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Tim Jim

SCP-912 and SCP-173 Research 1/11/2019

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Lore Name: Tim Jim

Rank: Researcher 

Clearance Level: 1

List of personnel involved in testing: Researcher Tim Jim 1 Class D Assistant Researcher Senpai and Junior Researcher Spook.

Level D personnel involved: 1

SCP: 173 and 912

Hypothesis: If SCP-912 saw SCP-173 kill someone it would attempt to arrest SCP-173.

Observation: SCP-912 and a D-Class were placed in SCP-173's CC. Junior Researcher Spook turned on the video feed in SCP-173's CC. After SCP-173 snapped the D-Class's neck SCP-912 began to arrest SCP-173 and even attemted to place SCP-173 in hand cuffs. Interestingly, SCP-173 complied and cooperated with SCP-912. After a few minuets of what seemed to be SCP-912 reading SCP-173 his rights, SCP-912 was told to step out of SCP-173's CC.

Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): N/A

Errors and/or safety hazards: N/A

Conclusion: I believe that SCP-173 didn't try to snap SCP-912's neck because SCP-912 doesn't have a neck. Further testing is required to confirm this.

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