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  1. One of the Pike 3 hilts on the CC are facing backwards and wont work because of it.
  2. Good Luck! SO Lieutenant | Moderator | Gamemaster
  3. What is your ingame name?: Pickle What is your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:529609057 What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: Security Officer Lieutenant Pickle What specialty are you applying for?: Security Director What Naval HC (Admiral +) gave you permission to apply?: Admiral Cardinal What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for?: As a security director I will make sure the DT and Shock have great activity and are having a good time in the battalion. I will make sure that shock and DT are frequently hosting tryouts and gaining new members to their battalion. I will make sure that DT is participating in sims as they are a battalion that specialize in many things and are their VIP's best protection in combat. I would also make sure that shock and DT get along well and resolve any issues that they have. Another thing I would do is I would make sure that every SGT+(Or TSO+) has been certified and completed their quotas. If a SGT or a TSO aren't certified then I would take that into high priority and try my best to get them certified and ready to host tryouts on their own. I will also entertain shock and DT and not make their job boring by hosting sims, missions, and trainings. For the SO team, I would make sure they are getting their quotas completed and preparing them for SSO and SD. DT and Shock are some of the most popular battalions in the server and are very active and I will keep it that way. Why should you be trusted with this position?: I should be trusted with this position because I have been in naval for a reasonable amount of time. I have gained a load of knowledge by being an SO and I will put that into being SD. I have gotten to know some DT and Shock and I want to help them and make sure they succeed in their regiment along with all of the other shock and DT. Whenever I get on I would always host at least 2 tryouts for shock or DT or host tryouts for both battalions. As an SD, I would improve my weak points while also improving shock and DT's weak spots. I think I know DT and shock pretty well and it will be very fun and easy to work with them. Why do you want this rank?: I want this rank because I know I have what it takes to be an SD. Ever since I've gotten accepted into SO I have become more active and improved a lot on the server. I want to stay in this specialty for as long as I can and improve everything about it. I believe I have the leadership skills for decisions I'll have to make. I have used to be a shock and DT and I have wanted to work with them for awhile now. There will be many challenges as an SD and many decisions and situations I'll have to handle but I'm ready for everything SD has to offer. Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: I understand. What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: The purpose of being an SD is to make sure DT and Shock are performing to the best of their abilities from patrolling around the ship to fighting in battle. As an SD I will need to make sure that DT and shock know what they are supposed to do and know how to handle certain situations. As an SD, I will have to make sure that there is little to no problems in either shock or DT and if there is then resolve them immediately and to the best of my ability. For the SO team I will have to make sure that they are hosting tryouts for both battalions and hosting sims that are fun and help either Shock or DT practice what they need to improve on the most. Finally, I will do my best to maintain shock and DT's position in the server and keep their reputation strong.
  4. SO Lieutenant | Moderator | Gamemaster
  5. After the previous addons were added to the CC, the lightsaber and the ship were not correct. The lightsabers were actually errors too. Correct Lightsabers: Name: Pike 3(x2)( We payed for 2 pike 3 so we would have duel sabers) Model Link: models/donation4/donation4.mdl Correct Ship: Name: Royal Guard Tie Interceptor(NOT THE REGULAR TIE INTERCEPTOR) Description of ship: The ship looks exactly like the regular tie interceptor except it is RED.
  6. I dont think you will get appealed when you somehow got 33 warns on the server and 8 yesterday according to rice. Dont even know how that is possible. SO Lieutenant | Gamemaster | Moderator
  7. There seemed to be a mistake in the whitelist for the CC. Someone n the CC isn't whitelisted. Correct Whitelist: - STEAM_0:1:572073609 - STEAM_0:0:215821035 - STEAM_0:0:464323748 - STEAM_0:1:595961750 - STEAM_0:1:529609057
  8. Adding: -Duel Sabers($20) - 2 duel hilts($40) - 2 Pike 3(Jesus Hilts)($60) -2000HP extra($40) - Bounty Hunter Swep($50) -Stim Pack($20) Lightsaber Length is 60 for both sabers Who’s Paying: - STEAM_0:1:529609057($50) - STEAM_0:0:215821035($140) - STEAM_0:0:464323748($40 Thanks!
  9. There is only one person that can be on the cc but we should have 5 Here is the steam IDs that need to be added: - STEAM_0:1:572073609(Payed $50) - STEAM_0:0:464323748(Payed $100) - STEAM_0:0:215821035(Payed $50) -STEAM_0:1:182583199(Payed himself in for $20) We also wanted the royal guard tie interceptor, model path: kingpommes_tie_interceptorr. If the royal guard tie fighter is not allowed then we would want the Tie phantom, model path: lunasflightschool_niksacokica_tie_phantom Thanks!
  10. SO Lieutenant | Moderator | Gamemaster
  11. + Support + Knows Lore well + Wants to create fun events + Very nice and respectful on naval job + Read the guidelines Good Luck Lelan! SO Liuetenant | Moderator | Gamemaster
  12. The ship model is. The CC model is not in the server. Lightsaber is also in the server.