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Found 8 results

  1. What is your current IGN? ( In Game Name) Zabuza ( Vice Sovereign Ved Kennede) 2) Why do you want to become the position of High Inquisitor? There are many reasons why I wish to become the High Inquisitor. To begin, ever since I became the SHGL in the Royal Guard I have had my eyes set on reaching a position in which I could benefit the server. When I reached the rank of SHGL that was when I knew I wanted to dedicate as much time as I could to gaming light and see how far I could go. My first goal was to become the Vice Sovereign which I have managed to do and I believe it is a position in which I have been successful. SHG had started to decline and eventually it was just me as the SHGL and no one else but after hard work and assistance, SHG was able to thrive once more and be on its way to a full command team before I became the Vice Sovereign. During my time as the Vice Sovereign, I have been maintaining activity and going behind with my SIM count to make sure that the Royal Guard will have something to do at all times. As of recently, the Royal Guard has been doing very well with a lot of new CDTs and promising talent. Because of this I believe I’m ready to further communicate and interact with IQ and Purge more and ultimately include every battalion within the Inquisitorous with SIMs and better the relationship each command team has and make IQ the best branch it can be. As a command member, I was expected to keep the battalion afloat and improve it when I could as well as maintain stable communication with the overseer and other command. I have spent many hours updating the roster and communicating with the other Royal Guard about suggestions and ways to improve the battalion. I can bring many skills to each command team I assist with such as unbiased opinions and expanded ideas. For example, if someone makes a suggestion I can quickly think about the positives and negatives that it could contain and provide solutions and ways to implement it. This will benefit the battalion I oversee because I will be able to make a quick detailed response to the situation and advise the command team on what to do next. 3) What is the biggest thing you could bring to Inquisitorius High Command? I would be able to bring dedication, hard work, activity and suggestions for improvement. I believe I have shown this to IQHC during my time as a low command member. I have luckily been able to work with every position of IQHC. I have never caused any issues with IQHC without a valid reason and when I did do it with a valid reason it would usually be a disagreement on an idea in which I would give my opinion and commonly propose an improvement on the suggestion or a different one related to it. I have dedicated the vast majority of my playtime on GMOD to this server and I plan on keeping it that way. I am a hard worker. This is shown in the fact that I have never failed to meet my quota and have always gone beyond it. When I was promoted to Vice Sovereign I managed to do 15 logs in the short period I had for the month. Every month since then I have consistently gotten 30+ logs and I plan on yet again completing 30 logs. I will bring my dedication and hard work if I get High Inquisitor and use it to help out all battalions when possible. I will attempt to ensure that all command under my watch does more than what’s expected of them and have them do the same for their officers and NCOs ultimately helping the branch and improving the battalion at stake. 4) What is the purpose of a High Inquisitor? The role itself is of great importance and responsibility however the purpose of the High Inquisitor is to assist the command teams of each battalion in becoming better command members and improving their battalion in the best way possible. However, I believe the High Inquisitor has 4 main roles to play : The High Inquisitor should ensure that all command are constantly logging SIMs to prevent the experience of the battalion from becoming stale. If the command does this it keeps the members entertained. This leads to a more active and healthy battalion which allows for a happy community. A command member is not the only role that needs to do SIMs however their SIMs have more impact than an NCO for example. If the command is actively logging this will encourage the officers to follow in their footsteps and not fall behind which overall makes sure the battalion is always doing something which will benefit the server and branch as a whole. Command activity is of great importance since they’re the ones commonly coming up with plans and ideas to improve their battalion. I will not only ensure that the battalion I oversee has an active command team but the branch as a whole. I have had the experience of witnessing a command team that had neglected their activity. Some officers wanted to jump ship or resign because of this if I am to receive the position of High Inquisitor I will ensure that this never happens and that the workload is spread out equally for the command team. Unbiased decisions are always important in officer choices but it is even direr when it comes to command positions as biased decisions can lead to the downfall of battalions and their impact on the community. I will make sure that I consider each applicant evenly and make a decision based on facts and not my personal opinion. If they had issues in the past I would only consider what they have done in the present. Finally, I would make decisions with command teams that have a long-lasting effect on the battalion's activity and role within the server. This is a very important role that the High Inquisitor must do if they wish for the battalion to keep improving and bringing in more members. 5) Why should we trust you to be Inquisitorius High Command? I Should be trusted as an IQHC because at the start of my journey I was known as a minge within RG and Purge to now being the Vice Sovereign of the Royal Guard. I have taken every position like SHGL, SHGO, and MAJ+ seriously when the time was needed. Ever since I received the position of Vice Sovereign I have been trusted with all the expectations of a low command member and I believe I have exceeded every expectation bestowed upon me and I will continue to do so as long as I'm here on the server. Whenever I receive a complaint from any other battalion or member, I handle it with an open mind, respect both sides of the story, and ensure that punishments are handled correctly to the accusation. If I am not on to receive a complaint I’m always active on discord and if I miss the chance to handle the situation at that very moment I make sure that I am well informed before I make a choice. I have made a few documents on my own with the permission of IQHC which serve to only benefit the Royal Guard experience. These documents consisted of the return of the Royal Guard language, and the Royal Guard lore quiz which allowed the Royal Guard to learn important details about the battalion's history in lore. If I was not a trusted member of low command I highly doubt that I would have been allowed to make such documents. With Fennec/ Dragon unfortunately leaving I decided I wanted to become the High Inquisitor to assist the people I hold the most respect for Name, Vertigo I am very lucky to have worked with such HC so I am very excited to have the chance to work with them even more and lighten the load they have currently. I would like to add to the extensive skills that IQHC already possesses so that the branch can get better and better. I wish to make sure that the Inquisitorius branch is playing its part in the server's battlemetrics by ensuring that flag ups and prizes are awarded to all for their good work so that activity increases and the servers rank as well. I have a few ideas of what I plan on doing with each battalion. Purge More Flag ups daily to have more activity all around the clock so that Purge can be represented at all times. Have officers and NCOs work on professionalism in the battalion for the lower ranks. More training and SIMs for the purge to participate in for example Inquisitors and Royal Guard do SIMs with Purge so there’s more variety of hosts and types of training. More passive RP to take part in as I do see Purge standing around tired of doing the same thing. More missions for Purge to take part in and scenario training for the Purge to practise skills which they will be using during events. More tryouts are being hosted if possible 1 every hour at least to boost numbers since Purge is the only battalion that isn’t