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  1. What do you want to see?:  The late night XP surge bar be smaller and not take up the whole screen. Look at Police RP's theirs is small and in the corner of your screen.

    Why should we add it?:  So we dont have a late night surge bar across our screens

    What are the advantages of having this?:  Not having our screen took up, it blocks slots in the inventory and you cant see them 

    Who is it mainly for?:  The whole server.

  2. @FrogModel wise no, but we could sort of be like a lower rank sub advisor/sector advisor obviously with less power and no in game authority compared to the other 2. But like the other 2 we could advise the servers troops in a non staff way { not allowed to staff on the job} and actually give suggestions to troopers as we wouldn't actually be able to give orders as the other 2 advisors.


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    - Peter was always a good member of the community

    - I personally cant even count on my hand the number of funny interactions i've had with him

    - I genuinely think Peter was a good member of the community, I think he deserves another chance

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