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  1. Lore Name: Charles Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:420549800 Rank: Researcher Activity Level: 10/10
  2. ---------------------------START LOG------------------------------- Lore Name: Charles Rank: Researcher SCP: SCP-1025, SCP-049 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Question / Idea: To use SCP-1025 to give a test subject Regenerative cancer and we use this to assist in lethal injury beyond help and can really help the development of medicine hopefully to mass-produce this cancer. Background Research: SCP-1025 can give many different diseases most of which will harm you or kill you over a period of time, however one disease that SCP-1025 can give to the reader is Regenerative cancer which is a medical breakthrough to find something like this. Hypothesis: That we can use this Regenerative cancer for any medical problem and could possibly be a cure to any injury received by anyone possibly even better than SCP-500 Observations (What Happened During Test): Multiple class D were used for this test for them to actually read the page and receive Regenerative cancer and those that didn't get the results for me were [RADACTED] once administered with regenerative cancer, I took multiple samples of the cancer and is to be researched further upon. I took one individual with regenerative cancer to SCP-049's containment cell and the Plague Doctor quickly realized that his cells were mutated to be stronger and the subject was converted into SCP-049-1. I then later cut off SCP-049-1's finger which quickly regenerated research continued and any physical damage done to SCP-049-1 was quickly healed and rather than it just rotting its cells began to create new ones as the old cells died. Was Your Hypothesis Correct? My hypothesis is yet to be proven however research conducted in this facility is undergoing and I'm sure within a week this shall work. ---------------------------END LOG----------------------------------
  3. Lore Name: Charles Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:420549800 Rank: Researcher Activity Level: 10/10
  4. Lore Name: Charles Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:420549800 Rank: Associate Researcher Activity Level: 10/10