Jack's EMS Application

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Name: Jack


In-game name: Jack


How many warnings do you have?: 4


Why do you want to be EMS (150 word minimum): I would like to join EMS because I have been in the department before and had a good experience , so I am looking to join back. I have some experience in the field of medical treatment and am good at roleplaying it. I know how to use a medkit, the revive charges, and how to drive the ambulances. I know that maturity and activity are important components of being a good roleplayer in rockford, especially in EMS. I think I can be a good help to the departments and a good role model, and hopefully I can rank up and become a supervisor and help out. Also, I think EMS is a very important role in PoliceRP because if someone dies, EMS has a prioritized role to respond and revive and treat the wounded person as soon as possible, which is important because there are lots of people dying whenever I am on the server and I can move quickly and treat them if I am a EMS from previous experience. I think that it will be a fun experience with the EMS!



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Posted (edited)


  Make sure you review the SOP so you are ready to go.


 Congrats, and welcome to EMS! Make sure to join the discord at !




 EMS Captain

 Applications/FTO Asst. Lead


PS: Great application! @bobthecow56

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