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  1. I never got to speak to you that much saiba, but all i can say is you are one hell of a security member. It is saddening to see you go and from the bottom of my heart i hope your future endeavours bring nothing but success and happiness. Security are really going to miss you saiba the new and the old. Your constant attempts at making security better did nothing but bring more and more people in, and the implementation of wardens was one hell of a change that i know you worked hard for and it paid off because now security has never been better. From now and until i leave i will try my best to constantly keep security changing and for the better you have my word. You were nothing but professional and all of command should look up to you for not just for guidance but for good memories and inspiration. Security will NEVER! forget what you did for us and a thank you will never be able to repay you for your hard work and dedication. So i say this for everyone in security. We love ya saiba (no homo)
  2. Name: Takeo Rank: SM Date (MM/DD): 30/08/20 Date you will return (MM/DD): 05/09/20 Reason (can be private): Just a little burnt out need a lil break Edit: My birthday is coming up and i'm actually going to be a lot busier than thought i was going to be, so my return date is going to change from coming back on the 5th and is going to be extended to either the 7th or 8th i am not entirely sure on the exact return date but it will be around this time. 2nd edit: I will be back on the weekend.
  3. -support I don't know you that well but from what i have seen i have to give a -support You: Replied to your own post multiple times Put Little to no effort in the initial application Updated application i still lacking in detail. Overall its the lack of effort that has made me -support
  4. Pop Bottle Please refrain from commenting on your own posts even if it is to update the application. The people who hold the final say will see that you have fixed the application. So please don't reply on your own posts.
  5. + support Past experience Nice application
  6. Name (which you most commonly use): Takeo (will most probably change when i can play the server) First rank/character choice: Darth Thanaton Second rank/character choice: Darth Jadus Do you have any command experience? If so please explain: I have played other jedi vs sith servers, on one of those servers i became part of the dark council. My rank was the Grand Inquisitor. My job was to be in charge of all interrogations and capture of high value/ranking jedi. So our highest priority was capturing Jedi Council members. On top of this i had weekly training's i did with my other inquisitors. The first training would be: Capture training, so with capture training you would normally have two groups of three. The first three will go after the jedi we want after they have gotten that jedi low the other group of three will come in behind the low jedi in an attempt to corner them and capture them, once they have the jedi, they will let me know via comms and i will get the next stage of training ready. Interrogation, inquisitors were the masters of torture, using techniques that would cause such intense pain that people naturally would give us answers. Some tortures would involve holding a light saber near someones leg until the skin starts to bubble then you would rip the skin off with your hand, The other one would be putting a spider in someones ear to let it slowly eat its way into their head. Although torturing people is fun sometimes we can also manipulate jedi with words to make them think the sith is a better choice then jedi otherwise known as them transferring from jedi to sith. The conversion training, Sometimes when inquisitors torture people we can crack there minds and have them start to feel rage and anger towards us. However, this is what we want because we use this newly found rage they have as a way for the dark side to grab ahold of them. However, we don't stop the torture if anything we amp it up so that we can completely crack them and have the dark side take over. And, before we know it we can convert them into the ways of the sith. How active can you be? Pretty much everyday. Are you familiar with the Star wars universe and have played other Star wars related servers? If so please explain: I am pretty familiar with this sort of jedi vs sith roleplay. I played on a server for 3 years. Why do you want to become command? I love being in command when it comes to sith, the utter ruthlessness you can have on top of ruling with an iron fist can allow to to be an actually feared commander which is what it would have been like. And i would also love to just help the new server out the best i can as i know i can be very active and make the faction of sith as fun as i can make it for people. What qualities can you bring to the position? When i became the Grand Inquisitor inquisitors as a whole was in shambles, little to no people in the regiment, RP was really bad, training's weren't happening. So i knew i would have my work cut out for me. So i made a change so big to the inquisitors that within the first week of me being inquisitorial lead we gained about 20 people in a week. However, this change didn't just change inquisitors it changed the entire server as the changes i made to inquisitors became a server wide change. Why should we pick you over your competitors? I have a lot of experience when it comes to being a leader in the sith faction, and i know how to make things appealing to people. Not only that i can also make RP appealing to people making different scenarios up and just activity on top of it. I believe i am a good choice.
