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  1. RU Military Police Informational Director: To be determined. Deputy Director: LordInsider Ranks Senior Command Director (Dir): Can promote to Chief | Can arrest Commander- Deputy Director (DDir): Commander Whitelist | Can promote to AChief | Can arrest Vice Commander- Junior Command Chief (Chief): Can promote to SO | Can arrest Colonel- Assistant Chief (AChief): Can promote to CSI | Can arrest Lieutenant Colonel- Officers Senior Officer (SO): Can promote to SI | Can arrest MAJ- Chief Superintendent (CSI): Can give permission to train for MP | Can promote to JO | Can arrest Captain- | Security Officer Whitelist Superintendent (SI): Officer Whitelist | Can train for MP | Can promote to Warrant Officer 1. | Can arrest First Lieutenant- Enlisted Junior Officer (JO): Can arrest Second Lieutenant- Warrant Officer 1 (WO1): N/A Warrant Officer 2 (WO2): Gate keeper Whitelist- Warrant Officer 3 (WO3): N/A Senior Inspector (SINSP): Control Sniper Whitelist- Junior Inspector (JINSP): Can arrest Sergeant Major- Cadet (CDT): Soldier Whitelist | Can arrest First Sergeant- RUMP Roster: Promotion Form (Officers Only): Training Guide Minimum rank to join MP is Corporal (SRA). 1. Tell Trainees to change name to RU MPT (name) and give them MP Soldier whitelist. 2. Go over base codes, base rules, and MP rules. 3. Teach them the 3 step system to arrest. 4. Tell them how to use the batons and who they can arrest. (also link them the informational) 5. Teach them the DB rules and where they should be during debrief. 6. Make sure they know that they must be on MP during peacetime. 7. Test them on everything above, if anyone fails they may be retrained in 1 week. 8. For those that pass tell them to change names to RUMP CDT (name) and that it should be used when on duty. 9. Tell them how names should be off duty. - RU(branch) (main rank) (special forces) (regiment) (MP rank) (DI rank) (name) Rules Base Rules - Soldiers need PTL to leave base (Can be granted by a MAJ+) - Do not team kill. - Do not Disrespect. - No shooting in base unless in shooting range with a suppressor. DB Rules - Stage organization: - Soldiers must salute until told at ease. - When a general walks in soldiers must salute again. - Soldiers must be in their branch row. - Chicken-winging (Spamming the salute SWEP.) is not acceptable. - If anyone leaves DB unauthorized they must be told to return. MP in DB - MP are to choose a wall at the beginning of DB and stay there unless enforcing rules. - MP should have their keys out unless they are required to hit someone or defend a terror. - MP should enforce all the DB rules. - DB is the most strict scenario in RU, treat it such. MP Rules - MP cannot participate in war. - MP must be respectful and professional. - Do not abuse the baton. (Blacklist if caught.) - MP are only authorized to leave base if PTL is broken by a soldier. - MP are recommended to shoot soldiers if they leave the base and arrest them when they respond. - Must advert RFA (name of arrested person): (reason) after you arrest someone. - MP should patrol the base during peacetime. 3 Step System The 3 Step System must be followed when making arrests unless immediate danger (Mass RDM, TK of a GEN) First Step - Verbal warning. Second Step - Baton hit and additional warning. Optional Step in Between - A warning telling them they will be arrested. Third Step - Baton hit and arrest. Can only be overruled by Chief+ in MP or a Brigadier General+. PTL PTL means permission to leave, and can only be granted by a Major+ in the requester's branch or any general. Also, Majors+ can grant PTL to themselves, allowing them to come and go when they please If Someone Leave Without PTL On Foot: - Tell them they must return. - If they refuse to come back you may chase them and attempt to arrest. - If they are being rude about it you may arrest them for leaving without permission to leave. - If they shoot at you, return fire in an attempt to kill them and arrest them when they respawn. If Someone Leave Without permission to leave In A Vehicle: - Try to tell them to return immediately, if it does not work then try to destroy the vehicle. - If they leave in a tank, and they refuse to get out/return to base, try to get several people to destroy it. - After destroying the vehicle, you may arrest them if they shoot you or refuse to return to base. Base Codes Code Green - All safe (Keys out, default code) Code Yellow - Mild danger (Weapon on safety.) Code Red - Danger (Weapon off safety, terror.) Code Blue - Someone has escaped without Permission to leave. (Shoot or arrest them.) - Code Blue can only be granted by officers or the highest MP on the job - Can only be granted against arrest rank of caller (Cadet can only call code blue against First Sergeant.) - If a high rank calls code blue then lower ranks can shoot (If a DIR calls code blue then anyone can shoot escapee.) Patrol MP Patrol is broken into 7 zones on the current map. Areas A - Helipad B - Courtyard C - Training Grounds D - Exit Area / Gates F - Debrief G - Jail (Term for overall jail part.) Patrolling - MP should be focused mainly on B, as that is where