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  1. Name: umnom Rank:snr trooper/spmu/prob doc Callsign: 1M82/1F SteamID:STEAM_0:1:196777734
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    What is your name:umnom Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:196777734 How active are you on PoliceRP: yes Why do you want to join dispatcher; I have met really great people that are in the police force, every day I look forward to jumping on gmod and Whenever I started playing Gmod I was honestly looking for a fun experience with a group of people I could talk to and establish a friendship. Becoming a Dispatch would grant me both of these, since I would have a great time roleplaying as an Dispatch ,and have an Dispatch spot that way I can get on and join up with my new friends. Also i could roleplay more and protect what i need to and have fun at the same time of doing it and i would also want to become a Dispatch because they just look cool and have a cool job and because the Dispatch people so far seem really chill and nice people to hang out and role play with them and just have an over all fun time on the server well still staying in character and playing throughout the days and the time i will be on the server and overall keeping who i need to keep safe and do my gmod job as a Dispatch and as a server roleplayer . Do you have any problems with being mature; no Do you promise to uphold the dispatcher rules and regulations; yes Have you read the sop:yes What rank are you in PD: cpl