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  1. My time on the server was a fun one. I never expected to grow as attached to the community as I did or have as much as I did. It happened though. I joined the server with one intent, never hurt another living thing. As an ST PVT I cried in fire fights, and shrieked when I was shot. I was massacred by AI and GMs who told me to "quit talking to the NPCs", and "No you can't keep it as a pet". I joined Medical then, so I could still help the ship while not hurting anyone. (Directly, I am sorry to everyone who followed me into the backroom) Medical was a hoot then. The command team at the time took me in and helped me grow to what I am now in Medical. I met a researcher a long the way who some would say 'corrupted' me, and taught me that "as long as you take pictures and notes, its research". Medical is now in a Renaissance with two amazing Vice Commanders, and I wish everyone in my amazing battalion the best of luck in the future and to keep the liver stocks high. The GM team treated me well allowing me to create Meat Creatures into the ship as well as other curses and supernatural events. Manhack skulls are lore friendly. In my years on GMod I have never seen a team so dedicated to entertaining the masses as this one, and believe me... I have seen quite a few servers. This server has been fun, and I did not expect that. I have to leave now though, and I did not expect that either. I leave though with the hope that my impact was a positive one, and that this community can continue to better itself as it has with my time here. I will not be doing the list of thank you's as I don't want anyone to feel left out, but I am thankful for everyone for continuously being awesome! Now behave yourselves while I am gone. ~Maple Syrup
  2. All this effort and you just go and fuck up again? What happened?
  3. ---REDACTED LEVEL 5+ CLEARANCE REQUIRED--- Unauthorized access will be persecuted and swiftly dealt with Enter Security Clearance Credentials USERNAME: ************** PASSWORD: ********************* -----Access Granted----- Confiscated Medical Commander Syrup’s Private Dossier Log 29 - Exciting news! With my new station aboard the ISD I have been privy to witness some exciting events on the ship. I have seen rebels gunned down on Hoth furthering my research on blood preservation beyond what I could of done on the ISD BREAKFAST, been to Jakku at least three times witnessing Havoc endure both radiation poisoning and heat stroke at the same time, and have been present during an interrogation where a simple looking man pulled a rebel’s brain out their nose without any tools! Today though all of this was topped. Today I witnessed a flustered Darth Vader actually terminate our Admiral Nimo! They appeared to make the poor Admiral combust from the inside out in front of half the ship. His body parts went everywhere. The navy had it worse though. I saw one accidentally swallowed Nimo’s gall bladder when his jaw dropped during the explosion. His brain though. His perfectly untouched brain flew over the general observing crowd. I was able to get one of my enlisted to put it in a makeshift Bacta Jar whilst we snuck it off to Medbay. Curse my medical career if I can not preserve this artifact. The true excitement starts now. Log 31 - SUCCESS! After destroying multiple brains with my attempts I found a way to permanently stabilize a brain and retain its electronic state prior to removal from the body. The trick is not simply bacta. It is a bit more complicated than that. Good Ol’ Nimo’s brain now rests in my office drawer in the very jar we picked it up in. We hooked up an electrolysis machine to a harmonic stabilizer which sends waves of eclectic energy through the bacta jar reducing the rate at which it is oxidizing and decaying to near nill. We have begun using this technology in our actual Bacta Tanks to reduce the side-effects of ‘dry skin’ and ‘foggy vision’. Log 156 - Today I was approached by an unexpected ISB from the Project Stardust. I have worked with ISB in the past, but none quite like this one. ISB Special Operative Luci boarded our ISD and gave me a task many dream of being accomplished. I am to revive the dead. Normally I would laugh at the task and turn it down, but in this scenario that does not appear to be an option. I accepted the task fully well knowing I am going to fail. Log 160 - Failure upon failure is making me nervous. It is three days until my first status report is due and I have been running in circles. We have tried shocking it back in using precise lasers to replicate the state of the body before death, but this only works if their entire body has been perfectly preserved since time of death, and I only have a brain, my brain. I need a way to jump start the body, but the body I will be putting this brain in will be foreign and will definitely be wired differently. At least 30 test subjects are now deceased due to this project I have dubbed ‘Hopeless Jumpstart’. I hate to go into this meeting into the future with no results being made, but I need more time and resources. The ISD lab is just not enough to compose the quantity of tests I want to perform. Log 161 - The meeting went… surprisingly well. My contact took my news with a blank stare, and I am not dead. I also have been moved to the location of Project Stardust for the time being whilst I work on