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  1. Aba Luv

    Aba LOA

    Name: Aba Length: Unknown Reason: Currently not able to get to a pc that can run the server, not sure when i can next,
  2. Name: RUAF ADF CPT DS Aba Rank: CPT Concerns: I am also concerned with the lack of command in the branch but that seems to have greatly improved and I like the direction were headed in. I am however concerned with the lack of protocol for pilots with ATC, and our runway sucks
  3. Neutral +/- +Good Guy, Great opponent +Active -Application seems rushed and half assed -Someone who rushes and half asses applications is not something people typically get promoted for sorry
  4. Dont pull a me and be MIA for two years, come back soon! I hope everything gets better!
  5. The screen shots from the police rp server, but the warns are from the military rp server, i am confusion
  6. Awg, idk how I missed you in the mentions btw I meant to do you but messed up, you’re a cool and helpful guy and I was sad and happy for you to get that general position cause it meant I’d see you less but it was something you wanted and I was happy for you. You had one of the biggest impacts on me while I was on the server and I hope to see you again! also thank you for answering the questions as it explains a lot
  7. To start off, I'm not leaving for good just while i have school and a crappy PC. I've been thinking about this for a while and I've decided that with school starting i need to focus on more then the server. Ill come back eventually but for now I have more important things to worry about. Ill come back in a few weeks when its break again and Ill probably stick around longer then. It was a good run but towards the end I got overwhelmed and fed up with a few thing. If anyone want to play Fortnite or CSGO with me just hmu on my steam. A few questions though, Why did Stalin get 154th Chief when there was many people who actually did the training to get in? Why was Plastik removed from chief? I assume cause he was inactive for a bit but I don't see how it justifies it. Why was I removed for inactivity on 154th when i did my job when i was on and took a LOA only to get removed. Who is Mr._Jo3n? When are Matricies and Cat ever on cause i can never find them and its been weeks since ive gotten my DI rank and haven't gotten trained. (I know Cat is on LOA till tomorrow but even before that i could never find him) Where did Jones go? Honorable mentions, Cat, I cant remember if t was you or Johnson that trained me for air force and what one trained me for core but you were one of the first people i met and i look forwards to seeing you later. Johnson, I've only had the pleasure of meeting you on occasions but you were cool and funny and like cat one of the first people i met. Plastik, you were one of my closest friends on the server and we messed around together every time we were on, im glad you got CPT even though you didnt get general and I hope you keep climbing back to you General rank and I can see you when i get back. Scoot, you were a funny guy and one of the first people i met, we messed around but you got your MP job and we didnt talk much after. I hope you continue to play and i can see you later. Matricies, you came back a month after i joined and youve been nothing but helpful and kind hearted towards everyone. Youre a great leader and i hope to see you when i get back. Stalin, youre young but a good guy, always wanting to help a make people happy, i hope you continue to play and grow n the server. Hope to see you when i get back. Nevmis, best DI leader ive seen in my years playing gmod sad t see you leave and i wish you the best. I have more stories of people and if youd like me to tell you id be happy to, just message me on steam. I enjoyed my summer break on the server, shame school had to start. Wish you all the best! ~Cauliflower, aka Cauli
  8. Aba Luv

    Cauliflower LOA

    Things got better and I'm gonna try to come back on Monday. Also how do I make a officer meeting loa thing?
  9. Aba Luv

    Cauliflower LOA

    I’ll be gone from now till I can get back, not sure when but I’d say a week. Gotta focus on school and Spanish.
  10. Name: Cauliflower rank: CPT activity: LOA rn
  11. Aba Luv

    Cauliflower LOA

    I’ll be gone from the 20th and I’ll get back the 23rd for my cousins wedding. Also school starts when I get back so I won’t be on as much as I was.
  12. Its worse, now people beg you for them and when you don't let them have it they steal it and kill you