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  1. Name on roster: Luvski Rank on roster: Lcpl How active are you: Have been inactive for reasons already told to higher ups (even did an LOA) Who should be the next Major?: I don't have any recommendations What can Security improve on?: Closing doors behind them and not being cringy (trust me, there's a lot of cringy SOs) Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words): Even though I've been inactive for the past few weeks, I think I should be kept in GenSec since I will be back in the server and because I think I'm good at my job (I even got 2 promotions in one day, which I would say it's pretty good)
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    GenSec, Lcpl Luvski
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    Yeah by "staff" I meant the command... And yes I'm feeling better, thx for answering ^^
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    So I wanted to write this so staff would know why I've been inactive for a long time and so they wouldn't demote me (pls don't)... Well some weeks ago I had this problem where I was deaf and had an ear damaged (only one side), which didn't allow me to use headphones. Now I'm actually good and I can use HPs, so I'll be back in the server in some days. That's pretty much it... Thanks for not demoting me uwu
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    Security RollCall

    Name: Luvski Rank: Lcpl Status on the roster(Active, Inactive, etc.): Active What Specialty Classes are you: Common GenSec What can security improve on: They could improve on being more mature since a lot of times we have minge officers