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  1. Luftwaffe Informational "Immer im Einsatz!" Links: Luftwaffe SOP Luftwaffe Roster Luftwaffe Subdivisions
  2. Name: LordInsider Rank:COS LOA Time:5/2/19- 5/24/19 Reason (Private if needed): I have state testing and I want to wait until I get out of school to focus time into FBI
  3. +Support - Knows rules - Fairly active - Good dude
  4. Russian Air force - 177th Aviation Unit Informational Special Thanks and Inspiration from: General Awg Leaders: Branch General: TBD CMDR: LordInsider VCMDR: TBD VCMDR: TBD 177th Regiment Chief: Rose 177th Regiment Assistant Chief: TBD Purpose: The purpose of the 177th Aviation Unit is to provide support to the Russian Army by giving call outs to enemy aircraft, quick transport across the battlefield and counter enemy aircraft encountered in the field. Ranking System: Enlisted: Recruit (177th RCT) - Starting 177th Rank Sergeant (177th SGT) - Junior NCO, assists with recruits Starshina (177th SH) - Senior NCO, head of enlisted ranks Officers: Kursant (177th KT) - Junior Officers who can lead enlisted and execute Training for 177th pilots. Can give PTL for helicopter pilots with good reason Senior Lieutenant (177th SL) - Senior Officers. Can promote to KT and Hold 177th recruitment training. Can also be AFI Certified Command: Assistant Chief (177th AChief) - Can promote to SL Chief (177th Chief) - Can Promote to AChief, Responsible for entire 177th Requirements to Join: Must be a SSGT+ in Russian Airforce Must be Helicopter pilot Certified Must have basic to intermediate level WAC experience No active strikes due to behavior You Must be in teamspeak to join You can join this regiment by asking a SL+ to evaluate and train you or wait until they hold tryouts for the regiment. You do not need to do an application Requirements to Join 177th Command: Must be an SL in 177th and at least KU+ in RUAF (Except for the beginning of 177th) Must have Intermediate to Advanced level WAC experience Able to handle an entire regiment of pilots Active in Teamspeak You must fill out the application format below Application for 177th Assistant Chief: Application Title: Name's 177th Assistant Chief Application 1. What is your Ingame name?: 2. What is your ingame rank in RUAF and 177th?: 3. Recommendations from 2 Officers (KU+ who are not the 177th Chief): 4. Why do you feel that you should be selected to be the next 177th Assistant Chief (90 words min?: 5. What qualities do you have that you think make you the best choice for 177th Assistant Chief?: 6. As 177th Assistant Chief, you will be responsible for co-managing an entire regiment. Are you able to make this commitment?: 7. How often can you be on and what is your timezone? (Explain any circumstances here that may impede your activity): 8. Anything else you would like to explain here: You must also have a POLL in your application with the question, Should I be Assistant Chief of 177th? If you do not know how to make your post with a poll ASK FOR HELP. Do not respond to your application unless it is to respond to your chief or commander asking you to fix something. Operating Procedures for 177th Transport Unit: All 177th transport units are to be responsible for helping transport troops across the battlefield in a timely manner however, we are not ignorant to the short resources we have as there are only 2 basic helicopter pilot slots and only 2 helicopters can be spawned on any one side at a time. If there is a need to helicopter transport and there is no one on it, your primary responsibility as 177th is to be that transport. - All 177th should help with transport when needed - If the helicopter slots are taken up, you can use your donor role if you have one. - Always be in radio communications to coordinate with troops - If no one needs helicopter transport, you can act as an eye in the sky but do not put yourself at risk if not needed (EX: Hovering over gas station) - Always Listen to higher ups unless they are breaking rules - 177th KT+ have the ability to leave base without PTL and give PTL to helicopter pilots (But must inform fellow RU through advert) unless there is an ATC on. - 177th KT+ may ground helicopter pilots who they are higher then in both 177th and RUAF. Training Procedures for 177th Transport Unit (SL+): - Review Recruit Flight skills (must be at a basic/intermediate level) or reject - Confirm that they are in Teamspeak or reject - Review about key spots to spawn helicopters for transport - Review take off and landing procedures - Teach about how to utilize radio comms to the