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  2. Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance: Level: Level 2 Personnel: MTF Rake Level D personnel involved: Class D Brawler CoolSteve SCP: SCP-066 SCP-066 at a 2 meter distance from Class D Errors and/or safety hazards: High frequency sounds which can cause permanent hearing loss and even death. Question: What are the physical consequences of SCP-066's abilities at close range? Background Research: SCP-066 is known for emitting Beethoven's 2nd symphony at a extremely high frequency. The damage done to the victim can vary depending on the distance of SCP-066 from the victim. After reading through some files, i realized that the question is still unresolved to this day, therefore, i decided to conduct the experiment myself. Hypothesis: The damage done by SCP-066 does not vary from different distances. I predict that it does approximately 50% damage. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): Image on the right (Not to scale) Analysis and Conclusion: At a 2 meter distance, SCP-066 did 32% damage to the test subject. The victim explains the experience as painful, and kept screaming "MY EARS, MY EARS!" after the test. They also stated that they supposedly fainted due to the loud noises and their brain not being able to process it. The factor i was focusing on was health, and i found out that SCP-066 does approximately 32% damage from 2 meters distance. Right after the symphony was emitted, the test subject fled from SCP-066 as soon as they could. Later on, SCP-066 stood 3 meters away from the test subject. The damage stayed exactly the same, although the distance isn't perfectly accurate. This led to me believing that SCP-066 does the same amount of damage to any victim in a approximate radius. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: They mostly align with my hypothesis, while the damage i estimated was not close to the correct one, 38%. I am willing to find out the approximate radius of damage done by SCP-066 in a future test.