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  1. What Is Your In-game Name: Jag What Is Your current Rank? (MGYSGT+): MGYSGT When did you join the United States Marine Corps? I have heard their reputation as the fiercest warriors the United states can make. It is also out there for my list of careers. And I really like the Marines as I have watched many movies and youtube videos about them. Who Would Like To See You As MARSOC? (Two Officers):Ty and Niko Why Should We Trust You With Being a MARSOC ? (50 Words Min): You should trust me with MARSOC because I am a trustworthy soldier and I can handle stressful situations. I am active everyday and am a loyal soldier. I will stay with marine corps until the day I leave the server for good, which is a long time from now. I should be trusted with MARSOC because I want and will do everything I can to be loyal and will do anything in my power to help out the marine corps. Why Do You Want To Be MARSOC (75 Words Min): I want to be MARSOC because it is a special forces unit and I want to handle these types of operations. I also want to be a MARSOC they are already in Marines but they are better trained in fighting, battle strategy and stressful battle situations. I want to be a elite MARSOC and dominate in the battlefield of war. I want to help lead new people in the US army and also learn more things that are not too clear. Like more battle strategies and tactics I can use in wartime with teammates. I want to become a MARSOC to be the most effective warrior I can offer to the marines. What skills and/or tactics can you bring to MARSOC? I know effective ways to breach and hold a position with one or more people ( it's better with a squad of 2 or more) I also am very good at gun recoil control and my aim is good. Have you read the MARSOC Informational and requirements? (You will be tested) Yes. What Is Your Timezone?: CDT How Often Can You Be On? (How many days/hours a week): from 2:30-3:00 p.m to 5-10:00 p.m CDT. Sometimes on weekends but probably not Sunday. I am mostly on everyday during the week and sometimes the weekends. Are you a well trained & disciplined Soldier? : Yes. How many warns do you have? (Can be checked by !Warns) : None on this server. Do you have any Active strikes?(If you do, then you will be denied) : No. Are you capable of completing the mission & helping out your teammates any way necessary?: Yes. Do you understand what will be expected of you as a MARSOC Operator?: Yes. And I will do everything I can to fulfill those expectations.
  2. -support -Whines in game -mingey( he even says that he is a minge with no warns) -resigned from gm some time ago - is disrespectful and rude to others
  3. +support -Respectful -Nice to others -I believe he will be a good gm
  4. In-game name: Jag SteamID: STEAM_1:1:419196626 Current RP rank on StarWarsRP: Moderator Have you donated to the server?: Yes Have you been banned on any GL server before?: No Have you received any warnings (please give reasons if applicable)?: 2, both were not my fault, both were my older and little brother (I'm a middle brother unfortunately), once my little brother flew a laat into some people a long time ago, second one, my bigger brother just randomly took my computer and was shooting people while I was doing my daily chores,( he also did it on 1944 rp, which is ruining my reputation ;(. Both of which were a long time ago and now I make sure they don't even lay a finger on my computer. How much time do you have on the server?:Currently, I have 4 weeks How well do you know the LORE? Explain: I know it pretty good, I always like to watch a good star wars lore video on youtube and always do at night or when I'm bored. Why do you WANT to become a Gamemaster?: I want to become a gamemaster because I would like the players on this server to have fun and add to their hopefully good time on this server by doing fun events that will include everyone and not make anyone feel left out, sad or any bad feelings that I believe shouldn't be felt on this fun community. Why should you be trusted to be a Game Master?: I was a moderator for quite some time now, and I would like to help out the good players on gaminglight by not only making sure minges are not ruining gameplay, but also to give them a fun time, so they can keep having a fun time on this server. Are you familiar/experiences with ULX?: Yes, as I stated before, I am a moderator, so I am familiar with ULX Are you experienced with being a Game Master and how they function?: I am not experienced with being a gamemaster, but I am a moderator, so I do know commands, and I do know how to model, and give guns. Give a brief example of an on-ship event, as well as an example of an off-ship event: On ship event, there would be munificents, then CIS