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  1. The link seems to be fine, what issues are you having?
  2. Your In-game: Koala Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:97427835 The admin's name in-game: N/A The admin's steam name (If you know it): N/A What warning did you receive:N/A Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: To start, I do have one warn from May 9th and I would like to formally apologize for that. In my defense I dissed a player who was goading a friend of mine and making multiple situations worse than necessary, whilst facing no punishment. If the you can overlook that just this once for me, I would greatly appreciate it. On to the main tale here. During the month of February I was having a tough time in my house, so I would come on to GamingLight to blow off steam and I shall admit, I was very hot headed. By then I knew the rules and refused to listen, and now I am paying for it. I wish to have all warns, excluding the warn on May 9th and February, removed so I may start semi-fresh and have a chance at joining SRT, SWAT, and all other PD roles. I am sincere and I feel as though I'm missing out on half the server due to warns from almost 7 months ago when I did not know how the server worked. In conclusion, I just wish to apologize for those I've wronged, I'm trying to be a nicer person now, and I hope to become staff or SRT one day. Any extra information: I am now current a SA in FBI if that says anything to my character at all.
  3. Thats straight bull and you dont try shit. I wouldnt be appealing if i didnt like it here. im not going to be remorseful for this. I did not commit anything in the ban above and its overkill for beef with one guy. Stop critquing me for not feeling bad and kissing everyones boots and look at the straight facts.
  4. Don't care, i was disrespected in the sit by being called a liar and a minge with NITRP.
  5. Im not remorseful because they do not deserve my remorse. Those were inaccurate reasons to ban me and i will not be remorseful for something I did not do. Im not remorseful because they do not deserve my remorse. Those were inaccurate reasons to ban me and i will not be remorseful for something I did not do.
  6. Steam Name: Fox Ingame Name: DD SGT Koala SteamID: STEAM_0:0:97427835 Ban Length: 14 Days Admin that Banned you: Spection Reason for Ban: NITRP, "Mass disrespect", "Waste of my time" Dispute: Never before have I ever been so heated over a punishment on a server. I have 1000+ hours on GMod and have seen my fair share of unjust or plain dumb bans/kicks/warns. Being banned for "mass disrespect" ? Thats bullshit. Of course i was disrespectful with the person who cant take being called a dumbass, or can't just move on in RP. No. Bambob has to stop in the middle of RP to warn me for calling him a Dumbass? If this is the way all of you are im sorry but you really shouldnt be on the internet. How do you go about your daily lives, and cry everytime some calls you the fuckwit that you very well seem to be from what ive seen so far? You cant just stop time and warn them for it. Also, I got warned for FailRp when I ran out of a room full of fucking gas, What the hell kind of rule is that. So my argument here is the fact that I was banned for being a waste of time. In fact I was wasting his time because he was wasting mine. As for NITRP? I had full intent to RP until I was pulled from RP into a sit. There is no reason for me to be punished for NITRP where there is no RP involved. So I say consider this appeal please and just look at the fact that maybe some of your admins or head admins need to be replaced or removed, with full honesty. (EDIT) Also im not shitting anyone on the reasons for the ban, Im quoting what it said on Gmod, if anyone needs proof just ask.
  7. I will not write "-Support" as I feel that would be inappropriate to this situation. The evidence is biased against me as this is just 3 minutes of a long slew of things from the whole night. "John Kyle" before hand followed me and harrased me about my base, placed invisible/Semi invisible camera inside the vicinty of our base, and continues to follow me around whilst being cloaked in order to catch me doing something wrong. I do not care for the harrasment and I do not enjoy the targeting I am reciving as a result. Also as a closing reminder, I am a part of UMC, you may have to ask the ones who recruited me to it, Their names are Mikey and Deathstriker. I mean you no disrespect. Thank you, Koala UMC P.S Deathstriker124Today at 7:04 PM [PM] Moderator| John Kyle: You need to watch Koala, he is a, less roleplay kinda person if you catch what im saying [PM] Moderator| John Kyle: He might get you in trouble This is from a higher up in Umbrella, quotes from John while in game. He states that i'm a trouble maker and the he should "watch" me. Do what you will with this.