a donator to get to the skill machine. I'm positive that this will only benefit Purge. More Tryout pings happening because I only see very few constantly doing this. This also benefits the server as more people get on to attend the tryouts if they know they’re going to happen. Have Purge advertise their battalion more for example if an ST wants to get to the machine you can simply tell them that if they join purge they can go back there whenever they want. Furthermore, have purge go out of checkpoint to find STs and attempt to get them to attend a tryout. Inquisitors Have passive RP options as after a while sitting in IQ bunks can get boring and it is always for a better RP experience and cross battalion relations. For example, do medical checkups and weapon and armour checks with regimental engineers which also gives the engineers more purpose than just guarding Engine Core. Rewards for dedication and SIM count goals. Also applies to Purge. Set a SIM count goal for all NCOs and officers and reward them for the increase they do for example quota is 5 SIMs a month for example if they do 6 Sims you reward them with 100k per SIM they do over their quota and if they reach a larger number for example 20 SIMs they receive a hilt and more GC. More Saber discipline SIMs are being done as well as giving the duel wielders a chance to practice not hitting each other when teaming up on Jedi. Royal Guard A larger variety of SIMs being done not just duelling SIMs for example VIP protection or Assassination SIMs. During the VIP protection, SIMs have them follow the SOP aka 2 highest ignite SHG chase or 2 highest rest cover the VIP and use reflect or absorb. More dedication from the NCOs since Royal Guard has always struggled with NCO activity and SIM count so similarly rewarding them like IQ would help Maturity in TS, it's our only form of communication since we follow the oath of silence so having conversations that break MOTD will not be tolerated. More punishments for those who break the MOTD and Royal Guard SOP. Overall Have MAJ+in all battalions have more responsibility and be involved in major decisions which allows the command team to gather ideas and opinions on if a major change would be accepted or not. At the end of the day, the High Inquisitor will be expected to maintain communication with all command in the branch to discuss changes, recommendations and what I see as the most important part let the command team make decisions on their own unless it could have a major negative impact. My success within the Royal Guard. I was able to bring back its only sub-branch from almost extinction into a stable state in which it can be improved upon. Have the Royal Guard become a more active battalion as there are more reasons to get on thanks to the officer core. I have attempted to get Purge and IQ included in the SIMs we host as a battalion so that we can have better cross battalion relations. Shadow Guard has been able to remain as an active sub-branch within Inquisitorius. I have had the honour of talking to many past Sovereigns and ultimately finding out what worked and what didn’t as well as what type of attitude each Royal Guard had at these times of success. I hope to improve every battalion with a mindset that benefits the battalion and each member's time on the server. My experience within the branch. When I first joined the server I became a purge NCO and switched to Royal Guard. These times have been the best I've ever had on the server and GMOD as a whole. I know what it’s like to just start playing on the server and what it’s like to be a Purge Enlisted at a time in which Purge was not as active as it is today. If I am trusted with the position of High Inquisitor I will spread my experience and knowledge to everyone I can and be open to any knowledge others would give to me. 6) How often can you be online? I can guarantee 4 hours of activity every day unless something IRL interferes during the weekdays and 8 minimum on Friday and Saturday. Furthermore a larger increase in activity during holidays however I’m on discord for more than 6 hours every day. https://www.battlemetrics.com/players/1007739528?servers[4604844]=7D 7) Do you have any Warnings? ( What for?) I have a clean sheet and I will try my best to keep it that way Thank you for reading my application!
  2. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : The Seventh Sister / Jax 2. Why do you want to become the position of High Inquisitor?: I would like to become The High Inquisitor because I have an outstanding amount of love and passion for Inquisitorious, however, I feel it could use some improvements, such as improvements to communication within the battalion and not only between the lower ranking members but the battalion as a whole, more engagement and rewards for activities and trainings, which means making Inquisitorious an fun and exciting experience and making sure there is consistent training at all levels taking place to keep people active and enable them to have a fun time within the Inquisitorious. I have some changes for the Inquisitorius that will not only be well overdue but also reel people in and get old, current, and new players back into the battalion and actively playing on the server again. I will not reveal too much about said ideas but I want to rework the Battalion as a whole and give it a breath of fresh air and or enable it to flourish. I feel that a new Sub-Battalion for IQ and Purge would give the Inquisitorius new life. Furthermore, I want the Inquisitorius to not only be a fun experience for all while maintaining a level of maturity but also be a heavily respected Battalion. Additionally, to secure that wish the Inquisitorius would need to further engage in maintaining their relationships with other Battalions by always being respectful and never arguing with them. I would like to become The High Inquisitor to secure these changes and help them come to fruition. I also want to further update our documents within the Inquisitorius and even introduce new ones with the help of IQ command. Although we have recently gone through them and touched some things up I believe that they need to be completely remade to a degree and be precise with no mistakes. We still use old documents from time to time which have been created by our predecessors but to fully renovate our documents we must make our own and update them persistently with new rules, protocols, and procedures. I've spent a lot of time on this server and as a part of Inquisitorius and personally I've loved every second of it as I've enjoyed all the Memories and friendships that have come from it. I want every member of not only IQ and Purge but RG as well to share that same experience I had along the way and so I want to help all three of the Battalions as much as I can. I want the Battalions to be the best of the best and be welcoming to everyone that comes their way while also remaining serious at all times. 3. What is the biggest thing you would bring to Inquisitorious High Command?: I have some changes for the Inquisitorius that will not only be well overdue but also reel people in and get old, current, and new players back into the battalion and actively playing on the server again. I will not reveal too much about said ideas but I want to rework the Battalion as a whole and give it a breath of fresh air and or enable it to flourish. I feel that a new Sub-Battalion for IQ and Purge would give the Inquisitorius new life. Furthermore, I want the Inquisitorius to not only be a fun experience for all while maintaining a level of maturity but also be a heavily respected Battalion. Additionally, to secure that wish the Inquisitorius would need to further engage in maintaining their relationships with other Battalions by always being respectful and never arguing with them. I will do whatever it takes to secure these changes and help them come to fruition. I am always on discord and I can do anything High Command needs or asks for ASAP. I am always willing to help out others. 