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  1. Ingame Name: Showtime Job Name: The Apprentice Server: Imperial RP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:1:5760161 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:1:5760161
  2. Name: L-R. Attractiveness: 9/10 Pros: - Can take criticism and change. - Great Fighter Pilot & Ground Combatant. - Will listen to orders to a T. - Can sense one's miscontempt and will try to always cheer you up. - Is actually willing to argue with you to try and make a better relationship. - Communicates & Is silent when they know they've fucked up. - Doesn't care about looks/flaws, only cares about personality and upsides. - Is willing to look past any kind of Flaw and work with Versio. - After all, a relationship is a partnership, not a crutch-ship. - Is good at hearing and listening to problems & venting. - In Inferno Squad. - Persistent - Passionate - Is an actual person and understands IF things/Issues. - Thinks outside of the box Cons: - Deep Temper - Is potentially willing to go too far in order to save/help IF Agents. - Can be sleepy at times. - Stubborn - Argumentative - Aggressive Attitude Reason: Y'only live once, and having a Valentine's within IF would just be more convenient, and L-R isn't leaving IF any time soon. post why in chat: Why not, RP is rare at least, in this server, the little things are nice.
  3. Isn't it same with Purge Heavy & Purge in general? Last I checked that Purge Heavy has 500 Hp, and doesn't Purge Brawler have 1k HP now? I might be misinformed, so I don't know the full story entirely. But DT die before any of their VIP's do most of the time, and they can't even really properly protect their VIP when most of their VIP's have 500 or above HP.
  4. Good afternoon 501st, Starting today and until the 9th of febuary there will be a Rollcall Format ---------------------------------------- Ingame Name: 501st 1LT Ramirez 1007 Rank: 1st LT Day of Promo: 2/2/20 Reason to stay in 501st: Ey, badabing badaboom I help out structurally and organizationally when I can, and I'm somewhat active actually.