the most people will be. Also, it provides a good view to every other area - C has the firing range as well as the obstacle course, and tryouts will commonly be held here, pop into this area every now and then and check on it - A is usually somewhat occupied - Parts of area D are blocked when standing in B, so make sure to check on it - B contains general offices, make sure people aren't in the offices without permission - In the end how you patrol is up to you, however you should be calling each location its proper name when communicating with other MP Arresting - MP should not be arresting recruits unless they are minging extremely hard. If a recruit leaves base, do not arrest them, either chase them down or kill them and talk to them when they respawn. Make sure the DI is fine with the arrest as well. - Petty offenses are to be met with petty punishments. Someone shooting without a suppressor should not be arrested unless the situation escalates to something more which requires an arrest. - Arresting is always the last option, try everything before arresting, it is a waste of everyone's time, especially the one being arrested. If any MP break the rules they may be removed and blacklisted from this branch. OMON INFORMATIONAL OMON, Otryad Militsii Osobogo Naznacheniya, Special Purpose Military Unit. OMON is a branch off of the more famous Spetsnaz FSB and Spetsnaz GRU. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How it Works OMON is based off of a number ranking system and the identity of each member is hidden to the public. EX: OMON1 001 Each number means a certain placement of squad and rank. OMON has 4 squads starting from 0 to 3 and each team has up to 5 members. 0 - High Command (AChief+) 1- Operations and Kidnapping/Interrogating (Will also work with special forces.) 2- Base Defense and Anti Terrorism 3- Gathering Enemy Intelligence Everyone will go by a call sign that they choose when they join OMON, this can be a name or a set of numbers. You can not use the same name as your main branch. A few examples are: OMON1 005 OMON2 Jeffery OMON3 Otter02 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OMON Rules/Procedures Do not go out to war as an OMON. OMON are not to leave base alone, have at least one other OMON with you When kidnapping make sure you strip their weapons and tie them up Making Non-OMON operators impost as OMON will be arrested and blacklisted from OMON. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leaders MP Director - To be determined. MP Deputy Director - LordInsider OMON Leader - DDIR LordInsider OMON Co Leader - TBD Operations Leader - TBD Anti Terrorism Leader - TBD Intelligence Leader - TBD Made by Mostly Tempest and Tagooon
  2. + support Crease I have never seen you do anything wrong in-fact you are one of the better players I never expect to see you get banned. I believe your story about your brother and I think SMT should give you a second chance.
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  4. What you want to see? - A higher skybox Why should we add it? - I have heard multiple people say its to low and I personally crash into it way to many times What are the advantages of having this? - Less helicopters crashing into and more heli and plane battles Who is it mainly for? - Airforce Links to any content -
  5. 1. In Game Name: LordInsider 2. RP rank (DSLT only): DSLT 3. How Much Time Do You Have On The Server: 6days 12hrs 4. Which Officers Would Like To See You As A Captain (2 min): Husk | Kilo 5. Why Do You Want To Be A Captain (50 words min): I want to become a CPT for Drill Sergeant because I want to help revive all of the Russian army and by becoming a promoter/recruiter rank in the one branch that trains people to become a Russian solider would help me in that goal. Another reason is DS has only 1 officer and so it cant grow as fast meaning that not that many people will become trainers so less and less people can get trained for RU. 6. What Have You Done To Be Trusted As A Captain (this is a promoter rank, 60 words min): What I have done to be trusted as a CPT is worked my way up to LTC in RUAF and SO in MP. Those are 2 big officer ranks and I think that should in its self be reason enough I can be promoted to CPT but if not while as a DI/DS I have trained many recruits and helped some Trainees when needed (when DI/DS was active). 7. What Is Your Timezone: EST 8. How Active Can You Be: I will try to be on everyday 9. How Many Warns Do You Have (Check by typing !warns in game): 13 but only 1 on MilRP 10. How Many Strikes Do You Have (If so what for?): 0 11. Are you active in the Teamspeak? (Required): Yes 12. Are you capable of leading drill sergeants in the right direction?: Yes 13. Any Other Notes :
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  10. Here is the long-needed Undercover SOP
  11. Name: LordInsider Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:116216354 Support Rank: (Support-Support+) Support Staff Rank: (Trialmod-Manager) Snr Mod In your opinion, are you active in support? (Yes and why) (No and why) Yes I don't stay in the standing by room but go up every time I get pinged if not doing something else