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  1. Dude this is fucked..You can't ban somebody for a "threat" when it isn't even a threat. He didn't say he was going to hack the server... He claimed he did with no proof to back it up. I can see how a threat can be a reason for a permanent ban, as you don't know when the person could potentially hack the server. But he claimed that he did that very moment, which was proved to be false. I don't know why this whole thing is getting blown out of proportions when the whole thing is already dealt with and over... I think he should get AT MOST a few week ban. You know he didn't hack the server and there's evidence to back it up, and he didn't threaten to do it in the future.
  2. Read my previous replies and you will have your answer to that.
  3. Did you even read my reply to Calamity? Honest to God show some respect and I'll show you some back. Calamity showed me respect and he clarified things without making fun of me, yelling at me, or teasing me. I also said I didn't expect the video to be accepted and I'm done wasting my time on this stupid unban. How do you know? You didn't edit the video bud...
  4. At certain points I had to because we were both talking at the same time. Everything I said in-game is left unedited and uncut.
  5. Everything that was listed as a part of the story in my post and Willy's is included in this video. My friend had nothing to do with the incident and would like to stay out of it. I did all of the editing because of his request.
  6. Your voice and name are both in it... It is a friend who's voice and name he did not want me to show
  7. My friend was in a Discord call with me during the recording of the video. He did not consent to being in the video and requested that I blur his name and mute his voice throughout the video. I did my best to keep anything important still in the video while still respecting his privacy. Video link: (If you're watching it right after I posted it will bad bad quality since it's still processing)
  8. Calamity since you are showing me some respect, I will show you some in return. I understand why I was banned now. You clarified things without screaming at me or making fun of me like the rest did. I will still upload the video, but as of now I do not expect it to be accepted. I apologize for all the trouble I caused and will try my best in the future to never do it again.
  9. Shmoopy you are ignoring the fact that I in fact did take responsibility for my actions. I also clarified some things as most of you don’t properly understand what I said before. Read up on the second post I made and then I’ll consider what you said.
  10. I’ll say this again. To make it SUPER OBVIOUSLY CLEAR. I’m NOT HOME. I will have the video in a few hours... If I’m being told that I’m not going to be unbanned after my first post, I will post again. I’m sorry to inconvenience you with your job.
  11. Wezzy I’m not home right now... How do you expect me to upload a video I don’t have access to?
  12. Let me get one thing straight: If you were being yelled at multiple times for something super insignificant and then yelled at again for more things that aren’t even against the rules, you would be mad too. Yes, when we talked verbally, I wasn’t very respectful. If I thought you should have been treated with respect in that moment, I would have treated you as such. But since you have shown me and my friend 0 respect and 0 tolerance, I’m sorry, but I cannot offer it to you. Also, I did NOT try to pass off everything as criticism. Yes, if I went out and said that the server sucked and that all the rules sucked or something along those lines, that wouldn’t be criticism. I didn’t say anything along those lines. I simply said “If you have a rule that can get people in trouble for criticism, you can see how people can get mad.” You then proceeded to yell at me further, even though it broke ZERO rules. I was not defending the guy. I believe that a diss shouldn’t be a bannable offense in the first place. Even though I believe that, people still shouldn’t diss the server and such in the first place. As I tried to say verbally to you, if you are a mod/admin and you can’t take a bit of verbal abuse and/or criticism, you shouldn’t be in the position you are in. There are mods/admins that I respect because they respect me. They don’t get enraged by a little criticism and/or hurtful comment. To make sure I have this PERFECTLY clear, I am NOT saying criticism and verbal abuse are the same thing. But a lot of staff members in various servers try to fit criticism into the diss category. I do not believe what you said: “The only reason I talked to you about the oh no someone said a mean thing was because you’ve been mocking the rules and staff ever since you got here in his community.” My friend and I have both witnessed you disrespect fellow players and show 0 tolerance regardless of whether or not it was their first offense or their hundredth. Yes, I will admit to making fun of you. I had never dealt with you personally but I had heard stories from many people about you treating them poorly. Here’s what I said: “My willy is very bad.” If you can’t handle something that is obviously just a joke, leave your position. Also, do you call having fun “minging?” I said “I’m totally an admin guys.” I was yelled at multiple times and taunted by calamity. It is CLEARLY a joke. I believe that you and calamity take things to the extreme. If you don’t let people have fun on YOUR server, YOUR server will die out. Also, I was never asking to be unbanned because I was going to donate. I was just pointing out that my bad experience with you probably just cost the server money. I never said “I didn’t even have a second after the warning.” I said “I only had a few minutes after the warning.” The 2 or so minutes after the warning then gave me time to ask you what NCWS meant. I have it all on video so you can’t stretch anything out to fit your story better. The video will be uploaded to YouTube later today and I will post the link in a reply.
