John Newsom 48 hour notice

John Newsom

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In-Game Name: John Newsom

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:493870318

Rank: Support

Reason for leaving: I am really busy 

Edited by John Newsom

Ex PoliceRP- Senior Admin & Event Team |Ex Spport | Ex Fourm DiplomatPD SM | EX UMC Mercenary Leader | EX SWAT Commander Ex OG General

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sad to see you go man. you'll be missed

SM Balloon 1A98/FBI R COS Balloon RA4/State CPT Balloon 1H06/SPRT TL Balloon 1TL01

Keep your head up and your eyes straight and everything will be fine

PRP T MOD APRIL 21 - MAY 5  MODERATOR MAY 5 - JUNE 9 SENIOR MOD JUNE 9 - July 31 Admin July 31 - November 28 2018

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only just seen this sad to see u go thanks for your help man u taught me some good stuffs ❤️ 

Deputy Chief Tactical 1K-8

PoliceRP Super Admin 

Current ----| Event Team Co-Leader | UMC MERC LVL 4 | CERT CO-Commander | SS SA State MAJ | HRT OSCSupport Staff | Forums Diplomat | $500+ Donator
Custom Classes ----| North Carolina Deputy | Sike | Kermit The Frog | Zero The Number 

Previous ----| USMS R ADA | Scythes Of Paradise High Command SCO19 CHSUPT FBI DAD EMS PARA | SCU CPT | DOC AWOC | SPMU Deputy Head 

"Everything happens for a reason"

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