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  1. User:STEAM_0:0:556761139 CC: The coder Gun with the problem: tfa_contender (Thompson Contender) Exact problem: gun scope wont work
  2. i have not gotten a reply from you in a while now, should i be worried?
  3. I joined the account that bought all the credits, i edited the actual steam id in the original post, paid the extra 80$ already. And was able to get platinum when i entered the old account. So all that's left is my CC, lemme know if anything else is missing.
  4. So i should put my old steam id in the original post then?
  5. I just found out the problem, So i used a different steam account that i used before , that i dont use anymore, to buy all the credits and link my steam here, hence STEAM_0:0:556761139 Now the one that i sent you which is the one in the cc forma , STEAM_0:0:558413179 , this is the steam account i am currently using for everything and to play the game. I have no idea why it linked me my old account here. Instead of the one i have in game currently, i haven't even played gmod in that steam account, hence why you can't find any data about it. Question, now that you know this, what will happen with everything I just spent on a good game i want to enjoy. Will this be a problem? Or i'll still get my platinum benefits/CC
  6. As you can see, the id i used to buy everything, i just checked, and my steam "is" linked to all this, i think sinnik mixed up the steam i'ds? I dont know, you tell me.
  7. i think this is the problem STEAM_0:0:556761139 this is the one i have in the profile in the gaminglight store STEAM_0:0:558413179 this is the one i gave you, which is the one that sinnik told me was my steam id, i currently dont know how to check my steam id. I just checked how to get the steam id, its 76561199077092086, because those 2 above are apparently old school versions of how to get your steam id. I dont know if this helps.
  8. I even paid for a platinum, and not even that is showing. I even check my profile and it says i'm linked to my steam. I don't know what i'm doing wrong....
  9. Ironic haha, anyways made the whole 80$ additionals i was suppose to custom donate, so i guess everything's fine now? lemme know.
  10. i paid 50$ for the additionals already, still 30$ to pay for the rest of the additionals. Having problems with bank, thinks this site is sketchy and keeps blocking it from accessing my account, i hope today i can be done with it. Question i accidentally bought another CC, what should i do with it? Is there anything i can do?Apart from doing all this process again.
  11. In-Game Name:Kujira SteamID: STEAM_0:0:556761139 Custom Job Branch (D-Class, MTF, Security, CI): D-CLass Custom Job Name: The Coder Color of Job (MUST BE IN RGB FORMAT 255,255,255) :149,60,152 Job Description: When everything goes [Redacted] and only I remain, what will you see? Model Already on the server Model Path: models/code_gs/vendetta/vendettaplayer.mdl Playermodel should also be tested extensively in singleplayer to make sure it is not broken in any way. We are not responsible if the playermodel that is added is broken. Weapons (One primary, One secondary, Must be in the weapon pack for the associated server. MUST BE ENTITY NAME SUCH AS tfa_csgo_awp NOT AWP): Primary weapon: tfa_winchester73 Secondary weapon: tfa_csgo_cz75 Additionals: Medkit (included) tfa_csgo_deagle ($20) tfa_contender ($20) Pro Keypad Cracker ($20) +100 Armor ($20) I bought 2 custom class packs, my 2nd one will be used for the additionals. Thanks to Sinnik for the help at doing all this, was hours explaining to me, big thanks to him deserves a medal of service.