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  1. Ok... let's start this off with things are not going well in life. It's just been extremely stressful and with all the things I have on the server now I need to lift some restraints. I enjoyed being BG but it is a lot of stress on my life and I need to lift some. I'm also not as active as I use to be and that adds some to my own anxiety. I know not many of you will agree with this or will be happy to hear of my resignation. But I keep hearing from people that I need to focus on what is good for me, and lifting some responsibilities from my shoulders in order to stay sane is something I see I should do. I enjoyed my time as BG but it's just the major factor of my life not being great, and things not going well. So, before I have tons of people angry at me about this I say I'm sorry but I'm thinking for myself for once.
  2. SUPPORTED! The battalion needs a bit of help getting people to stay so fixing their kit would be a good first start
  3. +MAJOR SUPPORT Jacob is one trooper I feel who is really ready to take this spot. True he got BXO not too long ago but that's what the BXO is for, for them to step up. He has remained mature and nonmingy during times I see other CT officers do so. I see this boy going far and think he would do wonderful things for this server with this commander spot.
  4. ACCEPTED BY COMMANDER GREE + ME Due to all of the +/- I will be keeping an extremely close eye on him
  5. McCree

    NEW MAP!

    +Support Took a look at this map and it looks pretty big, could be used for quite a lot of different things.
  6. -Support I would recommend looking at the accepted applications. Your responses could use quite the bit more reason. The last question seems quite short, it does say any length but more explanation is always better. It does seem like it was done in 20 or less minutes seeing as the explanation of everything is about one sentence.
  7. +Support -Active -Responsible -Reasonable -Good trooper Brough him into the 5th fleet and have seen him rise and progress extremely well. He would make a good addition to the Moderation team. (ADD A POLL)
  8. +Support -Active -Responsible -Well known
  9. +Support It adds more lore to the battalion, and who doesn't love more lore. Plus more new and refreshing models with these new classes and a refreshing name will help in sparking that interesting and increasing the battalions size.
  10. McCree

    41st Model Change

  11. +SUPPORT I have seen this guy for a bit, not too long overall time but in that short time he has proven to me that he is capable of taking this spot. He is active and responsible and I would think he would do great for the stealth troopers.
  12. +Support Active knows what he's doing Great RPer Good man I would like to see this man be rear admiral ?