4. What is the purpose of a High IQ? The main purpose of The High Inquisitor is to work directly under The Grand IQ and maintain the branch's vitality and maturity by keeping it active, happy, and respectful at all times. Additionally, they should be keeping up with their troops and making sure they are having a fun time and help with resolving any issues they have. Furthermore, As The High Inquisitor, you will be responsible for overseeing the Regiment, implementing and enforcing trainings, punishing those who misbehave, and appointing commanding NCOs and Officers to your regiment accordingly. Command Team objectives: The High Inquisitor should also being consistent in checking in with their Command team/ Lore IQ for updates about NCO and Officer activity, what improvements need to be made, and to hand out to be promotions and or demotions. The High Inquisitor should also work with their command team to maintain relationships and respects between battalions whether its Navy or Army. The High Inquisitor should also be making sure their subordinates in the command team are keeping on top of their duties whether it's updating the roster, updating troops who are on or off LOA or ROA, and making sure and encouraging them reach their command quota for the month and even trying to go beyond the quota so they do not get striked. Being a role model: The High Inquisitor should always be a role model to their Command team, Officers, NCOs, and Enlisted by setting a standard of how they should strive to be. The High Inquisitor is one of the highest positions of IQ and they are always representing their Battalion and must always be Mature to set an example for their subordinates. If any member of High Command were to minge or try to instigate other players not only would it make their own Battalion and High Command look bad but I would be a horrible example for their subordinates. The Objectives are universal for any of the battalions The High Inquisitor oversees at any point in time. 5. Why should we trust you to be IQ High Command?: I've put in a lot of time on this server and I have been dedicated to IQ for a long time I have many people vouching for me when it comes to my dedication to this regiment and I believe I would be a good fit for this role. I always try to keep my subordinates in line regardless of if it’s a mission, event, or we’re just on the ship with nothing going on because I want to see them grow rather than see them get in trouble . Another thing is that I will try my best to resolve any and all problems present in my branch. I am also well aware of the SOP and rules and I regularly read them to refresh myself and see if anything new is added to them. I also took upon a commanding role in my local Firehouse where I oversee the Junior and Probationary members and keep them in line whether it's in public, at the station, or on a fire call and It has given me a lot of useful experience and helped me grow as an individual. I personally believe I am ready to take on the responsibility of The High Inquisitor as I have been nothing but dedicated to Inquisitorius since I joined the server. 6. How often can you be active in-game? : {Mondays} 2PM - 6PM EST {Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday} 8PM - 12AM EST {Saturdays and Sundays} Usually anytime unless work schedules me otherwise. 7. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I do not have any warnings.
  3. What is your IGN? (In Game Name): Purge Vice Commander Ghost / Fifth Brother (However I am not the only one on this job) Why do you want to become the position of High Inquisitor?: #1 I have for a very long time looked at High command as a peak in ones career in which one must constantly strive for as well as prove ones worth to earn as simply reaching command was already a monumental step in this task. High inquisitor may only be the first step in an IQ High commands career but also arguably the most important as it directly affects how you'll be perceived throughout your time no matter what rank you achieve, I wish to start this journey, I believe I have proven myself as a competent Vice Commander, Commander, And senior commander through out my lives on this server as well as believe I can further prove myself a competent High Command and even excel in a more managerial position however while still being hands on through the battalions under this rank. #2 I wish to help IQ as a branch and continue to assist its growth as a whole though out all 3 battalions under the supervision of IQ high command while also assisting its growth and advancements. As a Purge Vice Commander although limited i do have influence in my current state but wish to pursue this rank in order to help run things as a whole rather than my specific "sector". As High Inquisitor I can help directly impact how the Inquisitiorious runs as a whole and help reach the peak of what it could be through proper guidance and attention. #3 As happy as I've been being apart of the command team of Purge i believe my abilities are directly limited by what a vice commanders purpose is, I want to be able to do more for the branches as well as myself as i think id be able to simply reach a higher peak for myself as well through this not just through rank but attitude and ability that i may currently not be aware of due to being to comfortable in my current position , i want to be able to strive to prove myself again which although i have been doing means much more as a high command as well as creates new challenges to overcome which i welcome. What is the biggest thing you would bring to Inquisitorious High Command?: #1 To put it simply, Perspective. I whole heartedly believe i have always brought an interesting albeit unique point of view to command through both my times reaching it, I always look at things through every point of view not always the most obvious or most direct but i look for the How and why instead of just the when if that makes sense. I choose to investigate the angles of possible changes , punishments, or implements. Although many may see the way I look at both certain subjects and situations "different" I am usually able to explain things and help them understand what I said in a way that makes enough sense for them to usually agree with me on the subject although i admit not always. #2 Attitude, I am able to stay indifferent in all scenarios as well as stay calm and collected through almost each and every situation I've been in charge of dealing with, I'm always easily approachable throughout my time in the ship answering any and all questions although making a point if its something they should have already know and looking into why they didn't etc, while saying this I myself am always talking to others and connecting to not only other command but troopers of all battalions although yes mostly my own. I am also willing to admit if I've been proven wrong or made a mistake in judgement whether by apologizing to those directly involved or admitting my mistake in the case of a less obvious scenario, although I almost always ask for a second command opinion in order to gain another perspective. What is the purpose of a High IQ?: #1 The most obvious roll High Inquisitor plays is to maintain balance and activity of the command team, giving them direct rewards as well as punishments for proving themselves or falling behind, however they must also show them how to excel and thrive though guidance and explanations doing their upmost to assist them before having to result in a punishment although still maintain a firm but fair attitude in this endeavor if they simply choose not to head the advice, they most also be an example for how the command team should act not just by simply being the rank they are but showing them why they are through careful observation of situations , outward attitude towards situations that may prove difficult and by showing they best of their abilities as often as possible. #2 High Inquisitor has many roles to play as a High Command one of the most important I believe to be is upholding the image of what a high command should be, the simple idea of even being apart of it should mean they have reached almost the pinnacle of what any member of command should be, with both respect, attitude and authority having earned the title and rank showing all troopers on ship how they should act and command being a prime example of the work you need to put in to reach a rank such as that inspiring the troopers as well as command to put in that much more effort in order to earn as well as prove themselves in a similar way. #3 I am also aware of the more behind the scenes tasks that come with achieving this rank such as recording sim counts and reviewing them to make sure they have been done, ran and explained correctly with no obvious defects. They must also relay information of upcoming changes to their command team in an efficient time frame so everyone is aware and ready for whatever updates or changes may be occurring, as well as taking account their commands attitude and or objections towards said changes in order to properly relay information and reactions to any who may be directly