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  1. Kazza

    Ozai officer app

    Can improve on communication Behaviour (as in not messing about as much) Randomly kills RG sometimes (has tried to kill me) and have not really seen you leading enlisted when they need to be
  2. What is your in game name?: Kazza What is your in game rank?: Senior Guard How long have you been in Shadow Guard?: 2 months How long have you been in Royal Guard?: 3-4 months Why do you want to become a Officer in Shadow Guard?:I want to become a Shadow Guard Officer because I want to help shadow guards out by pushing suggestion that could help shadow guards out I also want to try make shadow guards a more serious branch within royal guards I also want to make shadow guards a more fun environment for everybody within shadow guards I also want to be able to lead all the new people joining shadow guards and making them better at duelling I also believe I am a good duellist and I also would like to be a mentor to all the other shadow guards I have also been in shadow guard for a long time and this is the only way to go forward and that is why I would like to be a SHGO How could you assist The Shadow Guard Lead?: I would like to assist them I any way I can wither that be making documents leading shadow guards or anything they will need help with I can also help with certing people for try-outs and not making them wait for so long. Making shadow respected within branches and making sure people don't spam the shadow guard lead I also want to help out by opening my DMs to anyone so nobody has to message the SHGL if I can not handle a situation or a question I will contact the SHGL but only if I absolutely have to I would also host more trainings for shadow guard to help them improve in anything they needed to so the SHGL doesn't have to worry about that. How many strikes do you have?:0 Do you have any prior experience in being an Officer in a Sub-Branch? (If yes, explain):Yes I was a SHGO like maybe 2 years ago and I was in that position for a long time before leaving gaming light and coming back so I know what I am doing within a leadership position and have experience within this specific position of shadow guard officer
  3. +support Knows what he is doing easy to talk to is good at leading people and is a great guy
  4. What is your in game name? Kazza What is your in game rank? Shadow Guard VI Are you in shadow guard? Yes How long have you been in Royal Guard? 2-3 months Why do you want to become a Trial Senior? [150+ words] Well I want to become a Trial Senior Guard because I want to be able to do more trainings and sims with the battalion and Royal Guard is also my main life so I want to progress up the ranks in Royal Guard I also want to be able to help the battalion more I also enjoy this battalion a lot and I want to be able to award people that are doing well by promoting them up the ranks I also want to be able to lead the battalion when there is no one else on and I want to help anyone that has questions about the battalion I also want to make Royal Guards more fun for everyone involved and for the last thing i want to have more responsibility in Royal Guards such as editing/updating the roster I believe I am ready for this position as I know when to stop messing around and get serious I have also been taking command and helping new cadets and telling people where to stand and setting up formations and defensive lines I am also enforcing the rules more but still make sure everyone is having fun I also I have also been an officer before so I do know what I am doing when it comes to being an officer I have also been very active on Royal Guard so you will see me on a lot witch means I will be there most of the time to help out on whatever you need help in and that is why I think I am ready for this position. How could you assist Royal Guard command with this rank? [100+ words] I could assist Royal Guard command a lot as I am very active and like I said I have been an officer before in Royal Guard I am also very good when it comes to making/editing documents I also feel as I am approachable and easy to talk to I am also very good at helping new people with things like the SOP and duelling I am also very serious but also easy going I am good at managing things and watching things I need to like roster and who deserves to be promoted etc I am also a good team player and I know how to work in a team and with other officers I am very good at knowing when to step in and I am fast at finding a solution to different problems that may arise during my time as an officer How many strikes do you have? 0 Do you have any prior experience in being an Officer? (If yes, explain) Yes I was a trial senior guard before I left RG where I was a trial senior for a long time but I done a lot of stuff when I was that rank such as host trainings when it was only officers that could do that and no quota to meet I would also host a lot of simulations for the royal guards What Qualifications could you bring too the Royal Guard Officer Team? I am fast at learning new things I am fast at adapting to new situations I come across I am very patient when it comes to people I am know how to remain clam and keep my cool Do you understand that if you are Accepted, you will be on a 2 Week Trial Period? (Failing the Trial Period will result in a demotion) Yes
  5. +support Good at working in a team easy to work with chill guy Red Right Hand Guardian Tango 12
  6. +support Good at working in a team easy to work with chill guy Red Right Hand Guardian Tango 12
  7. In Game Name: Kazza Steam ID STEAM_0:1:419518753 Discord ID kazza#5912 Squadron you are Applying for (Guardian, Engineer, Analyst): Guardians Current RP Ranks Held: E11 2LT Has anyone recommended you to apply for the RRH program? (If not, it's fine): Nope If applying for Analyst please link notable test-logs here: How many Warns do you have? (With Screenshot Proof): I have 4 warns all on IRP 2 maybe 3 years ago Why do you want to join the Red Right Hand team: I want to join the red right hand as they do cool stuff like guardians guard site admin+ and i like guarding people for some reason I have also seen what RRH can do and i want to be a part of that they are also the top branch on the server in my opinion from tasks they complete to reputation and I want to be able to guard high ranking personnel as I have experience in that in that type of branch I also want to be in a second branch I know I will enjoy and I have always wanted to be RRH since i started playing like 1 year ago and i also feel I will have a lot of fun as RRH I also like this community and want to do more in it like being able to do more tasks and I just want to be apart of one of the best branches on the server and that is why i want to join RRH Why should we accept you: You should accept me as I have a lot of experience as i joined this server over a year ago and yes i have recently joined back but i have been in the server for a long time i also have experience in guarding people from IRP I was in Royal guard and DT I am also very respectful to other people i meet and i try to be nice to everyone i do meet I am not toxic as well I am also good at learning new things very quickly and picking up things i am also very patient when it come to people being toxic or i just ignore them i am good at removing myself from situations that may make me angry and i tend to keep a level head in said situations I can also be trusted with a lot of responsibility and i can be serious when I need to be I am good a listening to people like higher ups and taking on new info and that is why i think you should accept me -Kazza
  8. Bruh nobody else was on and how have i forgot myself I was not told at any point in time that i cannot take a failRP sit I was told about the admin plus sits but not any that I was not allowed to take ok I also asked for someone else and noboy took it
  9. nobody was accepting the invite an i was not waiting half an hour for someone I also aske when i was getting trained how the shadowing thing works and they said I would be invited to sits not once have i been invited so yet again my bad for getting trained wrong then
  10. First of all he said "I am joking" in the clip you also said in the report that the elevator killed you when it didn't you left the first sit you made i tried to get somebody else but no one would take it so i told both of yous what was happing after 10 minutes of waiting for somebody else and returned both of yous I was not told i can not take any other sits when i was trained so if that is the case my bad also the two that said to invite them the first one went off and the other would not accept the sit invite and for the second clip on my end it did say you had left so if that is not the case then again my bad but it did say you had left the server you also went into the bit where it comes down for no reason and if yous think i need "retrained" or "removed" for my first mistake cool
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