comms would say attack or take them all out, droppods would follow, first outside the walls, then a little later, near HQ, I would have actors bombing the walls with a CIS ship, or an actor being a bounty hunter hunting down another actor, playing as a high rank role on the base. The troopers would have to take out the droids and protect the high rank from the bounty hunter, no matter the cost or if the troopers fail, the bounty hunter wins, killing the actor roleplaying as a high rank. Then the bounty hunter would escape, ordering the remaining droids to gather up by the HQ to make a last stand and take out as many troopers as possible. Then after all the droids were eliminated, there would be one last bombing run on the landing pads and HQ to ensure a quick escape for the bounty hunter. Or if the bounty hunter was somehow killed, or captured, the clones would win. If he was captured, he would be interrogated, being asked who hired him and for how much, then after all those questions, he would be executed for chasing down a high rank (the actor) and would be considered too dangerous to leave him alive. This would be how the clone troopers could win. By losing, the clones failed to protect the high rank, and/or capturing the bounty hunter. And off base event would be more like a war. It would be a map that has a strong outpost for the CIS to be in, then the troopers would have to invade the base, kill the droids then capture the commander of the outpost, and bring him back to our planet to interrogate him. Then either use him for bait to lure more CIS forces to the outpost or using him only for intel and then eliminating the droid. The clone troopers would lose by either letting the commander of the outpost escape and warn the CIS that the base had been taken over. The clone troopers would win by destroying all the droids and catching the commander of the outpost, before the commander can make a getaway in a CIS shuttle. Do you know how to give a weapon/SWEP to yourself/someone? (Give an example): !give (name) weapon_752_dc17m_br Do you know how to model yourself/someone? (Give an example): !model (name) models/reizer_cgi_p2/501_rex/501_rex.mdl Have you read the Gamemaster Guidelines?: Yes.
  5. In game name: Jag What rank are you: SFC Why do you want to become Officer: I want to become officer because this battalion was my first battalion and it accepted me as I first joined this server and I want to give back by helping out 5th leet with the enlisted. I also have experience with leading, because I am the jedi commander of 104th and I have my experiences with leading and I want to help lead 5th fleet enlisted. Why should we trust you with officer position: You should trust me with officer position because I am not a minge and I am responsible and I really like 5th fleet and fell we play an important role in this server and I want to keep it that way and make sure no minges or bad people ruin 5th fleets reputation.
  6. yes, because i was going to be one, but i didnt get to doing that, because i hated that server and never played on it since and i never got the job, and when i had to do an application, i had to change my name to that \
  7. In game name? Jag Steam name: MikeultraBeast Steam id:STEAM_1:1:419196626 Do i have any other experience with staffing: No What date did i start playing on the community? February 15 2019 What date did i make my forums account? March 9th 2019 What rank am i on the server? Knight Have you donated: Yes What rank am i applying for? Trial-moderator Have i read the staff guidelines? Yes Timezone: CST Permission: Trial moderator Why do you believe you deserve this rank: I've been playing on this server for quite some time now, and i have helped out on the server by being a 5th fleet. but now i want to help out more. I truly believe gaminglight is a good and friendly server and i want to keep it that way. How would i handle someone who is mass rdming and when i bring him/her to an admin sit, all they do is cuss at you? First i would ask them why they were doing it, and if they were cussing at me, i would gag them and then warned them for diss and then minge them for 3000 secs and then after ungag them and if they kept cussing, then i would gag them again and then do warn RDMx4 and if they left, i would do !warnid ( his/her steam id) then i would do !cloak and go to my normal duties and keep making the server the friendly place, i believe it is
  8. Jedi Padawan Jag/ 5th Fleet SC P CPL Jag 1553 Mikeultrabeast STEAM_1:1:419196626 no Feburary 15, 2019 March 9,2019 knight 0 No Trial-moderator Yes CST Trial-moderator Because i want to help out and i have no intention of being a bad admin and would like to help out I think I would ban them for a couple of days for not having any intention to rp