best effect - Train in weaving through objectives and when to take different routes - Train in evasion of enemy attack helicopters, tanks and stingers - Train in good paradropping technique and landing in the field - Train in synchronized take off and landing with a 2nd transport helicopter - Train and review helicopter expense and when to repair/retreat to avoid destruction Promotions, Demotions and Resignations: - 177th Recruit through 177th SH have 3 day cooldowns on promotions - 177th KT to Achief have 1 week cooldowns on promotions - Achief Applications are to be accepted by the 177th Chief (Or RUAF Commanders if the Chief is unavaliable/unable) - Achief can only be promoted to Chief by the RUAF Commanders. - 177th SL+ may warn and/or demote lower ranks but only the Chief and Assistant Chief can completely remove someone and must be consulted if issues are occuring to resolve them. - If someone is promoted or demoted, the RUAF Commanders must see a promotion form for airforce but with 177th ranks. SL+ will get access to the password for this form. - To resign from 177th, you must be apart of the regiment for a week. Otherwise you will be blacklisted. - Once you resign, you must wait a week to re-tryout. - The RUAF Commander/Vice Commander may overwrite decisions as they oversee the entire branch and its regiments but it is recommended to consult with the 177th Chief/Achief to make sure communication is clear. Remember, helicopter training will always take time, it requires constant training to improve and may take time to finish. NEVER SKIP OUT ON PORTIONS OF TRAINING UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE THEY KNOW IT. This document can be changed at will so please pay attention to updates concerning the 177th Aviation Regiment Informational.
  5. What is your in-game name?: LordInsider What is your steam name?: [GL] LordInsider What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:1:116216354 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) Sometime in 2017 What date did you make your forums account? April 21, 2017 Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)? WarDog SenMod How many warns do you have on the server? 13 total 2 on MilRP Have you donated? Yes What rank are you applying for? Admin Have you read the staff guidelines at You will be tested on it: Timezone: EST Permission (Admin+ need this): Awg, Willy, North, Richard Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (Can be any length) I think I deserve this rank because I am one of the more active people on MilRP I get on for about 1 - 2 hours a day during the week I am even on when there is like 3-4 players. I also think I should be a admin because I try my to help people as much as I can and if I can't help them I try to get them the help they need. Another reason I think I should be a admin is because I have been a SnrMod for almost a year (This is including PoliceRP time). Although I haven't been staff on MilRP that long I have been on this server for a while now and know all the rules. How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? I would ask them to stop cursing and if they continue on I would mute them and check to see how many people they killed. Once I have found out how many people he/she has RDMed I would minge for the respected time and assuming he/she has also dissed me or another player in the process I would add that time. Finally after he/she has been minged I would unmute them and warn them for MassRDM and Player Diss. Do you understand that any and all responses that are not unique and or quote a previous response will not be viewed as an actual answer. Yes
  6. In-Game name: LordInsider Main Branch Rank: COL DI Rank: COL Activity: Everyday On average how many recruits do you train a week?: Around 4-6
  7. ACCEPTED Please come speak to me for your training
  8. If you are looking forward into applying for the following Junior Lieutenant (3 slots available) Lieutenant ( 1 slots available) Senior Lieutenant (3 slots available) Captain (1 slot available) Major (1 slot available) Please use this format. Must be Sergeant+ To apply for any of these ranks. If you do not know your rank please check it on the roster here. In-game name: MP rank: Timezone: Main Branch rank: Are you in OMON?: How active are you?: Why should we trust you with being a officer in MP?: (200 WORDS+) Why do you want to be a OFFICER IN RUMP?: (150 WORDS+) Why should we choose you over others?: (100 words+) Do you promise to not abuse your powers?: Do you promise to be on duty when its peacetime?: Do you understand that you will be in-charge of something?:
