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    FBI Roll Call

    Doing this for another member who isn't able to sign into Forums! Name: Struftdot Rank & Callsign: SA KGB101 How active are you (Be Honest): Semi Active Name: Jim Leahy Rank & Callsign: EAD RA12 How active are you (Be Honest): I see myself to be Active on the most part
  2. Name and Callsign on roster: JimLeahy SAF11 Your Activity: Very Active Why we should keep you as a SAIC (50+ Words): I believe I show great leadership qualities and I am always working hand and hand with my fellow agents. From working on an investigation or going on patrol, I prioritize great response time as well as able to keep myself organized in some of the toughest situations. I like to conduct many different FBI related work when I find myself to be the highest command currently active. Such work includes Training, Bait Car, Undercover investigations, and etc. 3 things you should be doing as an SAIC: 1. Assisting my fellow agents in time of need. 2. Supervise FBI commands SSA and lower. 3. Assist higher ups with training and other FBI related matter.