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EMS Complaints #2 - Code 4

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Complaint is shown in Full Below:

" This is about no person in particular, but EMS as a whole. EMS is supposed to wait until a situation is code 4 to heal..they don't. They just go over and revive in the middle of gunfights. Those that do wait simply wait in the middle of the crime scene for code 4 I.E. Waiting Inside of the room before the bank vault as opposed to waiting outside during a bank raid. I've seen an increasing number of EMS get themselves killed because of this, and it really needs to be discussed with each and every member of EMS. "

All EMS Staff have been made aware that disiplinary action can and will be taken if they move into an active situation. They have also been made aware of the damage to RP that this will cause. If anymore issues occur please feel free to put in another complaint form with Names so we can take action.

Marked Resolved : 6th January 2019 By Deputy Alex D1

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