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  1. What is your in game name? Kio What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:540335423 What is your current rank? SFC How long have you been in Nova? I’ve been in Nova for about a week now How will you assist command with this rank? With the rank of 2LT I can help assist in guiding the NCOs with training any type of enlisted, by helping them go down the right path to success. With being a 2LT it brings new responsibilities, for me as I will be able to promote enlisted to a certain rank, as I would be able to be promoted I also have to make sure I am doing the right thing with promoting them. Officers are assigned to help lead the NCO’s towards a better road instead of them leading themselves. Everyone should already know who I am in this battalion for all of the Tryouts I have done, and I am still trying to hit my goal mark for the tryouts. But I can assist in many different ways, Like giving the Enlisted/NCO’s training, SIMs-Rewards, and even cool missions, as I am supposed to oversee the NCO’s and what they do. I also have my own quota to complete. Why do you want to become an Officer? The reason why I wanna become an officer is because, I wanna help lead the NCO’s to help them carry out more tryouts every week, if not everyday. I was an Officer for many different battalions. This one brings up good and very great possibilities for becoming a huge Battalion, and if we want a huge battalion then we need to help our NCO’s get tryouts done within a week. I love helping out my fellow troopers even with Training and or tryouts, so I feel like it would be a great choice to help lead them as a 2LT. Do you have any experience leading / being an Officer? I have a lot of experience of being an Officer and or a Leading figure, as I have been a former Captain in Naval [COL for Army] I had to lead all of the Enlisted [Which are NCO’s] within whatever they could do. I loved being an officer for Battalions, but I think I would work better within a Redacted battalion as I have had a lot of experience within these types of battalions. What is the purpose/duty of an Officer? My Purpose of being an officer is to help oversee what the NCO’s do on a daily basis, not just keeping an eye on them but to also train and make them even better for our Battalion. An officer's duty is to Help lead the Lower ranks into becoming better officer’s than I am, I am to also Help train anyone that needs it and or I am able to show anyone the right path to go down for this battalion. Also as an Officer I must know my SOP by heart and help the enlisted know the SOP by the end of their enlisted lifes [going into NCO’s]. Last is to also show the enlisted/NCO’s of what I did when I was their ranks, to say if an NCO wanted some advice I would give them the best advice out there, if a Enlisted wanted to know something from the SOP I would help them there and guide them towards being the Best Enlisted/NCO. What qualifies you to be an officer? What qualifies me, is the amount of time and effort I put into this battalion, like all of the tryouts I did in under 2 days, with me helping my own higher ups on what to do in any situation. I’ve been on this server for almost a year now, I’ve helped a lot around the ISD, I’ve given a lot of my time to this server. I also have been an Officer in many different battalions like 501st, Purge, Naval, SF Captain, and Shock Captain. I’ve helped lead in those battalions as I am not a stranger to leading any type of battalion this server can throw at me, I love to lead my battalion so then I can show this server that MY battalion can be the best, this is even the best Protecting Battalion on this great server. Do you understand you will be on a 1-2 week trial period? I do understand that I will be put on a 1-2 week trial Period.
  2. -Support -App is rushed -The app is way too small -Doesn't give us the full meaning of being an Officer for Shock -Doesn't give a lot of detail of being an Officer Good Luck Mr. Titan
  3. -Support -I don't see much of you -this app is way too small -app is very rushed -didn't do the app right -hasn't been on the server long enough
  4. I'm gonna miss you man! you were and will always be the best Mel on this server and it's an Honor to call you my Friend. I'll see ya later man
  5. -Support "Failing to communicate with High Command and showing SEVERE bias: After a user by the name of Spectre went into reserves, Hotshot went on roster and promoted the reserves he was given by High Command, failing to communicate with any HC regarding the matter (I have asked both High Admiral Joe and then-Fleet Admiral Odin about the matter, neither said Hotshot communicated with them regarding this). This is troubling given Hotshot’s clear leniency to Spectre in the past with the Assault report, and shows a clear bias and failure to care about the decisions of HC. Further showing Hotshot’s obscene bias, when Spectre did a ARDMx5 and got banned by SMT Lucifer, Hotshot made Nimo remove the valid ban. Hotshot also did not care when Spectre was caught using blogs to view in-game High Command team chat." There's been problems going on around the server which HotShot had to get involved in, stating that High command has been everywhere at that current time. If a Vice Admiral gets reserves then they will get the Rank of Commodore, which what I am stating is that it was kinda unfair for Spectre at that time to get captain so hotshot stepped in, and with everyone attacking spectre I would see why HotShot would be kinder to him, as almost everyone has something out for him. To also say HotShot is a very busy man, he has a lot to do everyday and it's High command and Senior High commands job to keep the Docs clean from any type of Racism and or anything, so it wasn't his problem/fault for these rogue Vice commanders. Saying that HotShot was the problem wouldnt fully help as it's kinda breaking COC you should of just contacted someone else other than just going straight to him at that current time, with there being no excuse for breaking COC I don't see any problem for what ur trying to say about HotShot. To add on, you might be upset that they removed you, but that doesn't give you the full right to try and remove HotShot from he position as manager, and opinions can be made but just doing this to try and remove someone will definitely not get ur rank back. To put out there HotShot does his best to keep this server alive by picking the right people for the team, as he is the manager he has the full right to pick who is proper for this High command, and HotShot did say "You may not like the decisions we make" and you didn't so they made the choice even if they were his friends it doesn't matter, favoritism plays a big factor on this server, it's horrible here and Beckett and HotShot don't play favorites, they do what needs to be done without any complaints.