involved in said change so if needed, a better way to go about said change may be achieved. They must also constantly be conversing with their command in order to help them run as efficiently as possible assuming they follow chain of command the rank of High Inquisitor is the first High command they will go to with their questions meaning you must constantly be ready and willing to answer questions and assist those in your team that require your attention. Why should we trust you to be IQ High Command?: #1 arguable the most important reason is simply experience, I have been apart of the current command team for 6 months watching people rise as well as exit not only command but high command, I have observed how all 3 battalions run as well as spoken to a majority of all 3 in order to familiarize myself with all the people who make up the IQ branch and how they operate within it, I have built up my trust with the battalion over 6 months of effort and communication within as well as experience dealing with command from current and past teams implementing myself in most conversations in which my perspective or opinion was needed or asked for in order to help anyone who was willing to take it or implement it into their own way of looking at things. #2 As High Inquisitor is first and foremost a High Command position and High Command observe over multiple battalions under their control as well as offer assistance to those not I have made it a point to not only interact with everyone when given the chance going into the different teamspeaks while also speaking and assisting enlisted in game to the best of my ability but also participating with multiple other battalions in the server in order to grow purges reputation in a positive way with multiple other teams and battalions through out the ISD involving missions, trainings and almost always the public or cross battalions sims i hold in order to get not just my own battalion but many other on the ship involved and interested in more then just their own daily activities. trust is not given but earned and i believe by helping, cooperating, and including not just all the battalions under IQ but multiple throughout the ship itself i have earned this title. #3 I have always held up the ideals of a Command member, through out my time as apart of the command team I have always completed the tasks given to me by those overseeing me as well as giving as much insight, suggestions, and observations I had into either my battalion or those I have direct contact with. I have never once declined in offering assistance to those who needed it within both my battalion and others however i do look first to those who should be completing said task before performing it myself if needed for obvious reasons which i believe is important as in High Command you will be tasked with giving assistance to a variety of different battalions even if they are not necessarily the ones below you, which in turn means always being willing to help and offer what guidance you have and being willing to reach out to those who know more then you, which I have done whenever needed when dealing with situation on par with this even while just being a Vice Commander. #4 I am constantly willing to help whether it be questions, assisting in sims, helping bring in more people etc, I will answer any question given to me by whoever came to me for help whether directly or indirectly and answer either on the spot or if needed asking someone with more experience in the area for assistance and insight so that I can better understand the answer and why it is what it is. I have also grew the reputation of my battalion by being willing and excited to participate with others which in turn makes both battalions interact and connect which doesn't always happen but will strengthen both as a whole and their connection through out the server. #5 All of these separate reasons has in turn built my reputation both within Purge and IQ but also through out the ISD , as well as the command and players that populate it, i have done my best to constantly put myself out there and both raise peoples expectations of me but also make the server a better place for the people on it using both humor to raise morale as well as to come across as easy to talk to so that people in turn come to me with any issues , but also defending and helping those who have had trouble in some way on ship offering as much help as i can to them as a command member. How often can you be active in-game?: I can be active in-game for 2-6 hours a day unless something come up however some days i will obviously miss here and there while still adhering to the activity quota in place Do you have any Warnings? (What for?): I have had 0 warning total in my entire history on GamingLight and will continue to avoid receiving them by staying well withing the rules and regulations placed (yes this was a long one because it is indeed important to me but thank you to those who took the time too read through this)
  4. I honestly don’t even know where to begin and I know almost everyone will be surprised by this. EMS has been a huge part of my life and I am extremely grateful for this amazing opportunity I had being Chief. I will never forget all the memories I have made in this department. Unfortunately, time passes.(Fun fact, I have been Chief since 12:25 p.m September 29, 2019.) I will be on EMS from time to time but I think I should get to the mentions. I am sorry if I don't mention you as there are a lot of people, but just know I am thankful for every single one of you. I will start at the top of the EMS roster and go down. ============================================ High Command ============================================= Beelzebub - Thank you for everything you have done for EMS. From training FTO’s to doing basic roster work you were always there ready to work. It has been an honour working alongside you and I wish the best for you in the future! ============================================= Low Command ============================================= MiniEpic - Congrats on Head Deputy! You deserved it! If you keep working hard you could possibly make it to HC! Thank you for everything you do and I hope to see you around! Drake - After that brief visit to the reserves side you are back in EMS! Glad to see you back! Keep on working hard! Rhammer - Rhammer you have done so much for this department! Thank you for being a part of EMS and I hope to see you in High Command one day! Tyler John - Keep up the good Tyler! I know if you keep working hard you will continue to reach higher ranks! Thank you for everything you do! Ajax - Ahhh Atjax… first off, Please don’t block me! Ajax you have done a lot of work for EMS and I want to thank you for that! Also, don’t get me wrong I still love EMS and I forever will. EMS is like a family to me that I will never forget. Please don’t give Beelzebub a hard time! I look forward to seeing you rank up! MJTHEOG - Thank you for all your work in EMS! I’m sad that you couldn't be here at the meeting today but everyone has things to do in life! Keep up the hard work! Ecott - I am glad you are back in EMS! Thank you so much for everything you do! I look forward to playing with you in the future! Dark - Congrats on low command! EMS now has another furry in command! Keep on working up the ranks! ============================================= Medics ============================================= Without any of you EMS would not be how it is today and I thank you all for that. EMS to me is like a second family. Everyone has a different personality and different roles to play. It has been an honour seeing you all work up the ranks and I hope you all continue to! Thank you for being a part of EMS! ============================================= First Response ============================================= Stackable - I enjoyed working beside you. You are doing a great job on First Response! Thank you for everything you do! I hope to see you around in-game! ============================================= Quotes and Memories ============================================= -Screams "Theres a dead spider hanging from my ceiling!" Screams again "No! Its alive!" -Seb 2k19 - Lookin' like a mad fish(fox) (dog) over here. - "Drum roll....... Going to HD is.... (Music) "everyone, who is ? " "OH I DIDN'T SAY ITTT?!" -"Why am i orange!!! Ender HELP HELP" -"What can I say, I enjoy hitting cars!" -Seb 2k20 -"I need to get some H2OwO" - Seb 2k20 - "I will never leave EMS! - Seb 2k21 I will post picture when I get the chance! Thank you all for everything!