this as I mentioned the need of a ‘Life Crystal’ in order to focus and hone the energy being admitted from the brain into a strong enough force it could, COULD jumpstart a foreign body. This afternoon I pack my things for transport to my new lab. Log 168 - We have had mild success racking the brain into a foreign body and triggering an electrical charge to be fired through the Kyber into the spinal cord. It may destroy the priceless Kyber fragment used, but luckily the Deathstar seems to have a large supply of this stuff. The issue though is the donor body must be freshly harvested, and we must find a donor which has a similar nervous structure to what the original had. Lucky for us the Empire keeps deep records on a majority of its naval staff’s health and body composition, so it is a matter of cross referencing and pulling our one out of a million donor into the lab. The donor found by the data team was Ensign Marlin who is being recovered from an ISD patrolling the water planet of Manaan. In three days we will perform this expensive process and fingers crossed we will have success. Log 170 - Ensign Marlin arrived right on time attended by my ISB contact who insisted on supervising our test. We have had mild success with catastrophic failures leading up to this day, but today I had a feeling. We strapped Marlin into the chair and promptly ended his current neurological connections to his brain. We excised the brain matter and placed it in its own containment vessel. Once that was done we implanted the Kyber fragment into the base of Nimo’s cerebellum where used nerve lazers to suture the nervous connections from the basal ganglia into the brain-stem. I have never seen a more perfect match for this kind of operation. We proceeded to amplify the frontal lobe to try and revive lost thought whilst we fired a purpose made lazer at the Kyber fragment to activate it. We saw twitching in Marlin’s body, but it began to fade. Through some otherworldly fate though the twitching began turning into slow steady movements. The connection from brain to body was complete, and the once Marlin and now Nimo screamed and tensed at their restraints. He was alive, and seemingly not happy about it. Before I could begin my post evaluation I was ushered out of the room and put on a transport back to my ISD. I have transferred life, but I was told no one can know about it. I wonder why they wanted Admiral Nimo back, and I wonder if he will return back to the ISD? It would be a treat though to see another successful experiment wandering the halls, and standing on bridge. -----End Of Confiscated Logs-----
  4. -- Accepted Speak to either Deltoid or I to get trained --
  5. -- Accepted Speak to either Deltoid or I to get trained --
  6. +Support Has a tremendous amount of experience Consistently active on the server Actively is working to improve medical with either documents or activities Dedicated to the medical team
  7. + Support Active Has spent time around Medbay and is familiar with some of the medical staff Is helpful to others
  8. Director Krennic's Log Entry 1: I can't believe this has happened. Those blasted rebels managed to hi-jack a key shipment of supplies for Project Stardust. These setbacks are unbearable, and I am sure it will mean the end of my career if it is not dealt with immediately. I have thus consigned three ISDs to this task to ensure the success of this mission. The ISD ESPIONAGE, ISD INDIGO, and the ever so faithful ISD which houses Vader's Inquisitor projects. These three should be able to handle anything which is thrown at them. Although I can not help but question how the Rebel’s managed to locate and destroy a heavily armored supply run fleet. These rebels were last scouted in the galactic quadrant 148B-314C-412Y. I hope they are still there. Entry 2: The rebels were there, or should I say rebel. The ship they managed to produce is massive, similar to the size of one of our super star destroyers. With significant effort from the onboard crew they were able to not only prevent the Rebel ship from fleeing into hyperspace, but also prevented their own ISD from exploding from a massive foreign bomb by ejecting it out of moonpool. The ISD INDIGO sadly was not so lucky and was destroyed in a magnificent explosion. The explosion though seemed foreign. Away teams were sent to both the bomb ejected out of the moonpool and the wreckage from the Rebel Capital Ship. Entry 3: The away teams returned and brought back awful news. This mission is far from over. This rebel ship contained a portion of the Kyber Crystals and other supplies from the raided imperial supply shipment. Small fragments of Kyber Crystal were also found in the exploded bomb from the ISD INDIGO. This means these rebels were experimenting with using these supplies to generate power and weapons. These Rebels must be stopped. From a scavenged datapad this appears to be a Rogue Rebel group separate from the main force we have been seeing calling themselves the Crystals Companions. They appear to have a small fleet and ground base somewhere nearby our conflict. I have tasked the ISD ESPIONAGE to investigate and locate their base in order for us to retrieve the location of their entire fleet and destabilize their infrastructure. We can not have any possible information about Project Stardust leak out, so EVERY SINGLE ONE of these Rebels must be found and eliminated.
