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  1. -Support. Gas nades already have a guidline to keep things balanced.
  2. +Support Not a fan of the current system.
  3. -Support If you're good enough to evade for 10+ minutes then you should be good enough to escape. The criminals job is to eventually completely lose the police. Eventually this has to come to an end. We all know this, that's why your not advocating for completely removing it but rather increasing the time by another 5 minutes. I however feel that 10 minutes is plenty of time for a criminal to lose the cops. I mean that's not completely true. Obviously in real life there are LOT'S of variables but i think considering this is a video game i think we simplify it pretty well.
  4. +Support for RDM. I'll -Support for the Player Diss.
  5. -Support to the report for lack of evidence. On a side note... No, Using an unintentional bug to work around the cooldown is not a "Game Mechanic". It's an exploit. Also, other people "doing this for the past two years" doesn't make this any less of an exploit. It just means people did it and got used to doing it. This is the first i've heard of this but if this has truly been happening for two years how has nobody made a bug report yet? Like i said in the suggestion about this, My opinion is that this is an exploit and warnable but should still get fixed.
  6. To add to this, The banking system has nothing to do with the current economy. The people who have lots of money have lots of money because they grinded hours a day for weeks/months. Removing the banking system wouldn't help the economy and the loss of money made by players would be negligible. + If you want to think of something that helps the economy, the best things imo are things that are a mixture of expensive, temporary, popular, and rare. Take for example the Barrett.
  7. +/- Support This is already against the rules. (Exploiting a glitch) Is this something that could be fixed by one of our beautiful developers?
  8. Jay, just enjoy yourself on the server. Don't try and rush into a position of responsibility. I'm sorry but i believe you have a long ways to go before you are ready to become staff.
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