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  1. Ingame Name: Dark Job Name: Cyber Thief Server: Police RP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:0:153023080 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:0:153023080 https://imgur.com/a/E95YHFc I got permission from the owner (This class has yet to be added to the server) but is pending
  2. So basically SCP 1245 can throw his harpoon through the glass in his cc
  3. 035 Spawns in D-Block oh and Civ miner's spawn is also broken
  4. From what i heard 194 is broken at the moment (Im not sure if he still is) so no one has access to it
  5. None of the new MTF jobs from the MTF job pack can get through any key card scanners
  6. So basically if you become a zombie from the plague and then the doctor cures you you still have the health. ive seen CI members abuse this and it getting very annoying.
  7. @th3 They all got fixed, sorry for the ping just wanted to let you know
  8. I was playing today and when i was playing when people would switch to SCP's they would spawn in the complete incorrect area
  9. The keypad at gate A just says access granted but wont open or close, you cant keypad crack it or put in your key card
  10. One of the gates from HCZ to EZ has a keypad infinitely scanning (I used my key card as the server was kind of crashing and when it buffed out it took my key card and it just says its scanning)
  11. Idk if its like this for every melee weapon but if you use the baseball bat the hits only register like %50 of the time, i have a clip of it not registering (for some reason it wont let me upload it) but its kinda anoyying i spent money on something that doesnt work half the time.