Redacted: IF99

Mikael Scott

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Databreach. Decrypting all data from *REDACTED*.

Accessing -IF99-.
Error. Not all data can be restored.

Codename: IF99

Homeplanet: Dantooine.

Age: 26

Name: *Redacted*

Length: *Redacted*

Former occupation: *Redacted*

Trying to run failsafe--- Failsafe failed. Data breach. Deleting all files - 0%

Mission log accessed-

Kuat Shipyards: IF99 was sent to Kuat by admiral Garrick Versio to find a rebel spy giving away intelligence to a Rebel insurgance group about the possible weakness of the Imperial Star Destroyers. Knowing fully well that it had to be a high ranking Imperial Officer doing so from the shipyard of Kuat.
Arriving there in his modified TIE Interceptor, he managed to jam the radars, flying in and landing in one of the unused hangars of the shipyard without beeing spotted.
This was his first solo mission and it had to be done with the upmost of discretion. If the high ranking officials of the Empire would know anything about this, it could end badly.
Log unreadable.

With the overseer dead, IF99 set his course towards Trandosha for his next assignment.

End of transmission.
To be continued.

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