  5. What is your in-game name? Dallas What is your current rank? SFC How much time do you have on the server`? 1 Week and a couple days of play time Why do you feel that you deserve the position of officer? I Have been one of the most active members of shock recently and have been on every day. I have basically dedicated all my time on the server to shock and don't want that to change I always try my best and work hard for shock and want to one day become a renowned member of Shock. Why do you feel you can be trusted to hold this position? I am a very dedicated member of shock and have always tried to be serious when it comes to shock, I try my hardest on shock because it is my favorite Battalion and it is my goal to become a high rank in it. I have never gotten a strike and never plan to, I always try to listen to orders and do everything the way it is supposed to be done. If chosen, what can you add to the battalion that other applicants can't? I can be a very dedicated and active Officer, I am on basically whenever I get the chance and when I'm not its never for more than a day and of course I will be able to help shock in any way possible. How active can you be? Very active, I basically never have anything going on so I can be on whenever needed.
  6. 1. What is your IGN? Sovereign Protector Ved Kennede (Steel) 2. What Regiment are you applying for? High Inquisitor 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? Honestly, I don't even know where to start. My journey was long and arduous, from my humble start as a CDT and climbing my way through the ranks within the Royal Guard, it was nothing but exciting and satisfying to create new friends as well as guide the people around me; creating a brighter future. Once I reached VCMDR+, it not only allowed me to oversee and actively engage with the Royal Guard, but also Purge and IQ as a whole. While, yes I did not have the authority to remove an IQ or Purge, I've garnered respect from not only The Grand Inquisitor, Commanders & Vice Commanders to be given the authority necessary to ensure everything runs smoothly. One thing I had found very reassuring and also heartwarming was that IQ, Purge, and Royal Guard of all ranks felt comfortable enough to come to me for just about anything. Many feel as if I am a trustworthy friend and colleague; not simply because of the way I interact with others, but because of my knowledge and experience on the server during my time as an Inquisitorius Command member and current staff member. I hold everyone in the highest regards and my respect for everyone will be thorough and true. One of the many reasons why I would like to become the inaugural High Inquisitor, is that I find aiding Inquisitorius battalions in their duties and general roleplay to be enjoyable, to a great extent. There have been moments where I (as the Sovereign Protector) have been asked to assist with IQ or Purge by not only The Grand Inquisitor, but also other members of Inquisitorius Command and have shown that they hold trust and some form of respect that I hold dear to me. With this newly added position, I will be able to be more proactive in lending a helping hand in Inquisitorius matters, rather than just the Royal Guard. I am eager to coordinate with the commanders of IQ to keep the rosters updated, ensuring simulations are punctually occurring, and the IQ battalions are running as efficiently as possible. I've dreamed for the opportunity to be more than what I'm currently restricted to and give my support anywhere that is required. Myan is one man overseeing the entirety of IQ, so with the possibility that I am accepted as the new High Inquisitor, providing assistance to Myan will be a duty as well as a pleasure. Adding on to my previous statement, I will be able to support/guide my fellow colleagues within the Inquisitorius branches and amongst the ISD as a whole, enhancing the overall quality of roleplay and efficiency. Finally, being in the position of High Inquisitor allows me to introduce more roleplay scenarios for all of Inquisitorius and other members and battalions of the ISD. I'm able and capable of doing so much more in the position of High Inquisitor because not only would I oversee IQ as a whole, but I would also be a General Imperial High Command member of the ISD. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? I have 6 almost 7 weeks on server in-game time. https://www.battlemetrics.com/players/982840506?servers[4604844]=3M (I did recently come off of an LOA, but as you can see prior to my LOA, I was on and actively engaged with the server nearly everyday.) 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The main purpose of a commander for a branch is to essentially ensure everything is operational. One of the most important duties as a commander for a branch is to make sure you have a solid command & officer core to assist in any and all battalion matters and to also solidify the integrity of the battalion. During my tenure as the Royal Guard Sovereign Protector, I've essentially reformed the entire battalion with the support of those around me. The first thing I worked on as a commander was to solidify our Officer Core to ensure those who are working hard and actively engaged within the battalion are getting promoted and rewarded for their dedication, loyalty, and hard work overall. The next thing I worked on once my Officer team was stable was gathering NCO's. My purpose as a Commander was to ensure that the "Then stabilized Officer Core" had worked with cadets consistently to inevitably form the NCO's that we have to this day in order for the officers to then pass this responsibility fully over to NCO's so that Officers are then able to focus on the NCO's while NCO's then focused on forming and scouting potential future NCO's. As a commander for a branch/battalion is to also ensure that any complaints, issues, problems and or concerns for your battalion are seen acknowledged and acted upon as swiftly as possible and issued broad guidance or even consequences if absolutely necessary. Something I've worked on a tremendous amount is battalion relations. I, alongside other IQ command attempt to host really fun simulations, events, and even trainings with rewards. It's very important to the commander and battalion to have good relations with other battalions and battalion leaders to ensure maximum efficiency as a brotherhood of Inquisitors working together with one common goal; to server the empire to the best our ability. If I'm graciously elected to server this ISD as the newly introduced High Inquisitor, it would be my honor to help ensure that all IQ branches are fully functional and operational the best of it's capability. In this scenario, I would also be Imperial High Command and would love to do anything in any way shape or form possible to help out any battalion, commanders, vice commanders, officers, and battalion members possible. Overall the main purpose of being a Commander for your branch or battalion is to ensure that day to day operations are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, as well as upholding positive relations with other battalions and ensuring that those within your branch or battalion are satisfied and eager to work to their best capability at any and all times. A commander should be someone that people can count on to lead them through whatever obstacles are thrown their way and should be able to be trusted. