Scramble Gear Improved SCP-096

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Grade: 80

Lore: 20/20

I don't see any problems with the lore in this test.

Creativity: 15/20

This seems like a normal gadgets/weapons development test but with the wrong type of formatting, but you also tried to use real world science for the test which I don't see very many people do.

Presentation: 10/20

The format is kind of mixed up from what I can see, in the future make sure you follow the format for whatever test you are doing, other than that I like the SCP foundation symbol you put in the test log, and the medical examination.

Writing: 35/40

There are 3 pages of writing put into this test log (The 4th page only has 1 sentence so I am not counting it as a full page), and there aren't many spelling/grammar errors.

Test quality: Standard.

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