  7. Now i don't know if i am allowed to do this or anything but i just feel i need to explain my activity and why it has been bad. Although i hate making excuses for things i feel me explaining this will help clear things up. So when i initially went on LOA it was suppose to be about 5 days as i said i was burnt out and job hunting etc. But after my LOA was up i came back for about a day. But then after i came back one of my friends hit me up saying that he can't stay where he is anymore and he said that he needs some help. So for the last week maybe a little longer my friend who lives far away explained the problem and i said he could come stay with me and my dad. He got himself into a pretty bad place and i kind of put gaming and using my computer to the side and just focused on helping him get back to a better mental and overall better place. It took me a bit of trying but thankfully i have got through to him and he is getting better. But i didn't want to come back and him go back to that place so i went out to the pubs with him and basically went on a drinking streak for a few days just to help keep his mind off things and basically show him that he can still be happy and have fun. I still have to keep checking on him making sure he is all good, and i am happy to say he is much better now. Now, onto the next thing. For some reason after i decided to again come back my connection to the server was really bad. I would try to run forward and would just get rubber banded back to my original spot, when i aimed in on my weapon my frames would completely drop to about 8fps on top of the really bad rubber banding i was getting. So like most people i would think it's my wifi. However, just to be sure i went onto the SCP-RP GL server and had no issues at all. So i have been mainly playing the SCP-RP server. Now, what i did is i reinstalled all the addons for the server and that seemed to have fixed the FPS drop when i scoped in. But i was still having bad connection issues, now yes i could have messaged someone about this but i didn't think it would take this long to fix my problem. But when i saw that it was taking too long i did DM shadow. I uninstalled Gmod and reinstalled i unsubscribed from every addon and resubscribed i have verified game files. But nothing seemed to have worked. But after doing a little research i found that if a windows update doesn't install properly it can cause in game issues, but i still didn't think it was the root problem because that means i would have had bad connection and FPS on every game. So after doing a little more digging i saw that for some odd reason everytime i connected to the server it would literally ram my CPU to 100% usage and the temperature of my PC would start to increase. But i uninstalled my Gmod again and installed it onto a different hard drive and the server now runs fine. ( the hard drive i had the game on was nearly full up which is probably why i had these problems) i really don't know why it was just this server i had a problem on so if your wondering why i couldn't tell ya. But, i am happy to say that i will be coming back to the MilitaryRP server and shouldn't have anymore problems.
  8. Takeo

    Halo's LOA

    Just playing the server too much and burnt myself out, and on top of being burnt out i'm becoming more busy as lockdown slowly is getting lifted in Britain and more and more well paying jobs are coming up so i need to apply for jobs do interview and start sorting my shit out. I will be gone for about a week. (need to focus on SCP-RP a lil as well as i have kinda not played it for a while)
  9. +1 (idk if i can do this if i gave him my blessing towards the app but oh well) -active -good leadership -good combat skills -good communication skills on and off the field -a role model to lower ranks -easy to get along with -professional Overall a really good soldier and will fill the role of a CPT very well!
  10. 1.What Is your In-game Name: US 1SG Halo 2.What Is your current rank?(1SG+): 1SG 3.Who would like to see you as a Ranger?(Two Officer's): 2nd LT Zale // CPT Omally 4.Why should we trust you with being a Ranger?(This Is A Special Force In The U.S): I believe i am a hard working and Disciplined soldier who does nothing more than his job to the dot. Now why i feel i should be trusted to join. I feel like i am a good role model as i have rocketed through the ranks and have clearly shown that i can lead, communicate and help win fights via the use of tactics and flanking ability. I try my best to mould new recruits such as PVT's and PFC's into better faster and smarter soldiers ready to be NCO's and one day be the role model i believe i am. Furthermore, when it comes to orders given by my respected officers i do my best to complete those orders given with nothing but 110% put into it, no matter how big nor small the order may be, It may be an order to help defend a certain location, i will do my best to not only do as told but make sure the others around me are also in the best positions possible to hold the location from on coming enemy forces. Lastly, i feel the ability i show on the field of battle is more than enough to show that i can be trusted to not only join a specialist force, but to be able to have the title of Ranger and people believe that i deserved it. 5.Why do you want to be a Ranger (50 Words Min): I would like to be a ranger because i feel that i can be more and do more. And becoming a ranger will allow me to take that extra leap. Not only that but i want to be an even brighter role model to those below me that with effort, dedication and perseverance you can achieve things that your mind will make feel impossible or unachievable. However, it is not just these factors that urge me to become a ranger it's so that i can be that bit more deadly on the field against our enemies, when it comes to battle i want to be able to lead those below me with a an iron fist and i feel when being a ranger my orders will be taken more seriously and followed to the dot. IRL i am from Britain and i will one day when i think i am ready try to join the Royal Marines. A specialist regiment that deals with a whole list of different things and this is what sparked my interest in playing MilitaryRP's on Gmod (i know they are not that similar but the nostalgia of it and how immersed i get into it is what makes it fun for me) Now when i play on militaryRP servers i really enjoy the task and difficulty of getting into a specialist service and rangers has really grabbed my attention. 6.What is your Timezone?: GMT/BST 7.How often can you be on?(How many days/hours a week): I can be on everyday. However, there will be maybe an odd week where i have to go to my mothers. But when i do i will make LOA's 8.Are you a well trained & disciplined Soldier?: I believe that i am. 9.How many warns do you have?(Can be checked by !Warns): I have 0 warns. 10.Do you have any Active strikes?(If you do, then you will be denied): I have no strikes. 11.Are you capable of completing the mission & helping out your team mates any way necessary?: I believe that i work well in squads and will always push myself and those i am working with to complete any mission given with the best of our abilities.
  11. Name: Takeo Rank: CPL Current FTO Rank: N/A Current RCF Rank: N/A Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 150+ words): Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: None.