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? For starters, I've been in Inquistorius Command for nearly 4 months now, and I'd like to believe I've done a really good job. I've seriously enjoyed helping out the Royal Guard battalion flourish in all ways possible. Since I've become VCMDR+, I've not only had the privilege's of bettering RG, but IQ & Purge as a whole with other command members whenever the opportunity was graciously presented. During my tenure I've come to learn a lot about how Inquistorius branches operate and function on a day to day basis. I've put forth as much effort as my body physically allows me to exert into bettering the ISD as a whole. I've had the pleasure of working through the ranks within RG to inevitably become the rank I am today. I interact with RG, IQ & Purge pretty much everyday and enjoy it more then anything else imaginable. Both RG & IQ/Purge have been nothing but a brotherhood of talented, hard working, and dedicated individuals with common goals. Before the recent LOA that I had just come off of, I was on pretty much every other day if not everyday, and enjoyed every second of it. I look forward more then anything else (If I am to be accepted as the next High Inquisitor), to assist Myan and other IQ command in anything and everything. I look forward to assisting other High Command members with anything that they may need help with as well. All I want is what's best for the ISD, and everyone amongst in the end. There's so much more that I'd love to say but there's no real way to put into words how I'm feeling about the possibility that I could become the first sitting newly added High Inquisitor. If I am to be accepted for this position, you can expect me to put forth more effort into becoming the best version of myself possible and to assisting in anything and everything both High Command related and typical day to day duties amongst the ISD. I enjoy nothing more then to hop on server and just have a good time with all the wonderful community members that make Gaminglight what it is. When I'm on the server, I do everything that I can to ensure that everyone is happy, having fun, laughing, and just genuinely having a good time roleplaying on ImperialRP. So to answer the question as to why I can and should be trusted to be the High Inquisitor, this is why. I want nothing but the best for everyone in this community and ensure that everyone is having top notch roleplay, while keeping a smile on everyone's face and keeping things fun and a pleasure to be apart of. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this application, and for the feedback that I will receive positive or negative, as in the end, it means a lot and I appreciate every single one of you. 7. How often can you be Online? I can be online nearly everyday for around 4-6 hours a day and more if need be. 8. Do you have any Warnings? I have 0 warnings on Gaminglight across all servers. Once again, thank you all for taking the time to read through my application and leaving feedback, have a blessed rest of your day/night!
  7. What is your in-game name? Subway What is your current rank? 1SGT How much time do you have on the server`? 3 weeks in game but have been with the server for at least 4 months maybe more. Why do you feel that you deserve the position of officer? when i first joined shock i was known to be a minge and general milford didnt think i should have gotten a tryout at all, throughout my time in shock i have become a very respectable part of the battalion also the sub battalion STF. when there was no STF lead i stepped up even though i wasnt a lead or assistant lead and i hosted tryouts multiple times because i wanted my sub battalion to stay active and before i went on loa i knew i need to get as many STF as i could. So thats exactly what i did i hosted probably the most STF tryouts that have ever been hosted because even though my sub battalion isnt that great, having more people and having a strong reputation and showing of people in the sub battalion could keep it alive. whenever i do something that i really care about which is the shock battalion in this case i always perform to my max ability and i love all the people i have met through shock even though when i joined we were in a rough patch and were going through vice commanders like taco bell goes through my digestive system i was there to do whatever i could to make the shock battalion better and give all people who are in shock a better reputation on the isd. Why do you feel you can be trusted to hold this position? my time on the ISD has included the following. being apart of the royal guard and learning valuable responsibility lessons there and now i am a high ranking Shadow guard and people know i have a natural leader aspect so when they have problems they come to me also since i am a staff member i know the responsibility and care that comes with the title 2ndLT. i feel i can be trusted with this position because most people who know me and have been in a battalion with me can vouch for me that when i am put to the test the hard stuff doesnt faze me i am a D1 college athlete so i know when its time to be serious and i know when it is an appropriate time to goof off also even though i am not assistant lead in STF most of the high ranking STF members are on LOA so i take on the Role of doing trainings for STF doing Sims and so on so i think if i can manage my STF members and keep my sub battalion strong why wouldnt i be trust worthy with an officer position If chosen, what can you add to the battalion that other applicants can't? if i get chosen for this position i will do the following. first thing would be to hold my other shock members to the same standards i would myself because in the sop it states shock is supposed to be one of the most serious battalions on the ship and we have been having a problem with that and everyone who knows me knows iam not and aggressive person so even if it was a CPT or a higher ranking member than me maybe got out of line and did something minge i would respectfully in my calm soothing voice just ease that person back on the right track. another thing i can bring along with holding my fellow shock to a high standard would be to bring a little bit more discipline into play my time in royal guard has really shown me what it means to have discipline and what it means to be in the battalion and all the things that come with it we are tasked with the most important jobs on the ship and for that you need to go through very very hard training especially when your a shadow guard like i am. iam not trying to boast about any positions i have on the ship i just want to get the word out that iam a very responsible person and you can hold me to it i follow orders and can also discipline respectfully i know how to handle things thats why iam apart of staff. another thing i can bring to the battalion includes determination. my entire life i have struggled with learning because i have disgraphia thats why these paragraphs your reading probably have alot of punctuation errors and run on sentences but atleast i am willing to put forth my best effort. putting aside the fact that its embarassing to have people read my writing because its so bad. but in conclusion i can bring alot to the battalion and i hope you could have me as an officer. How active can you be? 5-10 hrs a day depending on work and school and sports
