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  1. I was told differently and on the forums its says 70 dollars. One staff says one thing while the other says another
  2. So are talon and the eternal twins And yall dont really have much of a selection for models
  3. Ok i donated 20 more dollars for an extra weapon
  4. What 20 I have 20 for extra weapons and 20 for jetpack. Both show up on my PayPal
  5. Title: Imperial custom job In-game name: IC PFC 5309 Ironside Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:465696965 Custom job name: Sith Trooper Job color: 22, 87, 15 Job Description: A sith trooper who was put in cryostasis during the sith empire was thawed out by Imperial forces. Although the empire he fought for is no more he still dedicates his life to fight with and protect the current Dark Lords. Model: Model path: models/gonzo/bpsith/psith/psith.mdl Weapons: rw_sw_ee3, rw_sw_manda_rocket, rw_sw_dual_dc17, rw_sw_dlt19 Jetpack: sent_ jetpack Jetpack: $20 2 extra weapons: $40