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  1. Name: Oslo Rank: EMT How Active Do You Think You Are (Be Honest): I would say semi active, I haven't been on much as of late as I had to switch programs in college and had a passing in the family Why Do You Want To Stay In EMS?: I enjoy saving people and especially criminals so they can be revived and sent to jail for real justice instead of respawning immediately and returning what they were doing previously. The colleagues are amazing as well. What Could Change In EMS?: I honestly can't think of anything that could change in EMS but maybe just more activity online, I have encountered times where there are a big number of people in the server and there are only around 1 or 2 EMS active at a time
  2. @Max Holland Is there any way of making like your own battalion in a sense like recruit people like PD or state does? Or does the same rules apply $20 per person after 4 people join with the extra $50 dollar charge.
  3. I was wanting to get a custom class but I was wondering if I can have a custom class that is part of the government.
  4. Paris #2

    Returning to PRP?

    Happy to have you back again in the community!
  5. Finally, my 100 % taxed paycheck finally gets put to good use
  6. Welcome back to PoliceRP! You'll like it. I fell in love with the server pretty fast
  7. What's the band name called?
  8. The graveyard of the amount of officers killed by UMC alone is twice as big. Let alone all