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  1. +Support Active Friendly Mature Would make a good CPT
  2. 1. In Game Name: LordInsider 2. RP rank (1LT only): RUAF 1LT DS LordInsider´╗┐ 3. How Much Time Do You Have On The Server: 3days 13 hours 4. Which Officers Would Like To See You As A Captain (2 min): Upity and Tumz Assassin 5. Why Do You Want To Be A Captain (50 words min): I want to be captain in the russian airforce because I love this division and would like to help it grow and have better and higher ranked members. I would also like to be a captain because I want people to stop thinking that RUAF is dying (I heard someone say that today). 6. What Have You Done To Be Trusted As A Captain (this is a promoter rank, 60 words min): I have been active, friendly, and mature. I am also trusted among the community. I am a Snr Moderator and 3rd highest rank in FBI on PoliceRP so you know I can be trusted. I have been active but recently my activity because of internet issues but I am trying to become active again. I am friendly most people that know me know im a nice kind guy but can also be strick when needed to. I am mature I have been trusted with command and handle it like I should I am also not a minge like a few people in game. 7. What Is Your Timezone: EST 8. How Active Can You Be: I try to get on everyday for at least 3 hours and more on weekends 9. How Many Warns Do You Have (Check by typing !warns in game) : but none on militaryRP 10. How Many Strikes Do You Have (If so what for?): 1 strike for not responding to rolecall because I never saw the rolecall 11. Are you active in the Teamspeak? (Required): Yes I get on everytime im on server 12. Are You Capable Of Leading DB And Keeping Troops In Line (You will be expected to do this): Yes I am command in FBI on PoliceRP and have lead many meetings 13. Any Other Notes: I will try to get more and more active as the weeks go by
  3. Read and Understood
  4. Name: LordInsider Rank: WO3 Concerns: Non
  5. If you are looking forward into applying for the following Chief Superintendent ( 3 slots available) Senior officer (4 slots available) Assistant chief (1 slot available) Please respond with this format. Must be Warrant Officer Three + To apply for any of these ranks. If you do not know your rank please check it on the roster here. In-game name: LordInsider MP rank: W03 Timezone: EST Main Branch rank: CCM Are you in OMON?: No How active are you?: I try to be on for at least 3+ hours a day and more on weekends but recently I have been inactive due to internet issues Why should we trust you with being HC in MP?: (200 WORDS+) You should trust me with High Command in Military Police because I have experience as command I am currently command in FBI on PoliceRP and I have been different command ranks on other servers a while back (can't remember server but they closed a year or so ago). I am also very mature and will help military police get a better reputation because most people no in military police say MP is just a mingy branch and I don't want that to continue. I have help FBI on PoliceRP change from a mingy agency to a somewhat non-mingy agency and I would like to help do the same on MP. I also believe that I could assist military police in getting more people and more respect among the community instead of hated by most of the people on the server. I have experience with this rank and feel as I would be one the best picks for this role. I also think I would help you with keeping track of all your MPs since I am command and know how to help run this division but this is all up to you and I don't want to sound like I'm the best and you have to pick me because that's not how I like to do things. Why do you want to be HC IN RUMP?: (150 WORDS+) I want to be high command because I love military police and I want to help military police get active and have a better reputation among the community. I also want to be high command in Russians Military Police because I want to help you manage the Russians and get more military police members and remove the inactive members. I like military police and I would take my role as command serious. I would try and be as active as possible on MP. I also would like to help monitor the Russian army and help organize them and keep them in line. I would help you with going through role calls and keeping my eyes on inactive military police members. I would also like to help you with choosing command later on. These are just a few reason I want to be a part of the russian millitary police thank you for reading over my application and I hope you consider me for this position. Why should we choose you over others?: (100 words+) You should choose me over the others because I have experience as a command and would help you when you need advice. I also think you should choose me over the others because I know how to help you and could support you with the roster and controlling other agents I will also help with promotions and demotion. I am friendly so to non-military police members, I could show them that military police isn't abusive and can actually be kind. I also think that once I get my internet fix which should be in a week I will be one the more active members. Do you promise to not abuse your powers?: Yes, I promise not to abuse my powers. Do you promise to be on duty when its peacetime?: Yes, I will always be on during peacetime. Do you understand that you will be in charge of something?: Yes, and I will take this very seriously and won't let any of you down.
  6. +support Active Good Leader Not Mingy Nice Guy
  7. +Support Active Mature Used to be a minge but has changed
  8. -Support Not on much Spends most time on AnimeRP Good leader but is command in too many departments (including other servers)
  9. Gaur am I still darth I was told alot of people got demoted from there ranks
  10. Opps wrong form lol