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  1. Am I biased, possibly? But in all reality, I believe BUB is the best fit!
  2. +Support I believe he would make an excellent candidate for Vice. When he was in RG I had hopes for him there but he decided it was best for him to focus on 501st which shows his dedication to the unit.
  3. My mental capacity has been reached playing for this server, I joined RG around 5 months ago with no ambitions other than to have fun and try to improve the regiment in any way that I could. My time as commander has been short compared to others but it was a great experience. I was always one of the quieter command members in my opinion and some others, I hope I never left a bad impression on anyone on the server and if that is the case I am sorry. I want the best for the regiment and I believe by resigning, the regiment can better itself with someone completely focused on the unit. Now to some mentions that have influenced me on this server, rank order (not special if you are first except for palp ) @BonThe Emperor himself, I will be honest that within lore the emperor is what inspired me to join the regiment in-game. Bon will forever be a great guy and I'm glad to have met him, although I didn't have much conversation with him. @Bear_I was in RG when you were Grand General, it was exciting to see you go up in SNRHCOM. Great guy just not much to say since I'm not a talker. @MannI hope you achieve higher positions at some point, I am glad to have had a Spotify session with you at least once. Thank you for being a friend. @CollectiveWorldName you were the first person to promote me in the regiment, I used to stay up for horrible hours to guard the Grand IQ. Good luck with your future in staff! @Vertigo334Congrats on Grand, I hope you achieve more. Thank you for giving me the chance to lead the Royal Guard. @SAINTY.A little man forever, and no clip will say otherwise. In all honesty, thank you for being one of my favorite people to talk to. @BubMy second favorite Army Command member, thank you for being someone I enjoyed being around, hope you get Grand General! @ZabuzaI grew up the ranks with you as Vice, or should I just say the sovereign basically but we won't get into that. Thank you for everything and I hope you achieve more. It was great to work alongside you within RG during your time as sovereign. @Sir AzraelThank you for the amazing conversations and great work as an HCOM member, I hope you achieve more! @IceberkkI am biased when it comes to you, you are my favorite command member and I still wish you were ninth so I could make fun of you. I wish you luck for your future in the IQ branch as well as staff! @tbabyearthIm glad to have worked alongside you when we both became vice. @ClassyI hope you gain more confidence with your command experience, good luck with your future within RG. @JoslinYour career shall be better this time around, I hope you achieve more. Good luck in RG! @RoyalGuard I have loved leading y'all and I hope you achieve more and actively participate within the Regiment, do not burn yourselves out mix how you play so that it doesn't happen. Have fun and always try to leave something better than when you joined it. To those not mentioned and if you felt I've been someone you enjoyed being around, I have enjoyed playing with you as well.
  4. ACCEPTED Speak to a MAJ+ for your training
  5. WanHeda

    Sith Skillz

    Big talk coming from a little man
  6. ACCEPTED Speak to a MAJ+ for your training
  7. ACCEPTED Speak to a MAJ+ for your training
  8. Denied After careful consideration the Royal Guard command team has denied your application, you may reapply in 2 weeks.
  9. +Support -Active -Dedicated -Responsible -Good Application
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