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  1. If you could read, like i said, I asked for this earlier. You could've just posted this been done with it. Why did you not do this in the first place?
  2. Im asking cause it doesn't say it. It may look like it, but i am in fact, not retarded. Like i said, ive been told many different things about extra fees and how much a car is. Maybe you would know that if you would have READ MY POST. The thing sais nothing about vehicles at all. Im also asking if there are other fees. Ive been told there are fees to make it a hitman and more if it is not an rp class. Simple question, you dont need to act childish about it.
  3. I was talking to some people about their custom classes and asking how much they were. I got mixed responses about fees and higher prices based on what you get? I was wondering If you guys could inform me on what all purchases it takes to make a custom class and what you can get with additional costs. Thanks.
  4. you agree thats its wrong and should be changed but dont agree on changing it?
  5. What you want to see? - A rule to stop govs from camping in the bank vault and, (as seen in the screenshots) stopping them from glitching them selves into boxes. Why should we add it? - Its one of the least RP like things and is essentially the opposite of cop baiting, crim baiting. What are the advantages of having this? - Leaves a more RP like server and having the govs actually do something. Who is it mainly for? - All criminals and gov Links to any content - n/a personally think that them glitching themselves into boxes is worth a demote, but thats just me.
  6. What you want to see? - /taxi command to work and call a taxi. Why should we add it? - The class is useless without it. What are the advantages of having this? - More people on the job leading to a lot more RPing events and situations Who is it mainly for? - Anyone with the Job Bundle Links to any content - n/a
  7. What you want to see? - Job bundle classes to appear in the MOTD, and for them to be neutral classes. Why should we add it? - They are not yet in the MOTD and they are simple classes that will only cause minges and cop baiting if not neutral and able to be kidnapped and carjacked. What are the advantages of having this? - Rules, and less minges with buses and trucks and cop baiting Who is it mainly for? - Anyone with the Job Bundle classes. Links to any content - n/a
  8. The taxi driver has a command to call the taxi (/taxi) that has the same use as changing your job (/hobo, /citizen, /bus driver ect..). The command to call a taxi is overrun by the job changing command making the job nearly useless.
  9. The MOTD has no information or rules on any of the job bundle classes. After buying it, i was told by 2 different mods that they were Neutral classes and had to follow neutral class rules. I had followed those rules and was later told by a different moderator that it was not technically in the list of neutral classes, therefor not making it neutral. Wanted this to bring some attention to there not having any rules for the job bundle classes.
  10. We did start to move away for around a second or two befor stopping to see weather or not to stay. If we drove off, you'd be happy but the FBI would most likely chase or shoot us, if we stayed the FBI would be happy but you would shoot us. You shot crease even though you can clearly see him asking what you wanted him to do and shot him while he was typing to further ask what he was wanted to do. Why did you not kill me after and why did I get arrested? He took the photo, I never did but I still got arrested.
  11. The FBI agent ordered an SNR to arrest me. The SNR realized that the FBI's reason to arrest me was retarded and only gave me 2 years
  12. One person was averting to leave, one was just saying to back away and one was telling us to get out of the car.
  13. My name: Dreaded Heart My steam ID: 1118788 Players name: Yobo Players steam ID: STEAM_0:0:96930298 What Happened: I was with my friend who at the time was an undercover FBI Agent (Ricardo Heart) and were talking to 2 CERT members about a raid happening soon. They knew he was FBI and so we followed them there to help out. Upon arriving we were immediately told to leave after taking a picture of them. We got back into our car after being told again and we then told to stop and get out by an FBI agent there (Alexser007). We then asked weather or not to leave or stay as if we left, the FBI would get mad and if we stayed the CERT would get mad. As we were asking, Yobo shot and blew up our car with an AWP. Everyone then sat there confused as to wth that was for before getting shot in the head by Yobo. I was then arrested by the FBI agent for taking a photo of him which I never did and it was Ricardo Heart who did. Evidence: See bottom for Ricardo's perspective. What should happen: Demotion Extra Information: none