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  1. jack Bish

    Drys 48 hours

    W rizz we will miss you
  2. This is a pretty solid app and I’ve seen him online +support
  3. -support all the way first of all, I have not seen this member on the server second of all, you have to become a trial moderator before anything third of all, he replied to his own post.
  4. What do you want to see? - the old bank system back and maybe make it so that there is 250,000 to be made instead of 500,00 because would be too op. Why should we add it? - the reason you should bring the old bank system back is that the new one is annoying to use and there is very little profit to be made if you make it out of there. Most of the time you get killed by gov and there is no point. What are the advantages of having this? - making crim want to raid/rob bank again Who is it mainly for? -crim Links to any content - n/a
  5. jack Bish


  7. I agree with this post I have rightfully and I have evidently broke the rules as the evidence shows. But I feel the only reason you made this post is because want revenge. You got a strike and a demotion in usms from me. If that is the case then I think it should not be valid but should be reviewed by whoever needs to view it.
  8. It’s fucking garbage and adverts are better
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