  8. MTF Omicron-9 Regiment Update The following regiment update is a result of a few weeks of discussion along with in depth observation and testing in regards to things that need to be fixed or adjusted. Some of the details will be included in this post so that others can see the changes that have been requested and why they have been. Those involved in discussion in regards to the branch update understand that balance is key, and while there has been some improvement requested, there has also been deterioration made as well. While some the changes that are listed below may be significant in some degrees, myself, along with a couple of SMT members and fellow MTF and CI personnel, have deemed it necessary for a rework of HP/AP stats for our regiment due to the significant disadvantage and imbalance in combat scenarios, being as how we are a combatant branch but lack the protection needed as one. Some other general additions are posing sweps! This adds formality to debriefs, meetings and otherwise more serious RP scenarios. These posing sweps will remain in white so they are distinguishable from weaponry. This document has been approved for posting by VCMDR Rektify and CMDR Blackbeard of the MTF Omicron-9 Regiment. This request is subject to change should the need for one arise. Key: Default MTF Equipment | SWEPs | Utility | Requested Weaponry __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of Job: MTF Omicron-9 Combat Operative (Name changed from MTF Omicron-9 Soldier) Job Model (Model Paths): models/killzone/pm/pm_soldier_2.mdl Job Description: MTF Omicron-9 Combat Operatives are held to a high standard and are trusted to ensure the safety of the Foundation and its Facilities from hostile personnel who originate from Chaos Insurgency, Global occult Coalition, and other GOIs labeled by the Foundation. They are genetically enhanced personnel who are able to withstand even the harshest of mental and physical torture, abuse or otherwise, making them ruthless in their day to day operations. Job Weapons: weapon_m9 | weapon_keycard_level3 | weapon_cuff_elastic | dradio | salute | tfa_csgo_smoke | tfa_csgo_flash | tfa_csgo_fiveseven | tfscpsl_e11 Job Salary: 150 Job HP: 125 Job Armor: 125 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): The E-11 SIR proved to be a competent contender to replace the current operative AR, that being the 9mm AS VAL. While having a lower rate of fire, it makes up for this with a 30 round mag capacity along with a non invasive scope that is centered and ready to be used for stable CQB and medium ranged operation making it a good weapon to train with for both indoor and outdoor PT's. The E-11 SIR is equivalent to the M4A4 in regards to combat performance. The enlisted and command members agreed that most operatives who have been newly enlisted are not seasoned enough to use the AS Val to its full potential despite it being a very powerful weapon in combat, and that only veterans would be able to use it to its full potential, thus the need for change. [HP/Armor changed from 175 | 50] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of Job: MTF Omicron-9 Genetic Specialist (Name change from MTF Omicron-9 Medic) Job Model (Model Paths): models/killzone/pm/pm_scientwithglass.mdl | models/killzone/pm/pm_scient.mdl Job Description: MTF Omicron-9 Genetic Specialists are personnel who have undergone years of Advanced Genetic Modification and Medical training to ensure the survivability of their fellow comrades. While the source of their training is unknown as well as the extension of how advanced their skill is, it is known that whoever trained them has since cut direct ties from the Facility they are stationed at. Genetic Specialists wield their shotgun and trusty Field Medical Kit at their side at all times… Sometimes to save lives, you have to be the one who takes them. Job Weapons: weapon_m9 | weapon_keycard_level3 | weapon_cuff_elastic | dradio | salute | cross_arms_swep | cross_arms_infront_swep | fas2_ifak | tfa_csgo_smoke | tfa_glock | tfa_ithacam37 Job Salary: 185 Job HP: 150 Job Armor: 115 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): Needs the ability to purchase Medical Supplies in F4 menu for $10 due to this being a Medical Staff based class. Members felt the Genetic Specialists needed a shotgun based more around the art of self-defense rather than PVP, their duty is to stay alive and only engage if need be. While it may have a slight increase in ranged accuracy in comparison to the previous shotgun, the slower rate of fire and reload make ammunition management a must, forcing them to use each shot wisely in comparison to the reckless use of the Winchester 1887 despite it’s damage advantage. $20 salary increase | Felt this was needed because they play a very important role for the survivability of all members of the regiment more so than general operatives. Will encourage the utilization of the Medical based operatives. [HP and Armor changed from 175 | 25] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of Job: MTF Omicron-9 Juggernaut Job Model (Model Paths): models/killzone/pm_hazmat2.mdl Job Description: MTF Omicron-9 Juggernauts are operatives who specialize in frontline combat engagement whether it be offense or defense. Their genetic modification and enhancements are much stronger and more resilient than their comrades in all fashions, making them some of the strongest operatives stationed at any Foundation based Facility. They are expected to be able to operate under the most stressful of combat and lockdown scenarios without hesitation or flaw with whatever weaponry they are supplied with. Job Weapons: weapon_m9 | weapon_keycard_level3 | weapon_cuff_elastic | dradio | salute | cross_arms_infront_swep | cross_arms_swep | tfa_csgo_smoke | tfa_csgo_flash | tfa_csgo_frag | tfa_model500 | tfa_m3 | tfa_l85 Job Salary: 165 Job HP: 225 Job Armor: 225 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): The majority of operatives from this division have deemed it necessary for a change of primary due to the overall lack of effectiveness seen from the M60 LMG. They understand all the sacrifices and possible disadvantages they will be making in regards to firearm advantage due to them wanting to switch to an AR based platform rather than another LMG. They’d much rather have a weapon of average effectiveness rather than the bulky, slow M60 that fails to perform. They believe they will be able to support to a better degree with the platform change. [HP and Armor changed from 300 | 125] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of Job: MTF Omicron-9 Recon Specialist (Name changed from MTF Omicron-9 Heavy Sniper) Job Model (Model Paths): models/killzone/pm_sniper.mdl Job Description: MTF Omicron-9 Recon Specialists are personnel who excel in the art of marksmanship and reconnaissance. They are armed with a military grade .50 Barret, and due to their genetic enhancement they are able to wield this weapon as if they had their entire lives with no affect to their mobility. Their duty is to scout out enemies without detection and report it back to the Foundation, and put a bullet in those they are assigned, or deemed a threat to MTF personnel. Job Weapons: weapon_m9 | weapon_keycard_level3 | weapon_cuff_elastic | dradio | salute | cross_arms_swep | cross_arms_infront_swep | tfa_csgo_smoke | tfa_barret_m82 | tfa_mp5 Job Salary: 165 Job HP: 150 Job Armor: 125 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): While the Mag-7 was an outstanding performer in regards to raw damage output and suppression, operatives in this division often felt overwhelmed when dealing with more than one insurgent in CQB, especially since they are almost always armed with an