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  1. Will try to find someone else sorry bout that did not know. (FIXED)
  2. What is your in game name: RU MSG Midlife What is your current RP rank: MSG Who would like to see you as a GRU Agent: RUAF VCMDR Kingmint, RU COL Dark Fox, RUAF 177th ATC CPT DS W2 Com Why do you want to join Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (Minimum 50+ words): Well Sense as a MSG I have no responsibilities or groups to be apart of and I want to advance myself in the RU core. Also GRU has been struggling with numbers and sense I am pretty active. I can show we have someone in GRU who is active. But overall I just want to join the elite sub branch off of the RU core. What would you do for GRU: I can bring acivity and most of my hours on Gmod is STWRP but basically the same thing. Its war. But overall I have a experience. How active can you be & What is your timezone: I can be active pretty much everyday unless I am doing something with a Rust Clan I am in. My timezone is CST. Do you have any active strikes: None. How many warns do you have: 0 Are you willing to fulfill your duties as a GRU Agent?: Yes