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  1. +/- SUPPORT I agree with most but, Vehicles right now are either overpowered, or serve as an annoyance to the other side. A fix would be to limit core and air force to just 1 vehicle job, and require high command & staff permission to spawn any vehicle. This way if a side was losing they would get permission to use vehicles, while the winning side wouldn’t. I feel like that would keep people out of the branches, if they arent able to use vehicles often Also I feel as tho the progression could be done a little differently, so new players would need to spend a more time to get really good stuff that way they would stay longer, then possible become dedicated to the server
  2. Name: LordInsider Rank: BG Time: 2 weeks Reason: burnt out on MilRP. Note: i will be @ meeting today, also I promise that I will stop making LOA's every like 3 weeks after this. lol
  3. Noted I honestly should follow your actions, a 2 week break from MilRP might actually help me.
  4. + Support - More stuff to do on the server - More ways to try to be better then the Poggers
  5. TheListener


    What you want to see? - Water flow turned on Why should we add it? - It will help build farms and stuff What are the advantages of having this? - BETTER FARM Who is it mainly for? - EVERYONE Links to any content - N/A
  6. TheListener


    USSR - The best place for russians. We will build the Gulag and send all non Soviets there but like dm on discord (LordInsider#0516) to join
  7. Name: LordInsider Rank: BG Length: 1 week (4/25/20 - 5/2/20) Reason: Need a break from gmod in general
  8. Noted enjoy your school work
  9. OMON INFORMATIONAL OMON, Otryad Militsii Osobogo Naznacheniya, Special Purpose Military Unit. OMON is a branch off of the more famous Spetsnaz FSB and Spetsnaz GRU. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How it Works OMON is based off of a number ranking system and the identity of each member is hidden to the public. EX: OMON1 001 Each number means a certain placement of squad and rank. OMON has 4 squads starting from 0 to 3 and each team has up to 5 members. 0 - High Command (AChief+) 1- Operations and Kidnapping/Interrogating (Will also work with special forces.) 2- Base Defense and Anti Terrorism 3- Gathering Enemy Intelligence Everyone will go by a call sign that they choose when they join OMON, this can be a name or a set of numbers. You can not use the same name as your main branch. A few examples are: OMON1 005 OMON2 Jeffery OMON3 Otter02 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OMON Rules/Procedures You can go to war as an OMON. OMON are not to leave base alone, have at least one other OMON with you When kidnapping make sure you strip their weapons and tie them up Making Non-OMON operators impost as OMON will be arrested and blacklisted from OMON. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Operations Operations can only be led by Special Forces command. Operations are to be done by any OMON in squad 1 with assistance from squad 3 Operations can be anything from intelligence gathering to raiding the US base (only if MOTD allows it) Training for Operations will consist of PT and Mission Briefing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interrogations Interrogations are to done by OMON squad 3 or squad 1 Do whatever is necessary to get the information needed (but do not kill the hostage) ALL INTERROGATIONS ARE ROLEPLAY AND CAN NOT BE ABOUT ANYTHING OOC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Training Training for OMON will differ for each squad Squad 1 Training -Participate in a operation -Basic stealth training -Assassination protocols training Squad 2 Training Anti-Terrorism has to do with defending base and will be involved in any operation against the Taliban - Anti-Terrorism Training (defend a terror) Squad 3 Training -Interrogation Training -Basic stealth training ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leaders MP Director - Jake MP Deputy Director - TBD OMON Leader - TBD OMON Co Leader - TBD Operations Leader - TBD Anti Terrorism Leader - TBD Intelligence Leader - TBD Made mostly by Shadow, Tagoon, and LordInsider
  10. + Support We need a new map Our current one is a good map but too big for our 5-15 players that are active If we dont use one of these maps we should atleast switch to a smaller map