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  1. Just think it would be a good SCP in the game, Its ability could basically just work like poison. heres a link to its file http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-811
  2. If at all possible SCP-1162 (The hole SCP) should be given some functionality. If this is not possible it should at least be given a sign just to show it is an SCP and not just a hole in the wall.
  3. SCP 173 Experiment: Reactions to pain After some experimentation with D-Class personnel it appears that SCP-173 does not fear pain but has an aversion to pain. After two d-class entered the chamber one puched SCP-173 a few times. After that both went to the far side of the chamber and blinked a few times. SCP-173 went towards the one that didn’t puch it repeatedly. They were then both released and paid 5$ each. This has lead to the before said conclusion that SCP does not fear pain because it did not retreat from the other class-d (they were both at the same end approximately 6 meters apart) but did seem to want to go after the one that posed less of a threat.