automatic firing weapon while they were equipped with a slow firing shotgun. They also felt outmatched at medium range due to the inaccuracy of the shotgun. It was decided that an SMG for efficient self defense was needed in the event that enemies got too close for comfort. [HP and Armor changed from 200 | 50] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of Job: MTF Omicron-9 Experimental Forces (Name changed from: MTF Omicron-9 Experimental Unit OM9) Job Model (Model Paths): models/pechenko_121/doomslayer.mdl | models/pm/pm_armadillo.mdl Job Description: [DATA EXPUNGED BY REQUEST OF SITE ADMINISTRATION] Job Weapons: weapon_m9 | weapon_keycard_level5 | weapon_cuff_elastic | dradio | salute | cross_arms_swep | cross_arms_infront_swep | tfa_csgo_smoke | tfa_csgo_flash | tfa_csgo_frag | tfa_csgo_deagle | tfa_aw50 | tfa_vikhr | tfa_nmrih_chainsaw Job Salary: Same Job HP: 275 Job Armor: 125 Extra Info (Workshop link for models): The decision to remove the FG42 and replace it with the AK based Vikhr was a difficult one to make due to it being an overall excellent weapon. While the Vikhr has identical damage output, it also has significantly lower fire rate but makes up for this with a 30 round magazine and an ironsight that is non-invasive to peripheral vision. We want to keep our Experimental operatives on their toes and not being overpowered, we don’t want their work to be too easy for them to perform, hence the request for the downgrade. As for the SL8 DMR, it proved to be too unstable for any sort of effective use in any scenario, it was unused due to its terrible performance. It’s been requested for it to be changed for a standard .50 cal for general ranged operation. Needs the ability to change DEFCONS [NO HP/AP CHANGES REQUESTED] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of Job: MTF Omicron-9 Explosive Engineer (Name changed from: MTF Omicron-9 Explosive Specialist) Job Model (Model Paths): models/killzone/pm/pm_pyro.mdl | models/killzone/pm/pm_rifleman_support2.mdl | models/killzone/pm/pm_rifleman_support2_fur.mdl Job Description: MTF Omicron-9 Explosive Engineers specialize in demolition and breaching tactics, and while they may not be the strongest of personnel in the regiment, their engineering of explosives have proven to be quite lethal in combat, whether they are detonated head on through firearms and throwable utility or planted detonative explosives that they are provided with. Job Weapons: weapon_m9 | weapon_keycard_level3 | weapon_cuff_elastic | dradio | salute | cross_arms_swep | cross_arms_infront_swep | m9k_sticky_grenade | m9k_m79gl | m9k_suicide_bomb | weapon_slam | tfa_csgo_usp | tfa_fal Job Salary: $165 Job HP: 175 Job Armor: 175 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): A simple change in pistol was requested due to the raging bull being too ineffective overall as a sidearm. Also a general model change to fit the regiments aesthetic and to avoid confusion with E-11 Ordnance Specialists. [NO HP/AP CHANGES REQUESTED] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of Job: MTF Omicron-9 Officer Job Model (Model Paths): models/helghast1/player/pm_infantry.mdl | models/helghast1/player/pm_security.mdl | models/helghast1/player/pm_soldier3.mdl | models/armacham/security/guard_5.mdl | models/armacham/security/guard_4.mdl Job Description: MTF Omicron-9 Officers are Level 4 personnel of the Foundation, they also represent the Low Command for the MTF Omicron-9 Operatives stationed at Site 05. Their primary task is to ensure that proper security protocols are being met to ensure the strictest of operational security in the Facility, and upholding said security to the best of their ability, no matter the threat. They may organize squadrons and leave the Facility if proper intel has been collected in regards to the whereabouts of GOI’s, and SCP’s or Personnel they may have captured, in an attempt to terminate said GOI, if deemed necessary, or retrieve Foundation property. Job Weapons: weapon_m9 | weapon_keycard_level4 | weapon_cuff_elastic | dradio | salute | cross_arms_swep | cross_arms_infront_swep | tfa_csgo_smoke | tfa_csgo_frag | tfa_f2000 | tfa_csgo_usp Job Salary: 200 Job HP: 200 Job Armor: 150 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): While the M14sp is a very powerful rifle to be had, it proved to be more fitting for Marksmen to use as a DMR for ranged operation, and being as how our Officers are not designated Marksmen, it was deemed that the weapon would not fit the needs of the low command officers in general combat. Another addition was the USP, a standard pistol for most operatives in MTF and CI based factions that has been proven to be trustworthy in CQB. Models with insignia have also been requested, each rank will have a designated model that will be utilized hence the need for 3 of them, along with 1 other model for training. Abuse or misuse of models will result in punishment in accordance to SOP Punishment Guidelines. Level 4 Keycard requested for PK/Interrogation room access being as how officers were classified as Level 4 Clearance personnel before this update, but only provided with a Level 3 card. 2 FTO Models have been requested due to the instance of Hostiles engaging personnel who are being trained, causing a deal of inconvenience in and out of RP and training for the interacting factions. [HP and Armor changed from 225 | 75] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of Job: MTF Omicron-9 Commander Job Model (Model Paths): models/killzone/pm/pm_rifleman2_fur.mdl | models/pm/pm_armadillo.mdl | models/armacham/security/guard_5.mdl | models/armacham/security/guard_4.mdl Job Description: MTF Omicron-9 Commanders are Level 4 personnel of the Foundation, they also represent the High Command for the MTF Omicron-9 Operatives and Officers stationed at Site 05. Their primary task is to ensure that proper security protocols are being met to ensure the strictest of operational security in the Facility, and upholding said security to the best of their ability, no matter the threat. They may organize squadrons and leave the Facility if proper intel has been collected in regards to the whereabouts of GOI’s, and SCP’s or Personnel they may have captured, in an attempt to terminate said GOI, if deemed necessary, or retrieve Foundation property. Job Weapons: weapon_m9 | weapon_keycard_level4 | weapon_cuff_elastic | dradio | salute | cross_arms_swep | cross_arms_infront_swep | tfa_csgo_smoke | tfa_csgo_flash | tfa_csgo_frag | tfa_csgo_awp | tfa_m16a4_acog | tfa_csgo_deagle Job Salary: Same Job HP: 300 Job Armor: 150 Extra Info (Ex. Workshop link for models): The decision to remove the FG42 was made due to balancing reasons, and while it may be a very competitive weapon in combat being as how it can kill efficiently, we do not feel that it is necessary for the excessive firepower, nor do we feel that it is fair due to it outperforming most weaponry provided to MTF personnel. While the M16A4 Acog is still a powerful weapon in the right hands, it’s more balanced than the FG42 in regards to fair combat, and on top of that it is easier and more stable to control, making it a deadly weapon to those who are able to wield it properly. 2 FTO Models have been requested due to the instance of Hostiles engaging personnel who are being trained, causing a deal of inconvenience in and out of RP and training for the interacting factions. Ability for Site Lockdown perms has been requested. [NO HP/AP CHANGES REQUESTED]
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