  13. I am not home at the current moment. I do have video evidence and I will post the YouTube link once I am back home later today.
  14. Steam Name: Ingame Name: Slightly Dissapointed Duff SteamID: STEAM_0:1:116585733 Ban Length: 2 Days Admin that Banned you: Willy King Reason for Ban: NCWS x3 | JMT Diss | Staff Duss | Chanting 'Willy needs to be fired' | Appeal on Dispute: I believe that I was wrongly banned. The reasons for my ban aren't wholly true. I had witnessed 2 people get banned within a few minutes of each other with the main reason being "Staff Diss." I then typed "Oh no someone said a mean thing" into the chat and was swiftly yelled at by Willy King. I then asked why what I said even mattered and was yelled at once again. As I have experienced situations on multiple servers that ban mainly for "Staff Diss," I understood that criticism could fit into that category, which it shouldn't. I then posted another message in chat which read: "yeah but if there's literally a rule that makes it so you can't even criticize without getting in trouble you could understand how some people could get mad." I was yelled at previously for mocking the rules, and simply saying that some people could get mad over a rule is by no means mocking. After I posted the previous message, Willy said, "What did I just say duff." I then tried to explain to him that my previous statement was clearly not a mockery of the server rules, but an explanation that some people may get mad over those rules. I was trying to have a normal conversation, but Willy, who had already banned 2 people in the last 10 or so minutes, was just looking for another ban it seems. After my explanation, I was yelled at once again. This time, by both Willy King and Calamity. I realized that maybe they didn't want me to start drama with the whole server, as everything I had said up until this point had been in OOC chat. So, I decided to PM Willy King about my problem. The message wrote: "how the hell is criticism disrespect? If the world worked like that nobody could have opinions... ???." After waiting a few minutes with no reply, I decided to post the message in OOC so it would actually be read. After repeating myself in OOC chat, I still was not replied to. At the time, I had a friend on the server who has had bad experiences with said admin and does not personally like him. To make him laugh, I said "Willy needs to be fired!" twice. I do believe Willy took this personally, but he did not discuss it with me. That was never my intention. I was simply doing it to make my friend laugh. That is the only part of the ban reason that is actually true. Shortly after, both Willy and Calamity teleported to me, with Willy verbally punishing me first. He said that I was asked to stop, which I did, but he claims that I didn't stop mocking the rules. I then said to him, "Are you that light-skinned?" This was not meant as a racist remark. I tripped over my words in the video and didn't mean for it to come out that way. I meant to say, "Are you that thin-skinned," which meant that I was asking him if he could take criticism. I then told him verbally that if you ignore your community and the people who regularly play on your server, tell them to shut up and threaten to ban them for criticism, and give them no respect whatsoever, that the server would die out and it wouldn't be the server's fault. I added that I have seen this happen from past experiences, which is true. Calamity then told me that I dissed Willy which was completely wrong and could have been a misunderstanding. Willy then warned me and made it seem like that's all that would happen, until I was banned just moments later for the same reason I was warned. I was only warned once before I was banned. I don't believe that your server policies line up with that. I wasn't even given a second chance after the warning. I was banned just a few minutes after I had received it. I hope you will consider this unban, as I love playing on the server and want to continue to do so. I am a recent donator to the server and have been enjoying my donator perks. I was considering donating more so I could upgrade to VIP+, which would allow me to be able to enjoy my time better, but this has made me reconsider that thought. I have a recording of the whole incident and everything leading up to it if you do happen to need it for proof. Thank you for reading, Duff