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  1. On CSC_Desert the skybox is maxed out, theres no way to raise it
  2. What you want to see? - the ACT 3 Why should we add it? - Its pretty obvious that MilRP is going under, with low player counts everyday and not a lot of new (or old) faces anymore. I think one of the core issues with the server is the weapons pack we have now, they're pretty boring and not well-made, its a pain to balance them, and the fact that the original owner of the weapons pack took the build that we use off the workshop all together should be evidence that its not a great gun pack. This new weapons pack has far more customization, better gun sounds, more realistic recoil, and is already pretty balanced (More damage=More Recoil) And yes I realize that all custom classes would need to swap the weapons but I'm sure that this shouldn't be that big of an issue since there's still plenty of weapons to go around outside of normal classes What are the advantages of having this? - To revive the server Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content -
  3. What you want to see? - Different Models between the MARSOC and 104th Classes Why should we add it? - They appear to be identical at long range/dark places, and there's definitely been a few times of friendly fire between snipers and MARSOC infantry What are the advantages of having this? - Not confusing player models, we already have the whole minor General clones running around Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content -
  4. What happened to SMT transparency
  5. can u link what you found?
  6. Definitely see some imbalances in there -The fabarm compact and the saiga have very different spreads, which is odd since they're supposed to be the same -The AK-103/47, SCAR, and Radon all have a pretty low DPS -Most of the SMGs should get a damage buff, especially the lower mag count ones
  7. pretty large in size, but id think it'd be great for war dog stuff
  8. Dam B, you were one of the best to ever do it. Never gonna forget u bby I don't know either
  9. Its only for the scout class
  10. Too many essays in this thread
  11. Mr_Wafflz_O

    Remove Drones

    Light drone is fine, the heavy drone definitely needs other a rework or removal. Kinda sucks how it can just hover above a tank you pay a fortune for and you can’t fight back
  12. What you want to see? - Remove the flags Why should we add it? - Because they block everyone's vision and are exploited all the time. People just camp on the roofs and are blocked perfectly by the flags What are the advantages of having this? - Not Unattackable points Who is it mainly for? - everyone Links to any content - N/A
  13. I’m still here. Why? I don’t know either