastly your test is a little short if you are able to add a more detailed observation it could help with visualizing your test. Other than those keep up the good work, and I hope to read more tests of yours this creative. 7.5/10 + Thumbs up
  13. The entire thing is amazing. I only found minor grammar but I won't let that hurt this documents amazing detail. Keep up the good work. 10/10 in my eyes others may see it differently + Thumbs up
  14. friendlywolf

    Scp 912 Armor test

    Development Supervisor W Nice test idea for 912. If you are going to be adding anyone in the "List of Personnel involved in testing" please make sure to add there job and rank like if they are Gensec add security then their rank before there name as to let people know who was part of the test. If they are [Redacted] then add [REDACTED] in their place. I like how you kept your "Background Research" short and simple, good job. Lastly if you could add more steps in your observation next time it would help make it a little longer, like ask the D class to tell 912 to take of different pieces to get more of a reaction. All in all it's a great test that could use very minor changes. 8/10 + Thumbs up
  15. Development Supervisor W Although this is an overdone test this outcome is....surprising and unique, good job. You don't need to put down the name of the person who plays as the SCP and you also don't need to put the D classes name in "List of Personnel involved in testing" you can just put them in "Level D personnel involved". Next time please put down the rank of any researchers assisting and/or any other personnel involved like if a janitor is involved please put that before there in game name. You don't need photos but they are highly recommend. All in all good job and keep up the good work. I hope to read more tests from you that have these improvements. 7/10 + Thumbs up