  9. The Rayshield tool will not link a server to the rayshield for my current tags "GM Moderator". I do not know if this is an issue for people with other GM tags as well.
  10. It appears to work for those with "GM Moderator" tags, but not "Game Master" tags.
  11. +Support Active, I never heard of this man until one day I did. At which point I could not stop seeing him places. All my interactions back in the day when we saw each other more were all positive. Is able to control a room well from what I have heard. The feats listed in their app is impressive and show signs of a promising leader.
  12. +/- Support Good Activity I see them around frequently if not near Medbay, on the tab menu. All my interactions with them have been positive and they always seem to be well composed Short App makes me question the amount of effort they are willing to put into the position Has experience leading as the VCMDR for 2 months+
  13. --DENIED-- After deliberation you have not been deemed ready for an officer position. However, this doesn't mean we think you aren't going to be ready in the future. Feel free to reapply in 1 week!
  14. I believe all your "summoning" hoopla can be explained with science somehow I am just not sure. Anyway good use of Trigger Discipline and TL to physically examine the personnel. Did I read right in that they end up looking like a skeleton at the end?
  15. Yes we want a massive ass cooking knife as a 'Scalpel'. The massive knife would be a bit brutish, but it would serve as a multi-tool. Need a bone-saw to amputate a leg? Use the knife in an aggressive yet controlled forward and back motion. Need to make an incision to relieve blood from internal bleeding? Use the knife, but more gently. Need to take a skin sample from a dead Talz for research? Field dress it using the knife.
  16. --DENIED-- After deliberation you have not been deemed ready for an officer position. However, this doesn't mean we think you aren't going to be ready in the future. Feel free to reapply in 1 week!
  17. --DENIED-- After deliberation you have not been deemed ready for an officer position. However, this doesn't mean we think you aren't going to be ready in the future. Feel free to reapply in 1 week!
  18. +Support Active Proven themselves to be responsible Always see them going the extra mile to make new players and new 501st feel welcome Is a pleasure to spend time around Believe they can bring good innovations to the 501st Trusted
  19. +Support Their current shield has clipping issues and are hard to shoot around whilst using Deployable shields would allow for shock to more easily set up checkpoints With no other classes using the shield+gun weapon packs they could be removed from the server Guns being requested all seem fair and balanced Shield activator fits the "Special Task Force" role very well These weapon differences will help separate vanilla shock from specialized shock New guns could help breathe more life into Shock
  20. This "Monkey" screamed at me for a good while, but calmed down when I fed it a banana. He is very intelligent and has a heightened sense of smell if you ask me as I didn't even know I had the banana to begin with. Do you believe future tests on the monkey are considered "animal" testing or human testing?
  21. Beautiful picture. Research into the Occult is always a bit touch and go, but I am happy to see the efforts to draw back the glizzy are still ongoing.
  22. It is possible to re-slot a weapon, but by default you are right here. It does not look like you can put a weapon in Slot 7. I edited it to be slot 1 instead as people should not be "left-clicking" to fire their binoculars.
  23. What do you want to see? - Give Research and Rescue Squadron cross arms behind Why should we add it? - As it currently stands Research and Rescue Squadron can not stand at proper attention even when an officer rank. Granting them this ability would allow our officers and leaders of these sub-battalions to fit their role while remaining on their sub What are the advantages of having this? - This would allow medical to continue being ‘different’, but at the same time giving them something they want and would use more often. Who is it mainly for? - Medical Links to any content - Already in the server as rw_sw_e10
  24. What do you want to see? - Give all medical classes the E-10 and remove the E-22 Why should we add it? - The overall opinion of the E-22 in medical has been negative for the past two months. We would like to move it back to a gun which would accomplish the same purpose as the E-22 (differentiate the battalion from others) but still be non-combat focused. The E-10 fits this niche as it carries a similar damage output to the E-11, but is slightly different. The aesthetic of the E-10 also fits the current Medical Corps very well. What are the advantages of having this? - This would allow medical to continue being ‘different’, but at the same time giving them something they want, and would use more often. Who is it mainly for? - Medical Links to any content - Already in the server as rw_sw_e10
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