  9. Title: "name" OMON Application Poll: Should I be an OMON Operator (Yes or No) If your title is wrong or you put little effort into your app it will be DENIED If you forget to add a pole your app will be DENIED To apply you must be a PIK+ ------------------------------------------------------ 1. What is your in game name: 2. What is your rank (PIK+): 3. Who would like to see you as an OMON Operator (2 officers): 4. Why do you want to be on OMON Operator: 5. Why should we trust you with this rank and responsibility (30-50 words): 6. How often can you be on: 7. Have you read the MP informational: 8. Do you have any warns on the server: 9. Do you have any strikes (if so what for): 10. What would you do in the case of a terror and you were the only MP on: ------------------------------------------------------ This is step 1 of 2 to join OMON
  10. Denied Haven't seen you on recently Reapply in two weeks
  11. Russian Airforce ATC Guide - Air Traffic Controller ATC Lead (ATCL): Lordinsider ATC Supervisors (ATCS): Chris Py Purpose: The purpose of an air traffic controller or "ATC" is to help control and coordinate aircraft in the airspace that being any aircraft entering or exiting the area around RU base. ATC is only responsible during peacetime. After war has started pilots do not need permission from ATC. Job Responsibilities - Be on ATC job during peacetime/important events if not busy (LT+ do not need to be on ATC job to ATC) - Control aircraft coming into and out of RU Airspace - Maintain safety of aircraft coming into and out of RU airspace and on airfield/helipads ATC Ranks ATC Lead(ATCL) (1 appoints ATC Supervisors, can delegate ATC assignments, oversees all ATC operations) : ATC Supervisors (ATCS) (2 or more oversees regular ATCs, makes sure ATCs are on during peacetime, trains new ATCs) : ATC - Controls RU Airspace during peacetime/events ATC Recruit - ATC in training Job Requirements - Must be RUAF SSGT - Do not need to be Helipilot Certified - Must be active in radio comms/Teamspeak - Must be able to understand appropriate adverts - Must be able to be mature and appropriate when communicating with pilots/ATC - Ask a ATC Supervisor+ to train/evaluate you (LT+) ATC Training - ATC Recruit will be shown were ATC tower is - Recruit will be taught on proper helicopter/plane take-off and landing procedures - Recruit will be taught on how to accept/deny helicopter adverts - Recruit will be taught on how to communicate with pilots appropriately - Recruits will be tought on how to maintain safety of pilots leaving/approaching base - Once recruit has demonstrated all aspects needed, they are now a regular ATC - A post should be posted in the ATC/Helipilot/AFI forum thread so they can be added to the ATC List ATC Job Abilities - ATC's are only active and have power during peacetime/server events - ATC can deny/approve entry by pilots into RU base unless overruled by an higher ATC or RUAF LTC+ - ATC coordinate landing/takeoffs between multiple pilots and help clear helipad of unnecessary traffic - ATC can give PTL to pilots with adequate reasons unless overruled by higher ATC or a higher officer in that branch Understanding ATC Adverts Aircraft Adverts - ATC are trained and respond to the following types of adverts by pilots on RUATC or RU Air Traffic Comms: Request to leave base, enter and land, request helipad status, or request clarification - /advert [RUATC] Callsign (3 letters) (Aircraft) (Request and Reason) (Location [only if landing or requesting status]) - COL+ are not required to get permission from ATC but should give them notice when performing an action - /advert [RUATC] Callsign (3 letters) (Aircraft) (Action) (Location [only if landing or requesting status]) - All ATC and helicopter pilots are trained on these and will respond appropriately or clarify if issues or problems occur in communication. Problem Adverts - ATC have the ability to accept or deny requests if reasons are adequate/insufficient and are within full right to question if someone using ATC comms are supposed to be using them. (EX: US Callsign on RUATC Comms, Basic pilot not certified, etc) -ATC can call a code blue if an aircraft leaves base without permission - /advert Code Blue (Aircraft) (Reason) - ATC can warn pilots to stay out of RU airspace if permission has not been given and reasons are insufficient - If enough warnings are given and not heeded, MP should be alerted to the issue so they may take control ATC Leads or ATCLs are appointed by RUAF high command This document may be changed as needed